Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Idol Re-Cap and Loster and Loster in Lost

Oh man, AI--it is so back in black. Advisory note to all auditioners: Even if you deeply, truly
"... believe that children are the future ..." don't sing about it. Just don't. No. Don't do it. Don't try to sing it low or high or medium or freestyle. NO.

On one hand, bad has gotten worse, but on the other, good has gotten better. I'm predicting this season's finale will have the finest talent yet, and my heart has belonged to Kelly until now. We'll see.

Advisory note to Simon: "Obama," does not rhyme with "Omaha"--is not pronounced, "OH bah mah. Watch some Oprah. Not "OH per ah."

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. That's what's been going through my head lately when I'm in that place between sleeping and waking. This is bad.

In season 2, the setting gets more and more science fictionish due to that stocked bunker down the hatch. What is up with this ridiculous story device?

I liked the plot better when it dramatized the aftermath of the plane crash. I'm much more interested in relationships than in bio-gesic-helio-enviro-pandemic domes or whatever that bunker space is.

I just read a Writer's Digest article by Jordan Rosenfeld which expressed my feelings about plots in general called "Novel Revision for the Faint of Heart:"

...your novel is, in essence, a promise you've made to your readers. This promise goes something like this: 'I solemnly swear that I'm going to lead you somewhere meaningful, and make sure that you know where you're going. I might surprise or scare you, but I will not lead you astray.'

I am feeling led astray on Lost. I know that it's a suspense series, and by its nature I should expect twists and cliff-hangers, but I am not enjoying these meanderings as much as the ones that were more relevant in the first season.

Someone out there who is more advanced than I in watching LOST, please tell me this strange new plot device will make sense-
without giving away the story line!


Barbara H. said...

Yes, the bunker makes sense later on -- its history gets explained.

I was going to say something about a character but I can't remember exactly where he comes in -- have you met Desmond yet? I'll just say he's one of my favorites. I could listen to him talk all day.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Alana said...

It never ceases to amaze me the people that audition on that show that REALLY think they can sing when they REALLY cannot. Boggles the mind!

Ann said...

It's impossible to give away the story line because they seriously are making it up as they go. The writers don't even know where it's going. I almost gave up on the show in season three, but something kept me coming back. I just HAVE to know if/how the writers will bring it all together.

That promise you quoted? Yeah, I don't think the writers of Lost are familiar with that.

But, if you can endure the nasties of AI, you can see past some of the "HUH?!" moments of Lost and let yourself get caught up in it. I'm excited for it to start up again and can't WAIT to hear what you/your family and others say about it. I have high hopes that it will blow us away :)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

we forgot to tape it -WAAAHHHHHHHHH

T said...

Hey! I'm new to your blog and enjoy reading it!
I completely agree with you on the Lost series. I'm beginning to think the writers are just schizophrenic or something and can't keep a straight thought. But, nonetheless, I'm addicted.

marina said...

I could not belive it myself how people who could not sing at all!! kept singing when they told them to stop and they still kept singing!I guess they really belive they can sing ! And that last guy that wrote his on depressing song what was that all about???
Linda, did you see Donny Osmond on ET is telling viewers who he thinks well win on american idol.marina

marina said...

Ok,Linda you have to check Lisa blog she put a youtube on american Idol too funny" you are my borther you are my borther " lalalala
go see it you will laugh so hard!!

Jen said...

I need to see the last episode of LOST last season before it comes back on....I cant seem to remember what happened.....and Idol last night was really good I thought.

Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

Hi Linda...I was pleased to find my name, and two of my favorite shows in the same post!

I agree that season 2 of Lost gets off track, and had me scrambling online for explanations, but hang in there. Season three redeems itself!!


Linda said...

I am thankful that Jordan Rosenfeld was not offended that I applied her observation about plots to LOST!

Susan said...

You've just told the exact reason I didn't stick with Lost...I'd like to pick back up on it when I have time. In fact, it's the kind of show that I'd prefer to own in a box so that I can watch an entire season and not have to wait week to week to see it.

Haven't really watched the AI auditions. I don't know why. I'll watch it though, because I have them all taped.


dcrmom said...

RE: Lost. Just keep watching. I know, sometimes I get annoyed with it. But it works out. It's just not what I expected when I started watching the show. It's not realism, that's for sure.

RE: AI. I agree with Alana. Get a CLUE, people! And I'm getting ready to watch right now!

Lois E. Lane said...

Um, I'm late here, but I also recommend sticking with it. The "feel" of the show evolves through every season. So the best thing to do is lock into the characters because they get richer and more interesting even when the relationship aspects are lacking. And if you're anything like me, some of the science-fictionish stuff you don't particularly enjoy now will win you over in a borderline-obsessive kind of way by the end of season 2 :)

Heth said...

I thought your title was "Lobster in Lost." and I was a little confused.

I'm a little behind on blog reading. Trying to catch up.