Thursday, September 27, 2007

So today I gave my talk at MOPS (Mothers of Poopy Sources) NO ... just kidding. "Mothers of Pre-Schoolers." Everyone who asks how it went today gets the same answer: Not exactly fire-worky, if you know what I mean. The ladies were great. They remained upright and conscious and even nodded once or twice, but I think that's just because I didn't call them
"Mommy," and they didn't have to wipe my face.Here is a pic of part of the group answering discussion questions. I have to tell you that when I had preschoolers and I attended Tuesday morning Bible study, I did not come to the study looking as cute as theses ladies. At all.

In the next picture, you will see me trying my best to look all Lisa-ish, but not that successfully. And, I cropped this picture because the sides of my pants had stretched horizontally so that I looked like my hips had wings or that I was trying to revive "Hammer Wear." I've been asked to speak at a Christmas thing where women decorate tables (see last December if you're interested in seeing the slide show.) Anyway, I'm thinking I may have break out my gold lame (not "lame," but "lam-ay." How does one show the accent over the e in HTML?)Hammer pants for that gig.

OK, they're lame and lam-ay.

In other news:
I'll be watching my hero tonight. And now I suppose someone is going to comment here and tell me how immoral this show is. I admit sometimes I don't like certain moments in the episodes. I feel that way about many, many "episodes" in life, too.

Anyway, people wonder why this show is so addictive. I think it's because often the workplace is like a school setting, only everyone is supposed to be grown-up. Thus, most employees subdue socially tasteless/bigoted/misogynistic/sophomoric behavior in the office. Some, however, have no filter whatsoever for what's appropriate and what's not.

And thus we are blessed with endless possibilities for fascinating entertainment. Michael and Dwight: many employees do ignoble things, but you surpass them all.


Melanie said...

Ah, yes. These ladies look much better than I did when I was hauling a kid on my hip.

I have seen The Office a few times. Funny and irreverant. They can be so funny and then do or say something and I think,"Come on,guys. You are obviously creative enough that you didn't need to write in THAT part. Hubs and I love Office Space- a classic movie.

Roxanne said...

I am sure that whatever you said was wonderful. . .remember. . .you were speaking to a room full of women who were running on about 4 hours sleep and who made sure to get up early enough to make themselves AND their children not only presentable, but incredibly cute to boot.

I think you're great even in lame--I mean la-MAY.

Susanne said...

I'm sure you did great! Although the MC Hammer pants did give me a laugh. With my body type I'd probably find those pants quite comfortable. Sad but true.

Jen said...

I bet it went better than you thought
only wish i lived closer so I could have heard what you had to say

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

There is a little award for you at my place. :-)

The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm certain you were wonderful - funky britches and all! :))

And I am still laughing my butt off over you WNTW review....I am SO glad to be able to live vicariously through you.. No one cool comes to rural Alabama! :)