Sunday, June 10, 2007

This Week's "Whatzit"

As far back as I can remember, my local paper has run a weekly feature that is so quaint I can hardly believe they still run it, but they do. It's called "This Week's Whatzit."

A mystery item, usually some antiquated farm tool that no one recognizes, is pictured for all to surmise. Although the challenge is "on" every week, I don't think readers are spending hours in musty libraries hunched over tomes of ancient farm tool guides or that any readers are losing sleep as they sit entranced by the blue hue of the computer screen in a darkened room at 3:00 am, Googling the whatzit. (By the way, "Googling the whatzit," is a phrase I never dreamed I'd actually use, or if I did, that it would actually have meaning.)

In fact, no one I've ever asked about the whatzit personally has known the current one. Even bigger "in fact:" no one has cared. No one, that is, except for the crusty old Hitchens Brothers of rural Modoc, where the residents regularly "Ketch a feesh, and poot it on a deesh." The Hitchens Brothers send in their guesses every week and win the prize. Every week. So it should probably be called "This Week's Hitchens-knowz-it."

Anyway, in this same spirit, I'm offering this picture for you to guess "whatzit?" Here is one hint: It is not a marker or a paint pen. Hint two: It is a thing of pain. There you go.

Disclaimer and Rules of Contest: Any relatives, employees, co-workers, or farm animals associated with the Hitchens Brothers of Modoc, Indiana, are ineligible to win prizes. Odds of winning a prize: Fairly slim, due to the prizes' nonexistence.


Michelle said...

I know what it is. :D It's a fake Epi-Pen. It doesn't have a needle so you can practice with it on yourself so you know how to use it. I only know what it is because both of my kids have allergies and we have the real Epi-Pens always with us and we also have this fake one to let babysitters practice with. :) So is that cheating? lol

Susanne said...

I was going to guess an epi pen but I never knew they had fake ones, Michelle. It only makes sense though, I guess. And just for the record I am not related in any way, am employed by, work with, and I don't think I'm a farm animal belonging to, the Hitchens Brothers of Modoc, Indiana.

Merci said...

Is it a dewormer? Goes in the business end of a cow, right?

ellen b said...

Since Epi-pen is taken already I'll say it's a nose hair extractor!