Saturday, January 12, 2008

Weekend Update

I'm starting to think there's nothing funnier than a Christian family who doesn't indulge in expletives. We live in a world filled with them, and yet we don't say them, but there are times when you're caught up in a moment at a complete loss for words, and before you know it, you exclaim some back-up pseudo-expletive like:

"OH JUNK!" as my son did at the conclusion of a LOST episode.

Tonight, the 5th and final person in our family, my husband, finished season one of LOST. Since I had already seen the last episode, I decided to watch my husband watching the finale, because I knew it would be high entertainment. So the show gets to this very tense, scary part, and my husband, all wound up with a vicarious adrenaline rush, slaps his hand on his head and exclaims:

"Rack 'Em, Sack 'Em!"

You can't pay for entertainment like that. I mean my husband, not LOST.

Seriously, this show ... this show ... has us wrapped around its suspense-filled finger. (Trust me, the island has a finger.)

Evidence of our mental instability due to LOST:

The other day, a car pulled out in front of me, causing me to brake quickly. In my disbelief of this guy's gall, I said out loud, "Dude!"

When did I become Hurley?

Then my youngest was at school, and the subject of pregnancy came up, and she said all she could think of was Claire.

Lastly, my husband flew on business this week. As he sat on the plane, he noticed a squirrely looking guy--you know, a fidgety, surfer-looking guy, and he immediately thought of Charlie the junkie. Then he noticed an overhead compartment open a few rows ahead. Of course, in season one you see the poor marshall get thonked on the head from the debris falling out of the overhead over and over and over in flashbacks.

So we are now in a mad rush to consume season two, so that we can be closer to season three, because January 31st is the premiere of season four .... OH JUNK!


Susanne said...

Tooo funny, Dude! Or should I say Dudette? LOL.

Laura said...

You are so right - entertainment or comedy peppered with obscenities is lazy at best. "Oh Junk" - now that's got class and perfect timing.

So glad you continue to get lost with Lost!

dcrmom said...

LOL. We are trying to finish up Season Three right now. Although I'm not sure I can wait till next December to get Season 4, I think watching only one show a week is going to KILL me!!! AAAGH!

Heth said...

That show is the best.

annie's eyes said...

You make me want to watch--so little I watch on tv but if it captures all of your attention, DUDE, it must be bad! Which of course is good. The other night we hit some traffic and I went into a chorus of "Who let the dogs out?" and my daughter's boyfriend thought I was totally urban! It's one thing to be of this world, it's a whole 'nother to stay relevant! I need to see Lost because that is what I am, as I ramble about that which I do not know. Happy Sunday. annie ;o)

Carol said...

Hi Linda,
Just read your comments at my blog! Thanks for the bday wishes for my sis. She actually responded there to you. Also, I noticed that when I click on my name in your blogroll, it is linked to the 12/19 post rather than my home page. Maybe you need to change the url to my homepage (below my name). Just a guess because I am pretty much computer illiterate!

Fran said...

There is some funny commercial on tv that uses the whole "dude" thing and its all we say right now.

I think it might be getting on my husbands nerves though...."I mean really dude whats up with that?"

Glad I came by. Have a great week.

suchsimplepleasures said...

i love that!! oh junk! i'm going to have to teach my 4 year old that, instead of the horrendous words that explode from his mouth (thanks hubby and 4 older children!)
thanks for visiting my blog!!

Jen said...

You just gets much better and more confusing...we love that it....the premiere night we are making it movie/family night. I'm ordering pizza's and we are hanging in the family room together..

oh amanda said...

You have some serious watching to do! I am literally counting down the 18 days till I can indulge in my LOST addiction!

Carol said...

PS I forgot to thank you for adding me to your blogroll! So...thanks a bunch!
Carol @ I Throw Like A Girl

Ann said...

YAY! Can't wait! Wish they wouldn't have killed Charlie off, loved the Clare/Charlie thing. LOVE Hurley. Sick of the Kate/Jack/Sawyer thing. Never liked Juliette. Clueless on the mysterious ghost guy in that little cabin. What in the world happened to Will? Is that whole thing over? I think that black cloud is just a bunch of iron filings that someone is mechanically manipulating through remote control with that magnetic force, kind of like that toy where you can make a mustache or hair on the bald guy with the little red plastic pen thing.

So many loose ends. I hope they start bringing it all together.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

My husband said to tell your son that their college "curse" word was Flop - as in, "OH, FLOP!!"