Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Times They Are A Changin'

And the dolls, they are a changin', too. Here are the two newest American Girl dolls, Julie and Ivy, circa 1974, "a time of changes," as in Julie's parents' divorce and Julie learning to "believe in herself." Far out. Groovy clothes. Dig that crocheted cap and appliqued purse.

So now I'm old enough to have an American Girl doll representing my era. Great.

These dolls are not like my dolls. My dolls did things. Like talk, talk, talk, and have narcoleptic fits whenever you tipped them backwards. I had this one cool doll whose hair grew right out of the top of her head, Beautful Crissy. You could push a button and yank that hair out at least a foot. I think you pushed the button again, and the hair retracted like a cord in a vaccuum.

Another great doll was Baby First Step. She walked. Actually, it was sort of a Frankenstein walk, back and forth on stiff legs. And she fell a lot. In fact, she usually fell after that first step. It was very exciting if she made it 2 or 3 feet. After Baby First Step, they came out with Baby First Skate. She was essentially the very same doll, only you strapped red plastic "skates" on her monster feet and watched her totter and fall.

Ahh, those were the days. You could just slap a Band Aid on Baby First Step's knees. With Flower Child Julie, you probably need a Dr. Therapist doll to help her self-actualize.

So what was your favorite doll? And Samurai of Samurai's Dojo, you may state the name of your favorite "action figure."


Deven said...

Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Who doesn't love a doll that smells like fruit? I had all the girls, the bad guys, the huge, beautiful doll house... Sigh. Wish I had kept them.

My parents encouraged those over Barbie dolls. They were concerned about how my self-image might be affected by playing with a "too perfect" doll. :) Weren't they thoughtful?

Heth said...

I remember when I got one of those "life sized dolls" for Christmas. I was probably four or five. It seemed huge at the time but looking back, it was probably only two feet tall.

samurai said...

Well, since you asked... my Favorite Action Figure had to be G.I. Joe! LOL I had tons of fun with that action figure.

He didn't do cool things like walk, but I did have one with the pull string voice box. :)

And since I didn't always have access to all the cool G.I. Joe accessories we used props from Ken (of Barbi fame)... I remember "tooling around" in the "Six Million Dollar Man" van too!

Bah! Kids these days don't know what they are missing!

Debbie said...

I had both a Thumbelina (infant) and a Chatty Cathy doll that were my favorites. No surprise I liked the talking doll! I also had (have) the talking Barbie - although now, when you pull the string, she sounds more like something out of "The Exorcist".

Susanne said...

My favorite was a doll I named "Lisa". I have no idea what her "store" name was. I loved her. Her skin felt real, you fed her a bottle and she pee'd. She had a lovely pink bow in her short wavy blond hair whose centre you could pull and she'd say cute things like "Mommy, wash baby?", "Go bye, bye now?" and "I good girl!". And if you're wondering how I remembered what she said, well, I just went to my bed and pulled that string to find out. I still have her.

Big Mama said...

Baby Alive. And not that imposter currently on toy store shelves with the huge, creepy eyes, but the original circa 1970's Baby Alive.

I loved that I could mix up that nasty looking food for her and then later, change her diaper. I don't think I would like her as much now.

Barbara H. said...

My favorite doll was just a generic one I named Suzie after my cousin. Except for the Barbie dolls later on, I think think I ever owned a name brand doll.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Cindy Swanson said...

I had a baby doll that I absolutely adored. I don't remember its "brand name," but I remember seeing it in a department store and coveting it. When I got it for Christmas, I was ecstatic! I remember I had a little fake milk bottle to feed it--with fake milk inside.

Later, my sister and I had Skipper dolls...one with blonde hair, one with black hair. We pretended they were twins.

And at some point along the way, I had one of the Barbies with the bubble hairdo. But in those days you didn't have seven or eight Barbies; you had one. And you liked it fine!

Roxanne said...

I had a Crissy, a Rub-A-Dub Dolly (the jingle promised a "soft pretty dolly"--she was hard as a rock so she would remain water proof), a My Friend Mandy, and a bunch of others too, but my FAVORITE was a sneezy baby. I got her when I was in 1st grade--she really WAS soft, and if you squeezed her tummy she sneezed (with head action). She was the one I loved, and my daughter plays with her today.

Roxanne said...

I also had the Bionic Woman Barbie type doll--little portals in her arms and legs would open so you could put her electronics in. My brother had the Six Million Dollar Man.

The Preacher's Wife said...

Mine was Mrs. Beasley - the one from Family Affair with Buffy and Jodie...(Am I totally giving away my age here?) Though now that I look at her again, she is looks like an old lady in a little girl dress. Kinda creepy.

Does anyone remember what she said when you pulled the string?

marina said...

We where 3 girls so I never really got anything however I do remember my grandmother gave me a non-name brand doll and I love her b/c I wanted to be a mommy when I grew up. However I did get one of the very first Barbie's out the twist and turn barbie, well my younger sister got a hold of her and broke off her legs. To these day I still remind her.Do you think I need therapy over these barbie doll!! LOL,marina

Susan said...

Ohhhh...I WANTED a CHRISSY doll so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm jealous. I did have a Baby Alive that I loved.

:-) Susan

PJ said...

I loved "Tiny Tears" and then she wet her pants too! But by then I was too big for dolls. I just got the tears!


Ann said...

I never played with dolls. My friends would always want to play Barbies, but I was such a tomboy. The closest thing I had to a Barbie was a 12" Princess Leia doll. Barbies were no fun for me to begin with, but even worse was that Barbie clothes didn't fit Leia, she was too big.

My mom made me a home-made Cabbage Patch kid when I was in maybe 5th grade, then Grandma bought me two real ones. I don't remember playing with them a whole lot, but they were cute!

mom huebert said...

I had a Baby Crissy doll. I begged for one when I was twelve, and my Grandma kept saying, "Aren't you too old for a doll?" but she finally got it for me anyway. I can still sing the jingle:

"Baby Crissy is so full of fun
Her hair can be long
Or short as can be."

(at least, that's the words I remember. It's been a long time.)

I also loved my doll that I named Betsy. I think maybe she was a Chatty Cathy. I remember on Christmas morning, the first time I pulled her string, she said "I love you, Mommy!"

The Crissy doll is long gone, but Betsy is still in my box of childhood memorabilia, and she still talks!

Emily Rose Customer Care said...

American Girl is my favorite right now of course. But I had a doll growing up a relly cute native American doll. I don't hink she had a name but I remember her being very well loved.

Anonymous said...

I had a version of Baby First Step from the Sears catalog! She and Drowsy were my favorites.