Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer Stuff

First of all, I took this picture of my pretty daisy on my deck. It is supposedly a new variety this year, and I love it.

Ok, I completed my first week back and lost 1.5 lbs. Not much, but least I went down, not up. Today was a struggle to maintain my points, though. I think I was about 6 points over. Sigh.

We are gearing up at church for our biggest week of the year, bigger than Christmas or Easter, called SERVE, wherein about 150 youth and kids go into the community to bombard others with servant-hearted help. That's about the best I can explain it. Tasks include house re-habbing, landscaping, nursing home visits, community clean ups, several neighborhood block parties with free food and music and games, and one grand finale Party in the Parking Lot at our church with inflatable games, free food for the community, concerts, door prizes, etc. It's a very big undertaking. Therefore, I'm swamped at work. Today I worked two hours overtime. My main responsibility is to compose a daily newsletter called "The Daily Dish" (Get it? "SERVE"--Dish??) for the kids to enjoy that reports on what different teams did and includes fun pictures. I love doing it. But I'm having all kinds of techinical difficulties with office equipment and camera equipment at work. Grrrrr. So frustrating.

But I love summertime at work because at least some teenagers are in the office every day at some point. We put everybody to work (esp. getting ready for SERVE) but there's a lot of teasing and fun, too. I genuinely love these kids. Yesterday one girl was trying to help me at the computer, and she kept telling me to "smallerize" my document. It took me a minute to get that she meant "minimize." Every time I think about her, I smile.

I took a picture of this balloon from my deck.
This weekend in Muncie is a summer event called Summer Heat (and appropros, it's in the 90s here) where we'll have all kinds of goins' on. My favorite event is to go watch the stunt planes and hot air balloons, such as this one. It's just amazing--when the planes shut off their engines and appear to free fall, it gets me every time.

So, there's a lot going on here; I'm not sure how much I'll be checking in for the next week or so. I know I'll be working late every night. But I'll be back to you read you soon, I promise.

The same Internet Cafe article that was published today will be in our local paper this Saturday, so I'm happy about that. Thanks for your kind anniversary wishes!

Here I am hanging out on our little deck, reading and watching Zoe the Wonder Dog. You can see that she is doing something that is once again completely confounding me. Also, if you look closely, you can see that my feet are still healing from the cute cheap shoes from the Bad Place.


Susan said...

This event sounds like it will be so fun. We used to have a balloon festival in my former town. It was so neat to wake up in the morning with the big balloons flying over the house!

I can't wait to hear the update of the service events. Perhaps you could share a bit of your "daily dishes" here.

Have a great weekend.

:-) Susan

Susanne said...

Love the daisy. I don't think I've ever seen orange ones before.

Okay fess up. What book are ya reading. You've actually flown through a few books there. Eyes of Elisha is sitting in my book bag too.

Congrats on your post making it into the paper. That is awesome!

We had international balloon competitions here for two years in a row a while back. It was so much fun watching them fly all week doing their various competition stuff. The field where they all take off from is so much fun to watch. A minister in the area used to fly a balloon with a picture of Jesus and a scripture on it. Every year the kids would look for the "Jesus" balloon and were very sad when it quit flying.

Anonymous said...

That's what I was wondering, what are you reading?? What a beautiful site to see a balloon, I sometimes see jets. Where are you that you have on long pants. Isn't it warm yet??

Melanie said...

Can't wait to hear about all that they do! How rewarding to work with them. Makes me think of Timothy. :>)

Southern Girl said...

I love that daisy -- great photos of both it and the balloon. Sounds like a fun, albeit busy, time there right now. Enjoy it and try not to get too hot! ;)

Sherry said...

Must not be too many skeeter, either! In North Texas, we're having cool (for us), wet weather. It's really nice to have lower temps, but mosquitos are killer with all the rain.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving all the nice comments. Blessings to you.

Jen said...

I love your daisy too

praying for the youth of your church
may they witness in their actions

wow Muzz in particular would be so envious of the balloon right near your deck
Muzz loves air balloons

lovely photo of you Linda :)

have a good weekend

Connie Barris said...

Love the flower.... Everything we have right now is dying due to our major drought in the south...

smallerize.. too cute..

and I now how special that is.. for you to have something printed... way to go...

OK.. can we exchange prayers.. I have fallen off the WW wagon.. since vacation... I need to get refocused.. I was doing so good... but mercy me.. I need help.. so Please say a prayer for me.. and I will send one your way...

have a great weekend...

Gretchen said...

Love the daisy and the picture of you hangin' out and enjoying your yard/dog.

Blessings to your little feet. :(
Bad store. Bad shoes. Bad.

I'll have to remember to smallerize my documents, too.

Enjoy SERVE.