Friday, November 16, 2007

What was your first “real” job?

I boxed up chicken meals when I was 16 for the summer. Factory workers would come in at noon and demand their chicken. Occasionally, one would ask for a a pint of "lizards" actually wanting a pint of gizzards and livers. (They accidentally combined the two words.)

When I was 18, I worked in a fashion store in our mall. I spent all my money there, but it was worth it because I was voted best dressed in our senior class and that has been a supremely important historical feature in my life, as you can imagine. (I'm kidding. I have no fashion confidence.)

When I got married, I became the secretary to the President of Winebrenner Theological Seminary in Findlay, OH. I love Findlay.

Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity?

Fourth floor of Bracken library on Ball State University's campus. It would help if it were snowing while I sat in front of a giant window and watched people scurry around down there to the hum of the giant heaters.

Complete this sentence: I am embarrassed when…

I remember my sins and mistakes. When I remember stupid things I've said. When I see my giant owlish glasses from the 80s in old pics.

Main Course
What values did your parents instill in you?

I will give the same answer as I would have in kindergarten:

Jesus! God! Jesus!

Name 3 fads from your teenage years.

Plaid A-line skirts with knee socks and flat shoes
Pastel oxford shirts
Feathered hair


Carol said...

You are definitely younger than I am. Those things were popular towards the end of my college days. Thought I'd just toss that out there to cheer you up and totally depress me. (Why am I older than EVERYONE?!?!)

I followed suit this week and did an FF of my own!

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle said...

Wow...small world. My mother-in-law worked as the secretary of some big-wig at Winebrenner years ago. They still live in Findlay.

Linda said...

GGW Bible Style--please email me and let me know who you MIL is!

Merrie said...

Fun Feast! I think I'm in there with Carol, probably older though. My kids had the feathered hair!

Susanne said...

We all have the pictures of owlish glasses that we would like to burn. What were those "fashion" designers thinking?

The "lizard" thing is funny. They should have used that as the official name of that stuff.

"The Surf" was big in hair when I went school.

Debbie said...

OMG - I knew there was an age difference between us but it seems so much bigger when I compare your fads to mine!!!!

tegdirb92 said...

I have no fashion sense either. I remember when I was young, I had to "train" my hair to feather--LOL Seems really corny now. Have a wonderful Friday, Linda.

Linda said...

The setting at Ball State sounds awesome. I have a Ball State sweatshirt, gray with burgundy pin stripes. When I bought it I didn't know where Ball State was.

Linda said...

I got the sweatshirt at a discount store call Gabriel Brothers. They buy overstock and discontinued items and sell them at reduced prices. At one time I was into buying sweatshirts from places I never heard of. I also have one from Rolling Rock which is in PA.

Here's their webpage:

I was surprised they had a website.

Heth said...

Love your Kindergarten answer. The exclamation points were especially effective.

Liza said...

Enjoyed your feast. A real hardworker huh. I grew up in the 80's too. Happy weekend.

Susan said...

Yes, I remember the oxford shirts so well. What a fantastic feast, Linda!

:-) Susan

Laane said...

I still have an aline coat from that time.With little flowers.
Thought it would be nice to show to the next generations.

Feel welcome to visit me at:

Laane's feast

Have a great weekend!

marina said...

I think everyone had Feather Hair in the 70's that was the LOOK!!
and those BIG Glasses in the 80's what where they thinking!!love your post!!marina

odd facts said...

I wouldn't want a pint of lizards OR a pint of gizzards! Funny mistake though. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Christine said...

i'm the same way when i remember doing something dumb or a past sin or mistake. i get embarrassed all over again!

Tammy said...

It was fun reading about your jobs!

And I missed seeing your other post until just now...those childhood photos are wonderful! Especially considering we are the same brought back so many memories!
That one of you from 1965...what a cute, adorable little blonde child! :)
You'll see a photo of me from the same era on my post this weekend...:)

Suzio said...

Ah, feathered hair. I'd never be able to spend that much time and hair spray in front of the mirror today.