Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Three Things that Have Made Life Lovelier

No one's paying me to say this. (But they should.)

One: Rembrandt Toothpaste for Canker Sore Sufferers.
This is for aphthous ulcers, little sores on the inside of the mouth, not cold sores on the outside of the mouth. I've had them all my life, and my last child's life was nearly debilitated by them in grade school. Seriously, she almost had to go to Indiana University to be studied. Why it works: This toothpaste is devoid of sodium laurel sulfate, an ingredient in most products that suds up, including other toothpastes and ... floor cleaners. Since we found this gift from God, I would say our sores have decreased 85% or more. It costs about $6.00.

Two: Bengay patches. I discovered these after the Indy Mini Marathon, where they handed them out for free. There is no offensive odor. You just peel and press, and you have something soothes you for hours. About $7.00 for five of them.

Three: Pantyhose in a can. A co-worker suggested I try this inexpensive Sally Hansen product when I was complaining about white legs that would show in my son's graduation pictures, since I chose to wear a dress. It's called Perfection ... Bare Legs ... Only Better. My co-worker says movie stars swear by it. It goes on a little weird, so follow the directions to a "T," but the upside is, unlike self-tanners, you can wash it off and not have to let the orange fade. It also costs about $6.00. Read about it here.


Zim said...

Well, I am 0 for 3 on these products...but I'm glad they've been helpful for you!

I was just behind on my 2nd-Cup time, so I wanted to catch up & say hello!!

Big Mama said...

I am buying that toothpaste today. With my braces, my mouth is constantly irritated.


Linda said...

Big Mama, can you remember the name of the razor you heartily endorsed? I don't remember when I'm standing there looking at the great expanse of razors at WalMart.

Susanne said...

The floor cleaner stuff in toothpaste is scarey! I'm glad you found something you and your girl can use. I can imagine how painful that was for you as my son went through mouth sore issues for a couple years.

Putting those patches on my grocery list now. Hope they're available in Canada.

Barbara H. said...

I use Icy Hot or Absorpine Jr. patches regularly -- I get muscle spasms in my back. I like the AJ better but they are harder to get on by myself (tends to fold back on itself. OK if my husband is there to smooth it out, but harder for me to do alone). I'll have to try the BenGay.

Lisa writes... said...

I will definitely look for the toothpaste for my son. I asked a hygeniest friend of mine and she said once you have the sores, you have them. There are certain things that cause them to flare (like floor cleaner, I suppose) but there's no real prevention per se. Fyi!

Thanks for all the endorsements!

samurai said...

Um... I'm not sure about the can thing... but the other two items are VERY useful... especially that Begay product. LOL :)

Linda said...

Oh, Samurai ... I usually don't point out typos, but yours made me smile: "Begay" instead of "Bengay." I feel it is safe to observe that a majority of people would not choose a patch called "Begay."

Sharon @ Little Lessons said...

Unless the it is pronounced "Beg - Ay?" Like Canandians say "Ay?" right???? LOL! HA! :-) And the name spelled correctly, does that imply 'used to be'...or never mind ;-)

I'm going to look for those Bengay patches for my dear hubby! Thanks for letting us know about these!

Gretchen said...

Your public service messages were extremely appreciated. :O)

Susan said...

I don't know any of these...except the Ben Gay patch. I love it.

The pantyhose in a can sounds interesting!!

:-) susan