Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Thursday 13 Plus a Commentary

It's a rather uncreative TT today, but since the idea is to get the know the creator better (uh, that's "creator" with a lower case "c") I think a list of TV shows will definitely speak volumes about what books that person could be reading but chooses to relinquish her brain to instead.

TV shows, in no particular order:

1. The Office - Dwight Schrute. I love to say his name and just hit those ending "t's" as crisply as possible. I do not like the off-color jokes, and the show the would be just as successful and funny without them. My pastor doesn't watch a lot of TV, and the other day, we were discussing this show because it came up on a handout we were given regarding emotional intelligence in the workplace, or "EQ." I said, "Well, this is one show I have on Tivo." A few evenings later, I was mortified to tune in and behold the episode with the most inappropriate humor I've ever seen on that show. I am hoping my pastor did not decide to watch that night because he would wonder what's wrong with me. Because he's never wondered that before.

2. Chuck - This kid, this Zachary Levi, is the king of looking sincerely afraid. He's an unwitting, unwilling espionage intersect, who works at "Buy More" the big box take-off of Best Buy as part of the "Nerd Herd" geek squad. Very funny. And he is a Christian, which shows that in real life he is not afraid because that is the worst label you could allow yourself to bear in entertainment if you are a scaredy cat.

3. Jon and Kate Plus 8 - I am not overly sentimental, but this show gets me in the mama heart. Go here for their official website. Basically, this young couple conceived twins with medical help, and they were so elated with their girls that they decided to try for another pregnancy, and six babies survived. The babies are now toddlers. This show is a hoot because Mom Kate has a STRONG personality (she HAS to!) and the dad is easy-going and humble and sweet and loves his family. If you don't like kids so much, this isn't your show. If your arms are aching to hold a little one again like mine, you will get sucked in.

4. Little People Big World - This is another reality show, but this one's about a family's challenges with dwarfism. What occurred to me within the first season, though, is that I started forgetting about the dwarfism challenge and just got interested in the family and how they function as a unit. Our kids love this show, too, because they are older now and can laugh at stuff the Roloff kids do. What a great mom and dad. What great kids. Oh, and yeah, both parents are dwarfs, and one of their four kids is, as well. This family looooves the Roloffs.

5. Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe - Mike Rowe visits jobs that you never knew existed and wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. I cannot begin to name the most outstanding dirty job. Usually, it involves some kind of poop or other hazardous waste inevitably hitting him in the eye or mouth. Great fun. Seriously, he is funny. Seriously funny.

6. What Not to Wear - If you've ever been here before, you know I LOVE this show. It has grown my level of superficiality to new heights! Honestly, I've learned a lot about what not to wear, and what TO wear. And to say your appearance doesn't matter at all in life is a big ol' lie. It matters. And I needs help.

7. American Idol - It's painful. It's astonishing. It's the 8th wonder of the world, in my book. But in the end, the talent that comes out is amazing. I can't believe I got hooked on this show. But Sanjaya had me at "hair."

8. It's Me or the Dog - People are nuts over their dogs and live their entire lives in strange ways to appease the canine gods that rule their homes. My favorite is about a 4 lb Yorkie (like mine, only not as cute as mine) who ruled his home so much that the dad and mom could not sit on the same couch together or sleep in the same bed. "Bailey" stood on their dining room table while they ate, and they gave him bites off of their forks! He went from one family member to the other, eating their food! The woman who comes into the homes to fix things like Super Nanny is a piece of work, too. But she straightens everyone out and gets those dogs acting like dogs again. Eating dog food again. Running around, sniffing things again. One of the best parts, though, is just watching the wacked-out families. Also, a disproportionate number of families appear to be from Scotland, where I thought they spoke English, but it's like listening to a foreign language, and we have actually employed subtitles to understand what they're saying. You must see this show.

9. Monk

10. Psych

11. Christmas shows on the Food Network - ohmygosh the gingerbread houses! The cookies! The cakes! What artistry! Can't get enough.

12. Fox and Friends in the morning. Love the banter between Kilmeade, Doocy and Gretchen.

13. Dr. Phil. Or Dr. Pill, as I refer to him.

And that's my list! Thanks for stopping by, and Happy TT!


Kats said...

My family and I watched American Idol for the first two episodes but after that with new shows that the kids wanted to watch we stopped watching it. My kids and I made a gingerbread house one year at Christmas. It was so much fun! Now they sell the kits in stores! Mine is up at

Raggedy said...

Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Carol said...

No Dog the Bounty Hunter? I've never seen it, but am curious. All I watch right now is The Dog Whisperer. we have a theme here?

Good 13!

Susanne said...

What??? I don't see Dancing With the Stars on here and I've scrolled through twice to make sure. What's up with that? ;v)

Have you ever watched Pushing Daisies. Quite the quirky new comedy.

jenn said...

Great list.
Happy TT!

DrillerAA said...

I spend way too much time watching American Idol. I even have a couple of blogs linked to my favorites.
Food Networks challenge shows keep my wife and I entertained for hours.

Great list.
Happy TT!!

Seized by Hope said...

Oh yes, TV I seem to remember once there was a time when I too had such vast knowledge of what was out there to be viewed. I wonder how many years it will be until my evenings feel as if they belong to me once again? For now, I will just live relishing recaps from your blog today.

Julia said...

Monk - definitely! And I also got hooked on American Idol (well at least on the german aequivalent ;))!

Happy TT!


Sassy Lucy said...

I enjoy the Food Network, will miss it this holiday season...we moved rural.
I also miss What Not to Wear & Dirty Jobs was a family fav for some weird reason.
Great T13!

Melanie said...

The off color jokes are what keep me from watching The Office. Like you said, it could be funny without them.
Love Jon and Kate and The Roloffs. Great shows about real people.

Lois E. Lane said...

#1 reminded me of a thing our family called "Dad's TV Curse." No sooner did we kids find an entertaining and seemingly wholesome show and decide to share it with Dad when the most off-color moment of the season to date would transpire. Like clockwork.

That being said, "The Office" is one of my weekly treats as well. And I'll have to check out this dog show because Scottish brogues are like music to my ears!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Haven't seen any of these shows, except for the the first year of American Idol. Have a great TT. :)

gail said...

ooo, ooo, another chuck lover! great show. i didn't know he was a christian, so glad to have heard here that he is. we are also pysch watchers--what a hoot! and monk too. did you catch burn notice when it was on? its a good one too but won t' be back on til next spring/summer.


Southern Girl said...

I think "The Office" is the only one we have in common, though I have seen "Little People, Big World" a few days. My SIL LOVES that show. :)

samurai said...

Monk and Psych or cool!

Johanna said...

Is the pet psychic still on Animal Planet(I shut off direct tv a couple of years ago due to declining grades/kids getting fat/whining for products in commercials)? I absolutely loved her because she could throw out any crap at all and how could anyone contradict her? And the animals always looked very sincere, as if saying, "Yes, I did wear a red bandana at my last home, before I went to the shelter, and I AM depressed because you moved the geraniums." We also tape Kid Nation ,which I know has been controversial, but there are some truly amazing kids on there, and I usually end up crying by the end of the show.Happy birthday to your daughter, yet another thing in common, I also have a 15 year old,(stepson, but Dad works 60 plus hours a week and Mom sees him maybe 3 days a year, so I am "Mom" all the rest of the time,mainly cleaning up after him, talking to the school, and acting as "you are telling me a bunch of crap" detector)

Debbie said...

Good TT! I didn't get one posted today. I love Monk, WNTW & the Food Network. I just never got into American Idol. Hubby is a big fan of Dirty Jobs.

Ann said...

I've never watched The Office, but I loved Steve Carrel (not sure how to spell it) in Evan Almighty and in his new movie in theaters called Dan in Real Life~absolutely heart warming and hysterical.

My fav. shows, when I get a chance to watch, are What Not To Wear, Dirty Jobs, Myth Busters, Survivor Man, stuff on HGTV, and every once in awhile I catch Baby Story or Bringing Home Baby. I've watched Jon and Kate Plus 8, it's pretty good.

Susan said...

We share many shows in common. I had to laugh because my 8yo asked me if I'd seen John and Kate plus 8 (or however you write it). I had no clue what he was talking about. I might have to check it out.

:-) Susan

Nicholas said...

The only one I watch is The Office. I tried Chuck but I found it insulted one's intelligence too much. maybe it would be better to show as a kids' program.

Linda said...

Um, ouch, Nicholas.

Denise Patrick said...

Interesting list. But, since I don't watch TV, I have no idea what any of those shows are.

Thanks for visiting my TT!