Friday, October 05, 2007

Kitchen Meme!

Oh Dear. It was bound to happen. I've been tagged by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for a meme at which I will stink.

I don't cook well. I also just don't cook. But, I'm rising to the challenge of this meme. So turn on your exhaust fan, Susanne, and away we go.

Susanne says, "Tell about 8 random things in your kitchen." And then she proceeds to talk about legitimate things in her kitchen, like a Quisinart coffee bean grinder and chopper thing, for goodness sake. Well, big deal, Susanne. I happen to have a black plastic spatula with melted edges. (Tres chic.)

1. I have a stain on my ceiling (see photo above) because of a French pen pal who was trying to get me to prepare one of his dishes against my protestations. I was supposed to open a bottle of red wine, and it sort of exploded. After all was said and done and not eaten because it didn't turn out right (Give me a break, his measurements were METRIC), the one stain I missed was on the ceiling. I've not painted over it yet. But just so you know, it's not blood or anything.

2. I have a baking dish that my best friend gave me before I was married, which makes it circa 1984-85. It's orange. Orange has now been in vogue in the kitchen, then out, now back in. I am old.

3. My walls are gold with white wainscoting at the bottom. I have a rich, dark sort of formal floral border going all the way around the dining/kitchen combo.

4. I have some rustic chickens hanging around. I love chickens.

5. We eat cereal a lot. Even for supper.

6. In Indiana, it's traditional to call lunch "dinner," also. Then the later meal is also known as "supper." I just mis-typed that "super," which is the polar opposite of my suppers.

7. Last night I fixed dinner and my 14 year-old said, "Wow, this is like 3 or 4 nights in a row that you cooked!" We had Taco Bell tonight. Best meal all week.

8. We don't have a microwave. It died. Then our college girl bought one and we used it all summer until she took it to school with her this fall. Now we don't have one again, and although I never cooked main dishes in them (or really, in the conventional oven, either, but that's beside the point), I'm surprised at how much I miss having one.

Well, Susanne, I hope you're happy. Now the whole world (about six of the six billion, anyway) know my dirty little kitchen secrets. Moral: Don't trust French pen pals who think they can save your culinary derrière. They really want to snarl at you.

I'm tagging Debbie at Like a Rose. Go for it, Deb.


Susanne said...

A black plastic spatula with melted edges! Be still my heart. I must have one of those!! ;v)

I am so glad that you took the bull by the horns and gave it the old college try, Linda! You did a great job, in spite of this being a challenge. I would keep the wine stain just as a memory.

Oh and btw, what else is there other than metric? ;v)

Roxanne said...

Ya know. . .it's surprisin' an all, but them newfangled microwave contraptions don't cost that much nowadays.


I recall VERY clearly how excited my brother and sister and I were when my mother called us at a teen devotional over Christmas break to tell us to stop at the grocery story to buy some microwave popcorn. It was frozen in those days. I had never eaten ANYTHING so wonderful in my life. It was so good we polished off two bags that night--but no more because it was "special."

Laura said...

You are delightful to read because you are so bloomin' honest and so, so funny!

Tammy said...

Too's kind of like me when a few years ago I sold Pampered Chef for awhile. Everyone who knew me thought that was ironic! LOL But it actually taught me to cook...just a tad!

AND...I just gave you an award! :)

Melanie said...

Whew. I am so glad it isn't blood.

I thought I was going to have to call Angela Lansbury. :>)

Sandy said...

Ahh, Linda, always so fun to visit you! You always make me smile :)
And it's so good to laugh at ourselves! he he

FlipFlop Mom said...

This is GREAT!! I love it!!! In a sense I'm the total opposite.. I cook and I cook well and RARELY eat out!!! However... my kitchen tools.. pots.. pans .. are something to be desired!! LOL LOL But they work...

My microwave blew up after 12 years!!! I'm borrowing a friends.. LOL LOL.. she had THREE in her garage!!

a happier girl said...

I love cereal for dinner. My husband says it's only for breakfast. I think he's missing out.

Heth said...

Catching up on your blog. Reason number 15 that we can be BFF is the whole cereal for supper thing. LOVE cereal.