Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How I Shot My Boss Today

Ah, youth ministry. You just never know what you'll be called upon to do. Mostly, I answer a phone, mail postcards and letters, create Excel docs and produce bar coded name tags for hundreds of students to scan in with each Sunday night.

However, occasionally, I get ... perks.

Today, I hit my boss (who is like, 26 years old, and I'm like, 426 years old, not that I have a problem being supervised by someone younger or anything) in the face with a "pie," attacked him like a Ninja, and shot him with a bow and arrow.

Sometimes, dreams really do come true.

Just kidding.

Here's how it all went down.

Every so many weeks at Oneighty, (Do you know Willie George's Church on the Move in Tulsa? We're an affiliate of their Oneighty) we have what is called a "Big Night," wherein we give away food and prizes and have contests, etc. Sometimes we have special people speak or sing or perform.

On September 30, we are having a young lady named Stephanie Arnold, an Olympic archer, come to speak at 180.Live, our Sunday night meeting.

I mentioned in a staff meeting that I had seen Stephanie on the Tonight Show, where she shot an arrow at Betty White, who stood behind a square of plexiglass. The object of the game was to see if Betty could resist flinching.

Long story short, we got inspired to do a set of promotional videos to show at three Oneighty nights prior to Stephanie's visit.

Now, recently our church hired a brand new BSU grad who has a master's degree in digital storytelling (bet you didn't know there was such a thing) to be our full-time creative arts director. She will make our church's videos and other creative media. Oneighty gets her half time; the main church gets the other half. But she's housed in our building on campus. (Shhhhhh ... we are claiming her!)

So our new creative genius guided us through three hours of taping today so that she can basically cut it to THREE MINUTES.

Here's the scenario:

1. Staff meeting. Everyone is bored and playing with toys like bouncy balls, etc. One of our staff, "Faith" is "asleep." I had the opening line: "This is the MOST boring staff meeting ever. Look: Faith is asleep. Wake up!"

2. She startles awake. Our boss says, "Gee Faith. You sure did jump. Did I ever tell you guys that it's impossible to make me flinch?" We all say, "No way," etc. He insists and then says our meeting really is lame and gets up and leaves. We look at each other say, "We have got to make him flinch. Let's get him." We devise several means of scaring him.

3. We go through various scenarios, like him walking down the hall, and the three of us dressed as Ninjas jump out screaming, but he just stays cool. We dress "Zane," another young associate pastor on the Oneighty staff, in a chicken suit and have him jump up from behind the cafe counter, but the boss just stays calm and maintains he does not flinch. We lure him outside and throw pies in his face. No flinch.

4. We decide we need a little outside reinforcement, some help. We decide to ask Stephanie Arnold to help us. Then we spend a little time in the gym working out to get all buff, train in archery and plan our attack. At the end, we are outside shooting arrows like archers and jumping around, etc. Then we look into the camera and say, "Live! From Oneighty! It's Stephanie Arnold!" And then she will come out on cue. That night, she will shoot "Joe," my boss, just like she did Betty White. Did I mention Stephanie is a believer?

Anyway, we think (we hope) the kids will love it. When our digital storytelling genius gets the video done, I'll try to post it. In the meantime, here are some pics from my camera. I wish I had some of the bows and arrows.

This is my boss, "Joe" and "Zane," who is also the Chicken.

Here is Ninja me and Ninja Faith:

Chicken Zane popping up from behind the cafe counter




Amber said...

LOVE IT!!! That must have been a ton of fun! Can you upload the video so we can see it too???

0:) Amber

Susan said...

Yes...please let us see the video! Loved this, this morning.

Sandy said...

Ok, Linda, looks like TOO MUCH fun!
Sandy :)

Tammy said...

You all have way too much fun at work, Linda! Yes, video please!!! :)

Oh, and I was just catching up with you...oh my goodness, your post below is so sweet! A happy 21st birthday to your beautiful daughter!
I loved the photos...and I have a very similar one taken kissing my youngest after she was born...
what a precious post!

Shelly said...

Oh my word this is hysterical! And the pictures! lol

Susan said...

What fun...I wanna see it too.

:-) Susan

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

What a riot!

Susanne said...

How is it I missed commenting on here? I know I read it!

Your work will keep you young forever, girl!