Monday, August 27, 2007

Latest Reads

Right now I'm reading two other books on Islam, and I just finished these two.

Baghdad Believer is a fictionalized account of an Iraqi seeker who comes to trust Christ in spite of cultural obstacles. It's short, simple reading, portraying the complexity of the young Iraqi's decision to follow Christ. After reading The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, this book and the two I'm working on, I think God is working in my heart, but what that means exactly, I do not know.

I have not been able to write about A Thousand Splendid Suns. Reading that book was more of an experience for me rather than merely reading a novel; I think it left an indelible mark on my spirit. I certainly wouldn't say that about many other novels. I am still processing the significance of the story.

I do know I want to understand Muslims better. I want to love them in spite of my fear. I want God to break my heart with the things that break his heart. This is not a pleasant experience for me, but I think I'm growing.

See Kahled Hosseini talk about his work.


Susanne said...

Reading the beginning of this I was already thinking that God must be trying to show you something. I've had a few books affect me like that, where you can't even talk about them for awhile because you're heart needs to process things. Praying God makes it clear to you and works His works upon your heart.

Southern Girl said...

I'll have to look for Baghdad Believer. I've read both of the others, and I know what you mean about them being an "experience." Tremendous books.

Suzio said...

I am an avid reader also, and always looking for a great new book to read! I'll have to look for them at the bookstore. I read a book last year I can recommend that might interest you since you are reading about Islam. The title is "Jesus and Muhammad" by Mark A. Gabriel, PhD. Mark Gabriel grew up a Muslim in Egypt (he has and Arabic name but goes by mark Gabriel now) and he taught Islamic studies at Al-Azhar University in Cairo. He then had a conversion experience, and is now a Christian. This book discusses and compares Jesus and Muhammad and you also get to read about his conversion. Great book.

Mike said...

Hmm. Looks interesting.