Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Off I Go

So I have one kid on a camping trip, one kid at work, and one getting ready to go swim. I may have seen the last of them for a few days because the two older will definitely be asleep when I leave at 7:30 a.m., which in teenaged terms is called "the buttcrack of dawn."

I'm looking forward to my trip, but I'm missing them already, even though one weeded a flower bed and left the dirt on the driveway, one left her bedroom a mess and one has just told me he is leaving to go swim at a friend's house right as I have dinner in the oven and a special cake that he loves just sitting on the counter. Guess they'll enjoy it tomorrow.

The good news is, Zoe is springing back to normal. Before I got out of bed this morning, I was praying I would not have to take her to the vet today. Actually, I couldn't decide whether to call the vet or Guinness World Records because she had gone about 36 hours without peeing. Anyway, she relieved herself and then loaded up her gun at the water hole again and again today. I'm sure she'll probably be a drawin' that water pistol again at sundown, amigos.

I decided, since I'm the main caretaker and I'll be gone for a while, to make her maintenance as easy as possible for the crew who will be filling in for me. Therefore, I cut her hair.

Yes, I bathed her and trimmed her allllll over today. It is quite something. Let's just say when you look at her, it makes you want to tilt your head to the left to even up her cut in a fun optical illusion sort of way. I can just imagine what my groomer will say when she sees her next: "What did Mommy do to you?" (Yeah, I've heard it before.)

So I've painted my toenails hot pink to match my outfits and scream "party!" I've bought three pairs of cheap sunglasses because I know I'll lose/crush them; I've left notes around the house for the kids about changing the hand towels in the bathrooms, the dog's meds, the leftovers, the chores, etc.

Gee, wonder why they're not sad to see me go?

Anyway, if I get a chance in the Peactree Towers, I'll check in with "Y'ALL" as they say in Georgia. I'm gonna come back talkin' like Paula Deen, y'all: "Bring it to a boll." Is that bowl or boil?


Susanne said...

Sheesh, in the second paragraph, I thought you were talking about my kids there for a second and I thought what are they doing at Linda's? ;vP

So glad Zoe is doing better even though she is a little tipsy, at least in the picture.

Have a great time. I'll be thinking of you in your hot pink shirts and your hot pink toes taking Atlanta by storm.

Lily @ Consider the Lilies said...

Oh my. You had me cracking up with the whole "drawing that water pistol again at sundown" comment!!!

Have fun!!

Big Mama said...

Hope you have a great time! I'm betting you'll have some stuff to write about when you get home.

Jen said...

pleased Zoe is coming right
have fun :)

Shelly said...

Oh's 'bowl!' :) Have fun!!

Melanie said...

She looks like she wants to go with you and run with the big dogs in Atlanta.

Have a fun trip and share the details when you get back.

Joy, of course said...

Hey I live in Atlanta and we welcome you. First visit to your blog. It's great!

Laura said...

Have an AWESOME time!

Can't wait to hear about all your hot pink-party adventures, ya'll!

(I'm so bad at "Southern." I just don't do it well.)

samurai said...

Praying that God watches over you till you get safely home.

Sandy Coughlin said...

I was just there and it wasn't that hot! Surprise surprise!
Hope you have a wonderful trip.
For Reluctant Entertainers

Tammy said...

Linda! Just catching up with, Atlanta! With Life group friends? I wish I had such great lifegroup friends!
Have a wonderful time! (And this northern gal picks up accents at the drop of a hat- especially southern...I'm already talking that way in my head as I type, that's how bad I am!) :)
Oh, and by the way...I'm missing my kids this week, too! They both went with their daddy on a camping trip and Mommy is left home with the dog and fish!

Michelle said...

LOL! Glad to hear Zoe is doing better. I love all the trimming you did, it looks great! Have a fun trip to Atlanta!

Abby said...

hey there! thanks for stopping by! sorry it took me a while to return the favor...i have been out of town! you are too beautiful!
hope you have a blast on your trip!!

funny, my friend and i were JUST talking about paula deen the other day because i saw her on oprah a few months back (a re-run i think)...we got into a big pronunciation discussion...and "boll" was one of the words! hahaha..

Gretchen said...

Have fun in Hotlanna. :) Zoe looks adorable, btw. I try never to wield the scissors around Annie because, though she's a friendly type, she's 80 pounds, and moves like a banshee (whatever that is). I'm afraid the scissors would be sticking out of my thigh. Yet, I did quickly remove an ear tangle when she wasn't looking, today. Oh, and as I was busy saying "eeewww" about Zoe, Annie was developing her own "eewww"--a staph infection on her back which is itchy and scratchy. And lovely, of course. Wish us luck with the meds and in finding an underlying cause. Meanwhile, to the tune of Winnie the Pooh, we sing:

Staphy the dog,
Staphy the dog,
Itchin' and a Scratchin' and a Bitin' her back, she's
Staphy the dog,
Staphy the dog,
Crazy, itchy, scratchy old dog.

Okay, I really am going now.

Ang said...

You did a great job on Zoe! I came home from work the other day to find our pekinese SHAVED. Yep, hairy dog done gone naked mole rat on us! Shawn started "trimming" and accidently cut a bald spot on his back, so in his minds eye... off goes the hair. Yipers!!! Hope you had a blast in Atlanta. :)

Carol said...

How do you get Zoe so shiny? I use the doggie products, but Emo's coat always looks so dull.

The Preacher's Wife said...

You are SO all over my home turf...hope you have a great time in the big A-T-L!

and btw? In Alabama, boil is 'burl'...oh how I miss the sophistication of Georgia..:))

Anonymous said...

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