Monday, October 22, 2007

We Don't Do Halloween, But We Did When I Was Little

Pop Vox #3

When people (as in my parents, for example) could not figure out why we chose not to celebrate Halloween, I wasn't sure what to say. We just chose not to, that's why. I was a new mom and not sure about the whole Halloween thing. It didn't feel exactly right to me, and yet people I trusted and respected went all-out. I read a lot, listened a lot, prayed some ... but my kids sort of decided for me, and you hardly ever hear anyone talk about this.

I'll never forget when I had my oldest two in a shopping cart and they (esp. the preschooler; the other was a toddler-baby) looked at the Halloween displays and said, in baby language unison,


Literal translation from English back to Babish:"WAAAAAAH!!!!" communicated while trying to climb out of the cart and into the deepest recesses of my armpits. I'm lucky they didn't go for the womb.

Anyway, I got the message. They never asked. Never voiced regrets or confusion or feeling left out. Maybe that's because we went to a Fall Festival every year, sans costumes. Except one year they decided to have A CLOWN, of all the horrifying costumes in the universe to 79.999% of kids, at the festival. Not a fun night for one child of ours. We still threaten him with clowns, and he's 18.

But I did go trick-or-treating when I was little. Mostly I remember sweaty plastic masks and stale candy and being afraid of the scarier costumes (scarier = not a princess), but some of it was good. What was your favorite candy? PS: The results of last week's survey about TV heroines is below this poll.

Samantha Stevens: 25%
Mary Richards, Ann Marie: 14%
Jeannie, Mary Ann, Laura Petry: 11%
Katie Douglas: 9%
Other: 3% (Go, Samurai!)
2%: Ginger (You know who you are, you vixens!)


Susanne said...

We don't celebrate Halloween either. Never have but like you we have done different things on that night such as fall festivals.

samurai said...

I am not a huge fan of Halloween now. I was when I was a kid, but now I kind of get the creeps. My kids love it, although DS1 is getting a little old.

My beloved likes to dress them up so... we do the Halloween thing.

I answered "other" ... again :)... I love carmel... especially Sugar Babies. :)

Melanie said...

I still remember my parents sorting my candy at the kitchen table. We do the Fall festivals now, too.

My daughter went trick or treating only once when she was about 2 and it was only a few houses where my friends knew everyone. I remember leaving one house and she told me that the candy bowl was dirty! The man must have heard her. I was mortified.

Lois E. Lane said...

Your kids sound like me as a child....No amount of candy was worth milling around the dark streets with monsters/kids (redundant?)!

In other news, Clinton from "WNTW" does a little fashion blurb for a Real Simple story this month :)

Carol said...

Okay, I'm the only halloween lover in the whole blogosphere. I loved the dressing up and walking around in big throngs of kids part of it all. The candy was cool, too. Even as an adult, I love the whole "let's dress up and get together for no coherent purpose whatsoever." Like a masquerade ball- type thing. Only not as 'spensive.

But the scary stuff....? [shudder]

Kellan said...

Hey - I wish we'd never started Halloween - I hate all the trick-or-treating - but the kids do love it. I have family in Peru. And my mother got my name from a friend she had in HS, her name was Mary Kellan. When I had my twins (now 15 years old), my cousin called and asked it she could name her daughter Mary Kellan (my name is Kellan Renee) and I was so jealous. I always loved the name,but felt it vain to name my child after me and since I had twin girls first, it was easy enough to just blow it off. But I never considered Mary Kellan (and she calls her by the whole name). And I had seriously considered Mallory as one of my twins names and Mary Kellan would have gone nice with Mallory. I never run into the name except on men usually. Where did you hear it. My last daughter I wanted to name Cassidy and I ended up naming her Alexis. I wish sometimes I had named her Cassidy - funny how that stuff happens. So ... there you go. Sorry for the long comment. Thanks for coming by my blog - come back soon. See ya.

PS - your blog is beautiful - who designed your blog? I'm searching for someone right now to do mine. Thanks.

Linda said...

Interesting. I named my first girl after the last name of a guy I barely knew in school. I also considered Mallory! For my last girl, I was considering Kellen or Kellan or Kellyn or some variation. I also thought about Kellary, but everyone said, "Celery???" Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

Merrie said...

I did Halloween as a child and loved it, sort of, but did get really scared. My older brother got hug bags of candy that he shared with me.

We did not allow our children to celebrate Halloween and they are carrying on the same "tradition" of non-Halloween. We always did Hallelujah Parties or Fall Festivals and dressed as Christian characters or someone in the Bible (not the devil)
One year my son wanted to wear a sheet with holes in it. When I asked him why, he said he wanted to be the "holey ghost". I didn't want him to be sacriligious, but thought it was very creative and funny...

Badness Jones said...

I totally respect anyone who wants to bow out, but I loved loved loved Hallowe'en - but of course, I love love love candy. My 4 year old daughter (birthday October 1st) was just one the first year we took her out, just to the neighbours to show them how cute she was in her little sheep costume, and she loved it so much we had to drag her home. Our son is 11 month old now, so we'll have to see what he makes of it. I have one Hallowe'en pet peeve. There is a family in our neighbourhood who let their 4 kids go door to door for candy, without costumes, yet locks their own door and shuts off all their lights. I think you need to do it or not. I'll be buying candy for the kiddies until I'm old and grey, I love giving it out as much as getting it!

Ann said...

I love how you simply listened to your kids. My boys feel the same way when we're in Target/Wal Mart, they absolutely do NOT want to go down the costume isle. I've seriously been thinking of substituting trick-or-treat with some other fun family event. They are going out to collect candy again this year, but they get really scared by the scary costumes and yard ornaments.

karen said...

lol- clowns scare the you-know-what outta me!