Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some of you missed the stories about Barry Manilow and Sally Field that I referred to in the previous post. You can read about them here: tirades, or here in this excerpt from

Accepting her Emmy on Sunday night for lead actress in a drama series ("Brothers and Sisters"), Sally Field stumbled halfway through, lost her train of thought, screeched at the audience to stop applauding so she could finish -- and then was cut off by Fox censors as she stammered through an anti-war statement, The Associated Press reported.

"And, let's face it, if the mothers ruled the world, there would be no . . ." Field said before Fox cut the sound and switched the camera view.
Backstage, Field told reporters that she wanted to recognize mothers who wait for their sons to come home from war. She added, however, that she "didn't have a political agenda."

Told that she had been cut off, Field responded: "Oh well. I've been there before. . . . I said what I wanted to say. I wanted to pay homage to the mothers of the world, and let their work be seen and valued."

Manilow won't appear with Hasselbeck

Singer/songwriter Barry Manilow will not appear on "The View" if he has to appear on the show with host Elizabeth Hasselbeck, TMZ reports.
The singer, who has been on the show twice before with Hasselbeck, said he would come on the show but not with the conservative co-host.
"The View" producers refused to ax Hasselbeck for a day. Manilow, who is on tour promoting his album "Greatest Songs of the Seventies," issued a statement to TMZ, saying, "I strongly disagree with her views. I think she's dangerous and offensive. I will not be on the same stage as her."


Everyone has a right to an opinion. I just don't hold in high esteem political opinions of people who happen to be gifted at singing, acting, glass blowing or basket weaving any more than I do the average Joe Schmo's opinion. It just doesn't make sense to give more weight to their beliefs simply because they are entertainers. Also, I don't trust entertainers' plaintive cries because, bluntly, they live for attention, even if it's procured by sending out shock waves or if the attention lasts only a few hours in the limelight.

Here is my problem with each complaint, and then I shall say no more about these unfortunate soundbites:

1. Everyone hates war, with the exception of insane sociopaths. I have an 18 year-old son. If he had enlisted in the military, I would be heartsick with worry and maybe even angry with him for putting himself in harm's way. That's not very honorable of me, but I'm being honest about my gut reaction to that possibility. But if my son marched himself downtown to the recruiter and signed up of his own volition and was sent to the front lines, I would not, could not, no matter how much I hated the war or how much I worried about his fate, blame the government. If he were drafted, I might feel differently. But if he, or my daughter, for that matter, VOLUNTEERED to serve knowing full-well what the implications are, I could not place blame 100% squarely on the government. It is what it is.

2. Why is it that virtually anyone can be adamantly, unapologetically, vociferously intolerant except for a conservative Christian? Could you imagine in your wildest dreams a political conservative refusing to share the stage with someone who did not agree with his views? That person would be torn to shreds from late night talk show monologues to magazine/newspaper editorials to news shows with pundit panels to George Clooney movies. Unbelievable.

Dangerous pregnant Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She is rockin' the arms muscles here. Maybe that's what Barry's really afraid of. Now I can't get the Roxette song "Dangerous" out of my mind.


Kelli said...

Sally Field does not speak for me.

I, too, would be worried if my boy went off the war and he's talked about his desire to go into the Air Force in 5 years. But, it's his choice.

I'm married to a vet. I'm the daughter and the granddaughter of vets.

Sometimes, we have to do what must be done.

And Barry? Lost my respect. He's off my iPod. I just can't support someone so stupid. Charachter is facing what you're afraid of. Not running away becasue it's easier.

Who looks the fool? Certainly not Mrs. Hasselbeck.

Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh. I didn't know anyone else knew about the song "Dangerous." Scary!

However, in regards to the real point of your post, I agree. I don't give diddly squat what celebrities think about politics. They are no more intelligent than any of us, just more exposed.

Susanne said...

What is it about hypocrites who can't see how hypocritical they are? I'm with Kelli, lost total respect for that man. I hope this little manouver of his translates into CD sales going down so that maybe he takes a pause to think about it. And while I don't like the show, good for the producers for not bending to the ridiculous demands of a very ego inflated celebrity.

Melanie said...

I posted about Sally the other day. And I'm like you- why should entertainers have so much influence? Let's face it. Some of them aren't as educated on the issues as they pretend.

Great post!

Mommy, the Human Napkin said...

I just have to say "Amen, sister!" I totally agree with everything you said. My husband served in the military years ago, and while it would be completely terrifying if he joined up again, I wouldn't stop him, nor would I blame the government if he did. And I think Barry Manilow ought to just suck it up and go on The View. What, is he scared? Ha! What a wimp.

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

pretty pitiful...

this world is going down the toilet..

great post...

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Amen sister.

I don't watch the View, but it seems that with all the media hype this show gets you can't help but know what's going on there. It's funny to me they keep One conservative on staff. She must be a pretty strong woman to put up with all the negative press she gets.

Interesting post!

Anonymous said...

I agree l00% w/you. However, Ms. Hasselbeck is pro-choice and for the gay lifestyle. Too many so called "celebrities" are admired and given too much press. I think we "Christians" need our own family-friendly network with good wholesome shows minus the offensive commercials. I bet a lot of families would subscribe! Until and if that happens, don't buy products that use offensive ads or watch the programs.
The only thing that will get their attention is loss of money.

Gretchen said...

While I agree with the commenter above me to a great extent, I don't think that isolation is the answer, either. It's much harder to stay in the world and be a light to others than make one's own world.

I don't happen to agree with everything Elisabeth Hasselbeck stands for, but I think she's shown courage and grace in a very tough time. Then again, I don't happen to agree with everything my best friend stands for, either.

Blessings on your week. Great post, Linda.

Susan said...

OK, I have definitely had my head in the sand with these things. You're right, you cannot blame the government for what kids making the decision to go to the armed services. As a Mother of a recent recruit, I am definitely OK with someone sympathizing with the Moms out there who are waiting for their sons and daughters to return...BUT I don't think that we have a right to bash the government. I still believe much of it is necessary for Manilow, perhaps he should change his tune to:

"I write the songs that makes the 'left world' sing!" I don't's almost like saying, "I'm taking my toys and refusing to play in the same sandbox as that person."

Whatever!! I think I'm happier with my head in the sand!!

P I F F L A N said...

hello Linda! Just wanted to thank you for your very nice comments on my blog. I like your blog too :)

Katy said...

Thank you for your post....i couldn't agree more with you!!! :) Glad i found your blog! :)

Heth said...

Amen Linda!

Cracking up at Susan's comment.

Anonymous said...

Gretchen, I don't think we should isolate ourselves but just think it would be nice to have the choice of watching programs and commercials that do not offend people. While we do have control of what programs we watch we always have to be on guard for the commercials which are getting more and more offensive. For example, I was watching a program about the Duggert Family and a commercial came on with explicit video for a movie titled "knocked up". How degrading is that? BTW the commercial said the movie is brought to you by the producers of "A Forty-Year Old Virgin". I wonder if the Duggerts' have any feelings about the commercials that are shown with their program.