Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thirteen Fashion Tips To Share From My Favorite Show, "What Not to Wear"

1. Length of jeans: They should skim the floor at your heel.

2. Length other pants: They should fall one half-inch above the floor.

3. Length of jackets, longer tops: The hem should cut your bottom in half. Above or below emphasizes the dierriere the gluteus maximus the tush.

4. Every woman has a waist. It is a woman's smallest part; therefore it's a good thing to define it. If you're carrying extra weight, do not wear something like a tent thinking it's forgiving. You are turning yourself into a wide box. Every woman has a waist--find something that defines your hourglass figure.

5. Good foundational support is the most important tip. Have a professional fitting done for a bra. Utilize the slimming undergarments that are widely available now. Every person on What Not to Wear has a bra fitting first thing. They don't show that every time because it would be boring.

6. To know your proper bra band size, measure just beneath the bust and add 5 inches.

7. If you have a large frame or carry extra weight,choose large prints over tiny prints. If you choose a tiny floral print, you will look like a virtual field of tiny flowers.

8. You should be able to button any jacket that you wear. You do not have to wear it buttoned, but if you can't button it, it doesn't fit you.

9. Sleeves should fall past your wrist and hit within the meaty bottom part of your thumb. Men's jackets can be shorter because the shirt cuff can show.

10. No front or back cleavage in the office or school. Professionally speaking, if you can see hills or crevices instead of just chest, you've got a problem. Also, bend over and look in the mirror at both sides. You might be surprised at what appears whenever you bend a little.

11. Pencil skirts are OK if you're thin. Otherwise, a slight A line or tulip looks best.

12. After "a certain age," skirts should fall in the middle of the knee or just slightly higher.

13. Want to lose weight immediately and look better in whatever you're wearing? Go to a full-length mirror. Turn to the side. Now pull your shoulders back--and watch what happens to your mid-section. You will look instantly slimmer, and that's without even pulling in your tummy muscles. If you simply put your shoulders back and tuck your tummy, you'll look like you've lost weight. If you try this, I'd like to hear what a difference it made in your appearance!


Brenda ND said...

Good tips! Thanks!

jenn said...

Great tips!
Happy TT!

MommyBa said...

Wonderful tips and very appropriate ones too :)

Happy thursday!

Minkydo said...

Great tips. I have to agree on the bra fitting. I did that recently and was happy to find out I was wearing the proper size. Happy TT.

nikki the red said...

my mom watches that show religiously!

my tt:

samurai said...

You have given me things to look for when my beloved says, "How does this make me look"? LOL

Thank you for those tips. :)

Melanie said...

Great tips, Linda. I feel like I know a celeb now. ;>)

Barbara H. said...

I think I'd agree with all but #12. Older women can often be a little overweight, and most anyone overweight is a little chubby about the knees, especially when sitting. I caught a glimpse of myself once when I was much younger and less overweight when my skirt came above my knees just a bit, and it wasn't pretty!!

Cindy Swanson said...

Great list, Linda! I'll have to keep this one on hand for future reference.

Susan said...

This is a great list Linda. I have to laugh because I just read some of your "guru's" advice on MSN today. Thanks for the tips. I DO know one thing...out of all my blogging friends, if I'm coming to meet Linda, I'm going to really think about what I wear!!!!!!!! ;-)



{Karla} said...

I had never watched this until this past week when my baby was in the hospital.

And I realized that I am utterly and completely a out-of-style. thankyouverymuch!


Susanne said...

I should print this out and take it with me the next time I go on my bi-decade shopping trip.

mom huebert said...


Merrie said...

Great info! Thanks! I will take it to heart... especially #8. I thought it was okay to wear a jacket that didn't meet in the front as long as you didn't try to button it and bulge! I won't do that anymore.