Sunday, January 13, 2008

Political Humor

I'm not totally hearting anyone for President just yet.

But I am cracking up at some of the pundits and commentators who, like Art Linkletter's Kids Say the Darndest Things, have said some of the dumbest darndest things:

One commentator, very excited after Obama's Iowa caucus win blurted out, "Obama's out there sitting on a huge movement." Yikes. Bad word picture.

Another panel was discussing the prominence of interviewees they had had on their show that day said (regarding an empty "guest" chair between them): "We've had a lot of interesting DNA on this chair today." Ewww.

One New Hampshire interviewer asked a voter what inspired him to vote for Obama. The voter's reply? "Charisma."

Huh? Really? "Charisma" is what makes a great President?

In that case, have I got good news for the U.S.! I'd like to introduce a nominee for candidate that has oodles of charisma. Meet Charisma, the a capella Sweet Adelines group of Yahariver Chorus in Madison, Wisconsin. With "Charisma," we get four times the charimsa of Obama and four times the femaleness and sharp dressing of Hill, four times the pristineness of Mitt and a jillion times the beauty of Fred Thompson. That's it. I heart "Charisma(s)" for President.

And what in the world do you think this conversation was about???

Totally unrelated aside:

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Heth said...

That photo of Hilary is hilarious.

DrillerAA said...

I saw the 24 AI clip on another site. It is hillarious.

I've made up my mind regarding a President and I cannot go Democrat.
I live in Arkansas and Hillary is not the right choice. She is the female equivilant of Nixon. She has an agenda. She's not sharing it with anyone and she will do anything to get elected.
I wouldn'b be suprised if it comes down to Obama and Huckabee. They are both a little more moderate than those who control their parties and I think America is generally a little more moderate than Hillary or McCain.

Cindy Swanson said...

Woo hoo! "American Idol" seriously helps me get through the long Northern Illinois winter. I'm jazzed!

Susanne said...

The "movement" thing made me laugh out loud. That so sounds like a faux paux I would do when talking in front of people and then I wouldn't get it when they all start to laugh.

And AI? We're so ready!

Melanie said...

I could totally go with the Hillary photo caption, but I will hold back. I keep picturing Monica hugging Bill in her beret. ;>)

samurai said...

There are some seriously funny situations to be seen and heard about the whole Presidential race. I grow tired of the whole thing quickly. I guess i am a little disillusioned about the whole thing.

"see" you around! :-)

Jen said...

I'm counting down with you on Idol...whoo hoo....

dcrmom said...

I'm SO ready for AI. Hey, do you mind if I grab that little graphic? I can't find any on google. Did you create that?

PJ said...

Love the look in the eyes of the "gentleman" talking to Hillary...hilarious!! I definitely prefer Idol to the Pundit's Puns!! Sitting on a movement, indeed!!!! What a mess.

Tammy said...

Too funny...and too bad I read that quote about sitting on a huge movement while I was taking a bite of food...LOL

Ann said...

I love it. You are so funny! Sitting on a huge movement cracks me up!