Monday, January 21, 2008

VIDEO! A Winner is Chosen!

A few days ago I posted a little game called, "Peg My Friends." (Actually, I didn't call it that, but whatever.) I threw out some descriptions and asked you match the description with the women in the picture for a chance to win this book about friendships and prayer. I was overwhelmed with the sheer number of
responses to this little game of chance, all 6 of them. Wouldn't ya know, out of 6, there was a 3-way tie. Susanne, Alana and Susan all got 5 right. Alana really scared me because she got the first 5 correct right down the row, and I was beginning to suspect that she had planted a bug in our Wednesday night get-togethers somehow, and believe me, the thought of a listening device planted in one of our meetings scared me very much to death.

I want to say that I virtually gave away #9 because of the porcelain skin clue; all of you nailed that one. And all 6 of you pegged me correctly, which makes me proud of your deduction skills. The other one that most people got right for some reason is #8, our grocery store office manager.

Anyway, I had to have a tie-breaker, so I brought in Zoe the wonder Yorkie to do the honors. You will recall she was employed thusly a few posts ago. Who says Little Bitties can't be working dogs?

So, let's go, Zoe! Give us a winner!

Here are three clearly marked empty water bottles. Zoe will now chase her green ball that she loves as if she's playing soccer. Whichever bottle she knocks over first is the winner! Make sure your sound is up.



annie's eyes said...

okay, you're not just funny. You're hysterical. And quite busy. Thanks for the smile again. Who says Yorkies aren't good work dogs! I'd pay good money for a show like this!

Susan said...

Hooray for Alana! I was kind of sad you took the post with the descriptions down cause I wanted to see which ones I got right...since I waffled on a few.

Zoe is just too cute! I love the video.



Alana said...

That is HILARIOUS, Linda!!!! Zoe and I are now good buddies. Good dog!

I can't believe I got the first five right and none after that. I must have lost my concentration or something. Same thing happens when I play Free Rice ;0

I'll email you my address!

Alana said...

I can't find your email on your site. Can you email me at

marina said...

I love these video!! your dog is just too cute!!
You are so funny Linda.LOL!

Johanna said...

My kids watched this video about 200 times, until I made them go to bed. I might be bullied into getting a Yorkie puppy, instead of the Mastiff I had planned on.... this video would have been entirely different with a 200 pound star- "CRASH! BANG! GIANT WAVE OF SLOBBER!BALL EXPLODES AND DOG CONSUMES FRAGMENTS!". And now,one of the kids is up again, demanding the "Busy" video.... Oh, and I have not done a Beth Moore study yet. I have several videos , but haven't watched them yet, and can only reveal this here, because I don't think my mom will see-sorry mom! I had to read like a hundred TD Jakes books first! I'm getting there!

Tammy said...

OK, I'm so behind here and I've just been catching up. I see I missed out on way too much fun!

And Beth Moore? We're finishing her study in a huge Bible study group for moms at our church...incredible stuff. You actually remind me a bit of her ( probably minus the southern drawl) so you really should hear her speak or do one of her studies someday soon...I have a feeling you would like her.

Come on over, I'm having a bit of fun over at my place...with a drawing! :)

Darlene R. said...

That was so funny! The song was great and I so knew the words to it which is very,very sad.

Susanne said...

LOL! You are too funny but Zoe and I are going to have to have a chat! ;v)