Sunday, December 09, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday, Donny Osmond

Yes, he was born December 9, 1957, and that makes him 50. Donny Osmond is a fitty-year-old grandfather. Thus, we have entered a funky-weird, space-age kind of reality, people. Realize this: Donny is 50.

In honor of this day, I'd thought I'd put to rest once and for all the dispute between Marina and Susanne and several others and myself about who, had he been privileged to know us, Donny would have chosen to walk down that aisle.

So I did a complicated scientific study of the question by going to to see just how compatible Donny and I would have been.

I had to enter all kinds of detailed statistics and variables and personal philosphies and mathematical equations such as: "What is your birthday?"

Amazingly, from that one date, was able to compute our compatibility as:

physical: 7%

emotional: 90%

intellectual: 50%

TOTAL: 49%

Dang. ("Someone help me, help me, help me, please") -49%?- Yawwwwn. Oh well, that physical stuff is overrated, right? So I'll just have to take him at his word when he sang to me, "This is not a puppy love." I believe you, Donny; I believe you.


Lynn Donovan said...

You are adorable. and I am right there with you. I loved Donny. I even lived in SLC at the time I was a kid. I was in puppy love... Awwwwah...

marina said...

Linda, he looks too cute!!! Can't believe he is the BIG 50 now and still is cute!! I took the test myself I got Physical 7%
emotinal0 %
intellectual 79 %
total 28 %
but I am not giving up no matter waht that thing says.
You made me laugh so hard!!LOL!!
But never forget I got a postcard from him well it was sign Osmond.But I would of like to think he read my true love for him.marina

Susanne said...

Okay, I got physical 20%, emotional 94%, intellectual 89% for a grand total of 68%. I guess this makes up for the Chuck Griswalk thing.

And now that you talk about him being 50 and a grandpa, I'm not quite ready to be a grandma yet, so I will quitely bow out. But I still forever believe he was singing to me originally. ;v)

Susan said...

Awwww...Linda...this post cracked me up. I am so there for you. I loved Donny and had him tacked to my wall. I even think I kissed a few magazines goodnight...ugh!

:-) Susan

Missy said...

It's a little sick but every year on December 9, I think, something happened today - oh yeah, it's Donny Osmond's birthday.

Some things you read in Tiger Beat magazine when you're seven years old, and they just stick with ya.

annie said...

Puppy Love was the first song I ever danced to in the sixth grade(or swayed back and forth to with a sweaty boy.) I love this--you make me laugh, and remember--now I'm off to see my own percentages!

Amy said...

I knew I was the one he wanted! Too bad I'm happily married.

physical 78%

emotional 94%

intellectual 65%

total 79%

My hubby just bought me the Osmondmania cd on our trip and we listened to it the entire time! Is he a sweetheart or what?