Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Night, Alone with the Copier and Enough Junk Food for 250 Kids

Well, here I sit alone in the building at my desk at work (church), at 7 pm. I've been working on a special edition double issue of the last installment of the riveting "Daily Dish" SERVE newsletter for the kids and leaders who've been working in the community all week. They LOVE to see their pics in this newsletter!

You may be asking, "Linda, why are you there at 7 pm when you are merely printing a four-page newsletter? I mean, shouldn't that take, oh, maybe 15 minutes?"

Yes, yes it would, if only I didn't have a state-of-the-art copier churning out my newsletter. Ironically, if I had an older copier, it would be whipping these babies out faster than one of our SERVE kids can say "I'm hot," or "I'm tired."

But as it is, the fancy computer inside the copier is analyzing every bit of data I send it. It periodically stops and has a glass of tea. Or it adjusts its reading glasses and the gradation of the color on the copy. It takes short naps and calls its sister across the parking lot in the main church building on a cell phone. You know, it sort of has its own brain, like Hal the computer in "2001: A Space Odyssey."

My copier also talks to me and answers questions I ask. For instance, if I want to know what number it's on out of 175 copies, I can hit a button or two to "ask," and it will say, "I'm getting there. Go eat a Reese Cup in the Leader Resource Room and check back later." If I stand there and push buttons to get other information, it blinks: "Processing Information," which is code for "Get Thee Behind Me, Incompetent, Impatient Secretary."

So I usually just wander down the hall to see what junk food is left and have some of that. Today I had a ton of honey roasted peanuts in a cup. At one point I was so engrossed in my work I realized I was tipping the cup up to drink the peanuts. I'm so glad no one was in the office to witness this (but of course I share it on the World Wide Web).

Well, here is "Hal-ena," my copier going at it. And here is my desk and the giant tubs of junk food, in case you thought I was exaggerating. Catch you tomorrow.


Susan said... aren't you having fun??? I love that pile of junk screams KIDS and especially TEENS.

You can get the google reader by going to and clicking on igoogle. Then type in google reader and it will do it all for you. You only have to put in the websites. I can't remember, but yours might be one that doesn't show up on my reader because you have a setting turned off for it.

Have fun the rest of the week.

:-) Susan

Tammy said...

I had to scroll down to see what Serve is all about...and it sounds wonderful! Loved the pictures...what a great thing to get young people involved like that!

Anyway...hope the rest of your evening with HAL went OK and he didn't give you too much "lip"! LOL

Susanne said...

I would seriously be in trouble with that much junk food just sitting there calling my name. And with no one in the office, I would have no self control whatsoever.

Southern Girl said...

I wish I had a printer that told me to go eat a peanut butter cup.

Man, there is no way I could be left alone with all that junk food. I don't have that much self-control in my whole body. ;)

Gretchen said...

It may be taking you a long time, but it's clear that this is a passion of yours, and the newsletters do look purdy. :)

Lori said...

I do have to say, that is a lot of junk food. Giggles!

Roxanne said...

That TOTALLY cracked me up.