Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday 13 -Things about Oneighty (Youth Ministry)

Here is this week's Thursday Thirteen, about the youth ministry where I work.

1. It's in a separate building from the main church. I make several trips a day. Rain, snow, sleet or hail, this office lady gets the mail.

2. I have great hours, 9 AM to 2 PM M-F.

3. We have a head youth pastor, from Abilene, TX. He came here as an intern 7 years ago and never left. He married a local girl. Most of the time he talks like us, but occasionally, when he gets really excited about something, he starts speaking "Abilenian." ("Y'all.")

4. One of our former students, a recent BSU grad, is an associate pastor who works on various and sundry things, but focuses on connecting our ministry with the local high schools. He also teaches the Wednesday night high school discipleship program "Fuel." BTW, I went to school with his dad from elementary through high school.

5. A lady with extensive background in youth ministry is another associate who focuses on middle schoolers (Spark), but does all of the food ordering and other planning for special events. Humongous tasks. She is the only one on staff besides me with a family. Everyone just has dogs, but we think that will change soon.

6.. We just hired a young lady with a master's degree in Digital Storytelling to help with videos and any other communication type things. She is amazing.

7. We have a high school senior on staff who is here in the afternoons, evenings, etc. who is in charge of "Operations," that is, renting out our inflatable games, keeping things fixed, locked, cleaned, etc. He is a big ol' burly sweetheart.

8. Sunday night, we are hosting one of our biggest events of the year called "Unmasked," sort of our response to kids' NEED for Halloween and candy. The focus is on being real (removing the mask that you wear because others expect you to be a certain way) and being who God created you to be. We will have all kinds of big bells and whistles that night.

9. Every Monday morning when I walk in before anyone else gets there (they've been there late Sunday night) the whole building smells like pizza. It smells SO good.

10. Our building (about 38,000 sq. ft.) is used for lots of things at our church, like women's Bible studies, men's studies, etc. Sometimes schools rent it out for "after-prom" celebrations.

11. We have about 350 on an average Sunday night. That fluctuates at different times of the year, up in the fall, down at Christmas, back up and then down during summer.

12. We have group of high school student apprentices who come in and work like little elves to help with mailings or whatever else we can give them to do.

13. Students' hearts and lives are truly being touched and changed. The staff feels very blessed to have an up-front seat and see what God is doing in East Central Indiana. Pray for the youth of today. What they deal with daily is stunningly sad and challenging. But God is good, and he has a better plan for their lives. That is our message.

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Di said...

Great ideas! I remember reading that kids who are involved in sports, scouts or church youth organizations are many, many times less likely to get into trouble as they get older. I know that a non-denominational church we used to go to with a very cool young pastor and a cool young youth minister, had kids who didn't even go to the church wanting to be involved with the youth ministry.

Ann said...

Good morning,Linda! Your church sounds so wonderful and ALIVE. We are being relocated from Columbus to Pennsylvania, and my main concern is that I find a healthy church. We are going to have to step out of our denomination, but I'm ready to do that. I hope we can find a church like yours or my brother's.

Melanie said...

It is always exciting to read what God is doing at your church! :>)

karen said...

great, unique tt! i am one of those few well-adjusted people who has a great relationship with my parents- and i've attended church all my life. coincidence? i think not! even if i don't always agree with everything, the message of peace, love and justice is always worth hearing and always uplifting.
thanks for visiting my tt last week- sorry i'm so late in responding.
ps/ i love signs too! not many people do i've found. and i love your response to your blogger random question- lol!

samurai said...

I wish our Youth ministry was as vibrant as yours...

Morgan St. John said...

That's a great TT. Good for you to be part of such life filled community. Have a great week.


Susan said...

Great post, Linda! You know that the impact of one eighty has been felt down here in my neck of the woods from Celebrate Jesus. We are thankful for your ministry.



Kellan said...

Great list and it sounds like such a wonderful church! Take Care - Kellan

Southern Girl said...

Sounds like y'all have a tremendous ministry, Linda -- that's wonderful!

Heth said...

This was super fun to read Linda! Sounds like a great time. Love the theme: unmasked.

Susanne said...

Our church being quite small also has a teeny, tiny youth group that is just really getting going. When you talk of all the great things you guys do and all those kids that attend and get to hear that God has a plan for them, it blows me away, Linda, just blows me away. Bless the work that you guys are doing.

Lynn Donovan said...

Wow, Linda you have a dream job. I would love to do what you do. Awesome. I loved reading about your ministry. Thank you..

BTW, hope the tooth thing gets worked out today. Love you, Lynn

Merrie said...

Is your OneEighty related to the one in Tulsa, OK? It sounds a lot like it. One of our sons is one of the Pastors at theirs.
Either way, you have a great thing going on there.
Oh, thanks for stopping in to visit my blog.

Linda said...

Why, yes, we're an affiliate of Church on the Move's Oneighty!

Anonymous said...

What a great ministry! I pray we may soon have a such for our local youth.

Hope the tooth is healing.