Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Fun

The baby of the fam turned 15 this week. It's all downhill from here ... For me: the driver's permit is only a blink away, and the ultimate parental dread, dating, is looming in the shadows. For her: Dickens' dreaded Great Expectations is a blink away in English lit, and the driver's permit is still an eternity away.

Did I really give birth to this child? I mean, how does a chid of mine not embrace Pip and Estella and Miss Havisham? How does a daughter of mine not love pastels but gravitate toward jewel/earthtones and every hue of gray each time we shop? I'm not kidding; this child pulls gray from the rack every single time. I've been trying to expand her palette by claiming that lavender is the new gray. She's not buying it. Literally. At this rate, she may be the first bride to wear gray.

Maybe she likes gray so much because in early childhood, she was forced to wear dance costumes such as these.

Anyway, she loves her siblings. She doesn't come out and say it often because that's not cool. But I read between the lines when she talks about what her sister is doing or would think of something. I read between the lines when her brother is home from school and she puts on his jacket and walks to a mirror to see herself. In the picture below outside IHOP, note whose hand she's holding. She didn't ask for a party, but she wanted to be with her sister and brother.

After she opened her gifts yesterday morning (clothes, makeup and an i Tunes card) we met the other two in their college town and had breakfast, her favorite meal, at IHOP. We had a great time together, laughing through the whole meal. I took a couple of pics to remember it by, because I know 25 or 30 years from now, she will not remember turning 15. Later, she went with the youth group to a hayride/bonfire.

I've been joking around about her, but you do know, I mean, it's obvious, isn't it, that my love for her rolls through and over me like ocean waves. She has no clue how much I love her. She has no clue that when I pick her up from school and we're riding home talking about the day, I am so overwhelmed by love that it's hard not to reach out and stroke her arm and smile goofily and tell her how much I love her. Sometimes I do, but I can't do that every time I feel it. If I did, she would look like her much-loved, worn-out Pat the Bunny book at the end of each day!

Kristin, if you read this 25 or 30 years from now and can't remember actually turning 15, just remember that you were very loved by your family and that you are the silver lining to my everyday gray clouds. Happy Birthday!


Fresh Girl said...

What a sweet, and yes, funny tribute to your beautiful girl! I'm glad she had such a good birthday, and I LOVE that IHOP photo. Yeah, I think it's safe to say they love each other. ;)

Psst, in case you're wondering who I am, I used to be a different "Girl." :)

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your baby girl! My baby just turned 17. Where did my time go with all my kids?

Anyhoo, thank you for the comment. Wasn't my man too delicious for words? He's still the best looking Osmond out of all three thousand!!

BTW, I live in Crawfordsville, home of Wabash College.

Have a great week!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday to her! :>)

Susanne said...

A very loving tribute to a beautiful young lady! I love the pic of her in ther shorts and winter gloves and hat. LOL! My kind of gal.

Beck said...

Oh! Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. What a lovely post.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Kristin! 15 is a great year, and I remember thinking when I turned 15, 'I'm halfway to 30! Aghh!!'

What a lovely birthday gift of sweet thoughts.

samurai said...

What a beautiful young woman you have there. My three are still a little younger than that, but I can both relate, and dread the future with you.

I laughed at the possibility of your daughter wearing a grey Bridal gown... especially knowing how much you like fashion! :)

I would never 'razz' the fan of another team that lost... at least not while mine is doing so poorly. I want you to know I fell asleep last night thinking Coach Dungy had that all wrapped up! It sucks to be a kicker in the NFL... the hero... or the goat.

IMO - the Colts will stay strong, and will give the Patriots a what-for. You'll see.

marina said...

Your daughter is beautiful and what a trtbute she in 15 now WOW.don't worry about the grey my daughter was the same way grey all the time and over size sweaters I was much like you trying to get her into different colors.
Now my 1st born will be truning 25 at the end of these month ,time goes by fast so enjoy the time you have now,, soon they will be flying the, marina

Heth said...

Happy fifteenth Kristin! You are a doll, even in gray. And also, I would just like to point out the fact that IHOP is the best place to eat in the whole wide world, you have fabulous taste.

His Girl said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. What a blessing it is to read writings from parents who love their teens! It gives hope to those of us on the cusp of having our own teens :)
thanks for that!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday, Kristin!

Carrie said...

How sweet! Happy birthday to her!
God bless :)

PJ said...

I so remember a discussion with my youngest son when he asked me to sign a permission for him to take Driver's Ed. "But you're only 14" "Mom, this is the registration for NEXT year. By second semester I will be 15 1/2 and eligible for Driver's ed" "You've got to be kidding. Where's a calendar? Where's your birth certificate? Here give me that thing to sign!"

LOL And he now has a 7-year old!!! I can't wait til she springs that one on HIM!

Roxanne said...

That was beautiful. I'm so glad you all enjoyed your day. Loved the picture of the siblings at the end.

mom huebert said...

This was beautiful. My baby turns 17 in January. 17! *Sigh*