Monday, August 27, 2007

Catching You Up

So Daughter #1 is settled into her dorm room now. She's in the exact same room as last year--but--the dorm has been completely remodeled. She now has wood flooring, brand new furniture, a huge wardrobe (big enough for her to sit in or play Narnia in) and brand new bathrooms. It's sad when your kid's residence hall is nicer than her home.

The day before she left, she spilled nail polish remover on our leather sofa. The reaction you just had after reading that was multipled 1000 times by me at the moment of the spill. No damage control procedure has worked to rectify this catastrophe. I cannot even describe it. Since I've already told you she has moved into her dorm, you can safely assume she is still alive, but barely. The great irony: if she had waited 24 hrs later to do her nails ... she would've been in the dorm.

Son is biding his three days left at home until he is moved into his hall on the same campus. He has apparently decided he is no longer required to do any chores around here. This decision was not arrived at democratically. It's like a silent revolution of the peasants or a labor strike of some kind. He is lucky I'm not "striking" back, if you know what I mean. At this point, I am biding my three days left until he is moved into the residence hall.

Child three is preparing for what is arguably the biggest day of the school year tomorrow: picture day. The outfit decision is still in limbo. I do know that I've been requested to rise earlier tomorrow morning to help do the hair. There are more options on this little school photo form than I had for my senior pictures: blemish removal, name on picture, graduation date on picture, choice of backgrounds, black and white, 21 packages ... good grief.

Finally, if you've been watching the stories of the flooding in the midwest, you may have noticed Findlay, Ohio, in the news a lot. It's a small city of about 45,000 people. We moved there right after we got married because the headquarters of Marathon Oil, my husband's first employer, is there. It made me so sad to see Findlay flooded. I really never wanted to move away from there.

So there you are; we're all caught up. If you have any miracle-producing suggestions for my sofa, please share them with me!

PS: Late last night I couldn't stop myself from calling Daughter 1 just to make sure she's OK because her roommate won't be there until Wednesday, etc. We basically left her with unopened boxes and a bare room. A nice room, but still ... So I called her cell and she was off campus at her friend's apartment eating chicken nuggets. I said, "OK, just wanted to make sure you're OK for the night; by the way, so ... you're driving back to campus, parking your car and walking quite a ways to your dorm ... way after midnight ..." To which she replied, "Mom, it's OK. Anne is here with me, and she's going back to the dorm about the same time as me." I said, "Well, I'd feel so much better if you promised me you'll go back together." She laughed and said, "OK, I will." Then I hung up and thought, "So she was basically going to walk across campus by herself, this petite little co-ed, after midnight. Why didn't she just add that she thought she'd run with scissors across campus alone after midnight???" Ugh! Mothering is HARD!


Southern Girl said...

I *loved* it when my parents left me at college with a bare room and unopened boxes! Couldn't wait until they left so I could start decorating and arranging my room...I always loved putting everything away myself. ;)

Tammy said...

Oh're right! I would feel the same way...letting go and still being a caring, concerned mom must be a hard balancing act! Not so looking forward to that part, I have to say!

Barbara H. said...

Mothering is indeed hard -- in so many ways they won't understand til they're in the same place with their kids.

I'm so sorry about your sofa! I have no idea what to do for it -- hopefully someone will.

Smiling about the school picture. I have all boys so I missed out on the doing the hair thing and outfit decisions. Our school requires them to wear their school uniforms for pictures, so, sadly, we don't really get excited about them any more. :-(

Susan said...

Oh my goodness...Mothering IS hard...the thought of my kids being on a campus and me not knowing the "details" is frightening.

I WISH I could give you a solution about the couch. I can't imagine the reaction...cause I'm pretty sure my head would have spun.

I have to laugh at the photo selections...I'm amazed at ours as well anymore.

Have a great week.

:-) Susan

Susanne said...

I can only imagine what you are going through with mothering long distance and letting go. Maybe son is just trying to take your mind off of daughter? No? Well, I tried. ;v)

The flooding is so sad. The people are in my prayers.

The couch I haven't a clue. Can a furniture restorer or recoverer give you some advice?

Kathy said...

I have NO IDEA whether this would work, but I googled leather+acetone and came up with this:
"In the absence of any more professional advice, I'd say, if you can get coloured shoe polish the colour you want and put a little on it, then use clear leather polish and just keep at it till it smoothes over. My instinct would be not to use silicone polish, get some proper leather polish, shoe polish is probably the way to go."

Jen said...

pleased Daughter #1 is settled sounds nice

so sori about your sofa

Shelly said...

LOL...the 'scissors' in the hand comment was precious. Sorry about the nail polish :(

I'm 24, and my Mom STILL says the same similar things. She doesn't like me coming home late by my petite self either. We've both learned that it's okay for her to worry, but it's okay for me not to have to tell her everything either :)