Monday, December 31, 2007

I am the MOM!

Behold these cute, cheap t-shirts, and see my braggart Mom skilz comment below the third one.
For the last few Christmases, I've been ordering fun, $10.00 t-shirts from a site called Random It's an inexpensive way to surprise my big, giant children because surprising them isn't as easy as it used to be when they were cherubic and ... condensed (gosh, how they used to fit on our furniture and in our van so nicely) and were delighted by gifts such as a whole stick of gum or a bottle of bubbles.


I wasn't sure if they would like the ones I chose this year or not, but I think you can see by their faces I did not strike out. Yay, me.

The first one ("I Live to Serve") is cute (to us) because our church does a wildly popular community service event each June called SERVE, complete with cool SERVE t-shirts to wear while you're rehabbing houses, etc. So I found this random shirt about serving, and I knew she'd get the little joke. She'll probably wear it one day while serving.

That joker in the middle is wearing his new sock hat with a bill and a t-shirt that says, "Angelina adopted me," which cracks me up for several different reasons (and that's what's important here, right?) At first he balked at it, but then he put it on and wore it all day.

Finally, the third shirt says, "Church Vans Move Me," which just fits this one's personality. She has spent many an hour in various church vans, including trips to Florida and Mexico. (Can you tell this one is my first-born?)

You should check out this site because it's cheap and cool and has some connection with Shane and Shane. There's a lot of good stuff there. And I actually got these shirts for $8.00 each. Did I mention cheap?

I am the MOM!


Susan said...

Those are JUST FUN! I got my DS 2 a shirt this year that said, "{his name}ology" and underneath said, "the study of {his name}" He was SO EXCITED about it.

I'm going to have to check out that site!

:-) Susan

Roxanne said...

What a great idea! Mine still go for the whole stick of gum. . .but they are already over the bubbles, so my day is coming.

Melanie said...

Very cool! The adoption one is my fav. Funny stuff.

Lois E. Lane said...

The Angelina design is priceless. Good work, Mom :)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm a new reader, Linda, but I think those t-shirts are brilliant. BRILLIANT!

My kids are young (6, 4 and still-in-the-womb) but I might have to bookmark that site for my siblings for next year. Too funny.

Susanne said...

Those are all great! From the site can you guess I'd be partial to "Canadian, eh?" There are some there that would be perfect for my teens too! You're right! You're the MOM!

Ann said...

Happy New Year, Linda! I've been so busy I haven't made time to read blogs. It's great to be back though.

I LOVE the tshirts! Good job! One of my favs from that sight is a shirt that says "TREES. The REAL reason for forest fires." cracks me up!

Anyway, it's great to be reading your blog again :)

PJ said...

I'll have to check out the site. I could definitely use a few good "Oh WoW" gifts at $10 each!!!

oh amanda said...

I love it! I wish I'd seen this before Christmas!

Johanna said...

Awesome shirts, beautiful kids, and a big WHOOOHOOO on your frosting accomplishments, man, you leave me in the dust.

Fresh Girl said...

Those are awesome. The "Angelina adopted me" one cracks me up. heee! I'm definitely going to check out that company...if not for presents, for ME. ;)

freetofly said...

Awesome! I LOVE to get unique & nifty t-shirt for my sons, hubby, and moi! Thanks for the tip!

Love your site! What took me so long to find it?

Blessings in the New Year!

Missy said...

My husband LOVES these guys, partly because they are Aggies. His favorite shirt says "Rhode Island, Last to Ratify!" and another says "We make em big in Delaware" but has a picture of Texas. I think he as another one that says "Ninja pirates scare me" or something. He needs the Angelina one tho!

Suzio said...

I love those shirts, they'd make great birthday gifts and I'm headed right over to that web site to pick up a few for some hard to buy for people.

Heth said...

You mentioned that site before and so we bought shirts for all my siblings this year for Christmas. The "receive bacon" one cracked me up. Of course I had to order "Babies are for Lovers" for myself. I wear it proudly.

You are such a cool mom. And your kids are cute! (in a grown up cute kind of way)