Monday, October 08, 2007

Eden in the 1960s

If Eden had been created in the 1960s, this is what Satan, Adam and Eve would have looked like. That Eve. Look at what a temptress she is.

Or maybe this is a pic from the United Ugly Sweaters Cult Camp. Here you see a new convert in the lodge being fed by a vixen. Looks like marshmallow, but it's their version of Turkish Delight. His mind and sweater belong to them now.


Melanie said...

How much chocolate have you HAD?

Ann said...

This cracked me up!!! I mean, what a strange pose for a picture to begin with. Why would a man be standing behind a couple like that anyway, while they have a cutsie lovey dovey moment while sharing a marshmallow? Was it an add for the marshmallows? Like these marshmallows are so great that even watching someone eat them brings joy? /snicker

But I loved how you compared it to Eden. It does look like he's saying, "Go on, eat the marshmallow."

Lois E. Lane said...

OK, I just laughed so hard that I almost spit my hot tea all over the computer screen...HA! So glad I stopped in today :)

Heth said...