Sunday, October 07, 2007

What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs

This is Chocolate Obsession Barbie. We understand each other. Completely sympatico.

For my birthday, I received:

1. A batch of my favorite chocolate no-bake cookies from a co-worker
2. A chocolate creme cake from Concannon's bakery, a local pastry mecca
3. A Gold Pack of Gourmet Divine Coffee-Flavored chocolate bark from my friend, Cindy, featuring Choco"latte," Chocolate Caramel Latte, and Double Shot Espresso
4. A large box of Ghirardelli squares from another co-worker featuring milk chocolate with caramel, dark with white mint filling, and milk chocolate
5. Several pieces of Dove chocolate left on my desk from our office Fairy Chocolate Godfather Who Also Prints the Bulletins
6. From my boss, three large Hershey bars, featuring milk chocolate and special dark, plus three Betty Crocker Warm Delights (microwavable single servings) featuring Chocolate Chip Cookie/Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie/
Molten Cake.

It's like my friends conferred in a secret meeting, "How do we shut Linda up show Linda how much we love her? We bury her in chocolate!" In a way, I guess I have asked for it.

No, not in a way. I have flat-out asked them all for it, as in, "Do you have any chocolate? You do? Give it to me. Give it ALL to me." I think I finally pushed them over the edge.

But haven't these enabelers ever seen the TV show "Intervention?" They will have no one to blame but themselves when I OD this week.


Susan said...

Oh my word, Linda! That is a TON of chocolate. I went on a search for some last Friday at work during a particularly stressful moment. When a coworker presented me with two dark chocolate and the other a butterfinger. I really like both..then promptly took the dark chocolate telling myself it was "better for me". Oh it's a sickness I tell ya!

Have a great time ODing this week. And be thankful for all those people who are so tuned in to YOU!

Happy Eating!

:-) Susan

Baba/night owl said...

Hi Linda, I am new to your place..Did I miss your birthday?? If so " Happy Birthday"...You have too much chocolate, you deserve a different sweet treat given to you by me and it originated from hootin' Anni's. as a pay-it-forward gesture..
Enjoy yourself.... baba

Roxanne said...

Enjoy. Indulge. Enjoy some more.

Tammy said...

I had no idea it was your birthday...Happy Birthday, Linda!

But then again, how could it not be, when you are swimming in chocolate! :D

Hopefully you saw my comment to the last post, but just in case, come on over and get your award! That is, unless you're currently in some sort of chocolate OD fog...;)

Susanne said...

Whew, chocolate heaven! How will you ever get any work done with all that chocolate calling your name?

Now I'm craving a piece of chocolate. Good thing my daughter has 2 cases sitting in her room that she needs to sell for school.

samurai said...

So, when you feed an obsession - is it ever satisfied? LOL

Amber said...

Enjoy!!! I must be some kind of a freak....I'm not crazy about chocolate and I don't like pizza....

0:) Amber

mom huebert said...

How did you get them all to believe you?! My mother-in-law asks me every year what I want for my birthday and Christmas, and every year I say chocolate, and every, with the exception of one year, I get SOMETHING ELSE! Boo hoo. I think I'm jealous.....

Linda said...

Mom Huebert, (which, by the way, just saying out loud makes me smile), you need to come right out point-blank and beg. It scares them so badly they'll jump in their cars and go get some. Works like a charm on my husband, anyway!

Jen and family said...

yum yum yum yum yum yum yum!!!!!!!!!!

jen at

mom huebert said...

Okay, I'll start practicing my Bambi eyes: "Pleeeease!"

I'm glad you like my name. I chose "Mom Huebert" because that's what all my kids' friends call me.

Oh, and thanks for visiting me!

Laura said...

Oh my word - you ARE LOVED! Wow. And I've never heard of Chocolate Obsession Barbie, but I think I need her to be displayed prominently in my kitchen.

Ann said...

That would be my dream birthday, to receive all that chocolate! I hope your day was fabulous!!

The Preacher's Wife said...

As a 70's Barbie addict, I love that Chocolate one!! I think you totally need her for your office..:)