Thursday, February 28, 2008

AI Play by Play

(This post is a continuation of the post below, which was a continuation of the post below that. It's like an AI spastic stream of consciousness play-by-play.)

In other words, I'm like RYAN'S MOM!


I guess that's cool?

I was starting to write about how I'm not that crazy about the girls when I had the surreal moment of hearing Ryan say, "Simon, my mom and LINDA CROW both noticed that you are doing a 'half moose' with your hand a lot."

At least that's what I heard Ryan say right after I wrote the post below. (I slay me with my uncanny AI psychic power.)

So, anyway, I'm not into this season's girls as much as guys.

I liked that they've been singing 70s songs, but it's curious that no one did the Eagles. I mean, come on; they ruled for most of that decade.

Ooh Jason is out. I was kind of hoping Jason Yeager was going, but now I feel for him. Except now he's going to sing, and I am going to die a slow cruise ship entertainment death. Sorry, Jason.

I am hoping that Amanda goes, as well. She's trying too hard. It's over the top. It's Cruella DeVille meets Bonnie Tyler.

Did you see that slick, high-tech corn-yield commercial? Are there a lot of farmers watching AI? I guess farmers are well-known for their love of the performing arts.

Dude. What is wrong with America? Amanda is not better than Alexandrea. So what if Alex's name sounds like a character on Dynasty? (Alexandrea Lushington).

Jorge the Husband wants to know if any of you voted FOR Amanda. Why is he insinuating himself into my blog and my cyber friendships?

Left Eye Lopez has just done something bad, really bad, in the laundry room. Perhaps it is her critical opinion of AI.

Ok, I'm back. I wanted some MUFA chocolate while I'm watching AI, but that clean up on aisle Laundry Room just killed that desire.

Why is Carly acting relieved? No one thought she was going home.

Oh, poor Alaina. Wow, the other girl (Kady?) was shocked that it was Alaina and not she.

Oh, Danny Noriega. You do emote.

So Robbie is going home. I have a feeling that for the rest of his life, if anyone says anything even remotely like, "Are you for real, man?" he's going postal. Every single time this kid sang, the judges said, "Who are you?" "You say you're a rocker, but really, who are you?" "I just think you're more something else than who you say you are." Yikes. If he has to have counseling for identity crisis, America will know why.

Well, that's it for AI this week. It's time to put away this fluff and circumstance and move onto something with substance: LOST!


Kim said...

Linda, you've got to come check out what we did while watching AI! I was camera happy. :)

annie's eyes said...

Seriously, Linda, you are a pop culture walking encyclopedia--I could be cool if I knew half of what you do! That's why you write so well--who cannot identify with you? I'm up to date on AI and am marking your words over the water cooler, David is the winner, whoever he is...

Amy Wyatt said...

Oh Linda.... Are you not more confused than ever now with Lost?
If we meet at the She Speaks Conference and then suddenly get transported in time when we are one day both famous writers or speakers... will you be my constant? :)

Linda said...

Amy Wyatt, I hereby pledge to you that you are my time travel constant.

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

OK I have a confession to make. I have been afraid to say anything for fear that I would be dumped by the whole blogging world, but I don't watch American Idol or Lost. It isn't because I don't want to, it's just those dog-gone kids that need so much attention they keep me from these pleasures in life. Someday I will time and a TV all to myself (I just hope it isn't in a padded room somewhere!). Meanwhile, can I just live precariously through you?

Have a good one~~Kelley

Cindy Swanson said...

"Cruella DeVille meets Bonnie Tyler"---PERFECT!!! CLASSIC!!!

And "Lost" was awesome last night, if only for that tearful telephone reunion...(yes, I have more questions, but that's par for the course...)

Tammy said...

Linda, I echo what annie's eyes said in her reply. Word for word, except I don't need to be cool in front of the water cooler at the moment! ;)

OK, I was upstairs taking a breather last night, flipping the channels and nothing was on...not even on HGTV. So I let it rest on AI for just a moment...seeing some guy sing the old classic, "Without Love, where would we be right now..."
Who was that? Now, I'm curious...That song is running through my head now and I only dared watch AI for 30 seconds! ;)

Julie said...

Danny NEEDS to go!!!!

He is TOO full of himself, it seems.

Yes, He is a good singer an all, but the attitude....YUCK!

Do you know that on his AI profile of questions when asked who his favorite male pop singer is he said ME????

The drama is TOO much for me. None of us here like him because of the way he acts. It overshadows his singing.

But David....oh I could just grab him up. He is SO humble, it seems. Did you see his heart displayed when Alexandrea left?


Personally I thought Kady needed to go instead of Alaina!

Well, I'll be here next week for the "low down from Linda" on AI!

Linda said...

Tammy, that was Jason Yeager, who was cut last night. I'm hoping that it isn't his version going through your head. I know; I am mean.

Ann said...

I am so impatient waiting to hear what you thought of last night's Lost episode.

Fran said...

Would you please put this to audio one time bc I know that I'd be in tears!!

Love it!

Susan said...


I am so glad you're doing play by play....hey, it's almost like "blogger TiVo" minus commercials. I agree with you on Cruella Tyler...I mean Bonnie DeVille! She's really young and she looks MUCH older.

I had to laugh because DS 3 said last night, "I can't believe that people are still watching LOST." I assured him that people are, in fact STILL watching LOST...even if they just picked up on it recently!

:-) Susan

Cayce's crazy life said...

To tell the truth, I've been a little bored lately with some of the blogs I've been reading, then low and behold, I stumble back across yours. Right on sister friend!! I love American Idol!
You are so right on the money with your AI picks. David is the winner, but what the heck, I have nothing better to do on Tues, Wed, and Thurs nights, so why not watch til the end.
Can't wait until all the guest stars show up: Brad Pitt (does he sing??), Carrie Underwood, etc..

I've never seen Lost, but I'm going online with Blockbuster to rent Season #1.

Gotta go, Husband #2 (H#2) needs dinner. Doesn't that always seem to be how it goes.... Get into a great blog and someone needs dinner, bathing, CPR.....