Friday, January 18, 2008

Behold the Sweetest AI Audition Ever

Many people dislike American Idol audtions because of the perceived cruelty factor. However, sometimes, when the planets align in a mysterious way that eclipses Simon Cowell's head, such as it did Wednesday night, a nice thing happens.

Renaldo Lapuz. Remember that name. Because you will never forget his audition.

Renaldo, a 44 year-old angelic Scarlet Pimpernel, just wanted a chance to sing before the world--not just any song--but a song of admiration and appreciation for ... and I want credit for being the first to coin this: "Simon Scowell." If I'm not the first to come up with that clever turn of phrase, don't tell me because right now I'm pretty pleased with myself. (oh junk! I just Googled Simon "Scowell," and I am not the first. What'shiswisename was right, there's nothing new under the sun.)


This man Renaldo is so sweet. He seems a little confused even beyond the language barrier, but his tears of gratitude after his audition choked me up. You must see the video. But just in case you forget this song after you've heard it 2,567 times, here are the lyrics or at least a reasonable facsimile:

[I think it should be subtitled, "Don't Tase Me, Bro" because it becomes apparent that you may indeed have to tase him to stop him.]

I am your brother
Your best friend forever
Singing the songs
The music that you love
Brothers til the end of time
Together or not
You’re always in my heart
You hurt your feelings
And you will rain on mine
I love you brother
(loop), (loop),(loop),(loop),(loop),(loop),(loop),(loop),(loop),(loop), etc.


Susanne said...

I loved this. I couldn't believe ole Simon actually was totally enjoying himself. I think he's right. That song will hit the airwaves as soon as this season winds down. LOL.

Heth said...

That was hilarious. And surprisingly touching.

Ann said...

It was touching, but it bothers me that Paula and Randy were totally making fun of him. I wish they would have taken the more compassionate route, dignifying him, since he was so sincere. Saying something like, "That was really sweet, but it will have to be a 'no'" or something like that. Simon was being Simon.
I'm one of those that has a really hard time watching the preliminaries. I like it much more when the actual contestants begin the competition.

I must say, that melody is still going through my head though!

Teri said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I am honored that you actually stayed there for a minute to read the little survey that I posted. I say that because as I have read through a few of your posts I see that you have talent and wit that far exceeds anything I have ever written!

But alas, we do have Napoleon Dynamite!

I do have to comment on this Renaldo Lapuz. While he was sweetly sincere, I did find his adoration of "Scowell" a bit, um...creepy. I was waiting for him to bow down, pay homage to Simon and pull out a red cup of Kool-aid.

Yes, a little creepy indeed!

By the way, is your dog named Zoe? (I saw it on the side of your blog.) I probably would have ended up with a dog named Zoe had my third child not been a girl. (Thank you Jesus!) But yes, I have a Zoe too, she walks on two legs and has a little less hair, since her recent donation to "Locks of Love" but she sure is cute!

Sorry this comment turned into a novella, but thanks again for visiting!

Darlene R. said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for visiting my blog. I do love to read BigMama's blog, she is so witty.
Come back anytime!
I, too, am an AI fan. I can't miss it.