Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Middle Aged But Stylish

She doesn't look it, but she's middle aged. She's 5. Yesterday, I took her to PetSmart to be groomed, and when they brought her out, she had a little bow in her hair. So far, she has not pulled it out and eaten it, which is way better than my girls ever did.

Remember when I went to Atlanta in July? I realized I've never posted a pic of the "luggage" I bought there. Here you see a stylish dog carrier, a stylish make-up bag for the human and a smaller stylish one for the pet (brushes, combs, bows, treats, etc.) and a stylish purse with Yorkies on it and a tote with plastic pouches for pics of your dog (I don't have mine in yet) and not pictured, a purse in the same stylish paw-print pattern which I've been carrying this week, stylishly, of course. Notice I did not say this was tasteful style, just "stylish." A girl's got to have her toys. And so does her dog, Dahling.


Susanne said...

It's what all the best dressed dogs and owners are wearing these days. Cute. Par is Hil ton herself probably has one in each color for her little doggie.

samurai said...

You are truly dog crazy! LOL

Jen said...

what a cutie Zoe is

LOVE your luggage

Kim said...

This is TOO funny!!! I MUST tell my husbands and friends that I'm NOT the ONLY crazy lady with her Yorkie!!!

Oh..I just wanna smooch her!! She's so ADORABLE!!!

Ladytink_534 said...

Those are cute. I want a little lap dog so bad! I have a lap-kitty but it's just not the same.