Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Rodney Dangerfield of Cities, My Home Town

Here is about a 10-second clip that clearly demonstrates our Dangerfieldness.


Melanie said...

Angela and Muncie all in one. You must be in heaven.

Thinking and praying about your speech tomorrow. :>)

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly my family has been to Muncie the last two summers as part of our summer vacation. why you may ask, my husband has business there to do and it's sort of on our way to Chicago.
However we've now done all the Muncie stuff we know of and I've told my spouse, next summer; drop the kids and me off in Indianapolis. Not that Muncie's not fun..but now that Ball State almost beat our hometown heros the Huskers I'm probably not allowed to mention the city in our town.
jill from omaha

samurai said...

And yet you never hear my hometown mentioned in such things... perhaps it is better to be anonomous. :)