Friday, February 22, 2008

Catching/Ketching Up

Besides saying "pop" for soda or Coke, most Hoosiers say "ketchup" for catsup. Because I'm all about conducting broad-based (no pun intended) accurate research on phonetics, please identify your region and pronunciation of the red stuff that goes on fries in order to represent your peeps on the most legitimate scientific record known to man, my mom blog.

And by the way, judging by my past question about pronouncing "meme," I have concluded that none of us really knows how to say that except the person who made it up. The responses were hilarious. My favorites were "Mame," as in "You coax the blues right out of the horn, Mame, You charm the husk right off of the corn, Mame." But a close 2nd was the French "e" (accent egu) that rhymes with "creme de la creme." Finally, I enjoyed "mi-mi" because that sounds like you're referring to Aunt Mimi.

So basically, "meme" now conjures up for me pictures of a middle-aged French aunt.

If you're not caught up with season 4, look away, look away! OK, did you figure out that Kate's baby was AARON? I did not. I thought the reason Jack didn't want to see him was because he was Sawyer's baby. Of course, that's what the writers wanted me to think. And then, don't ask me why, I thought that the baby appeared to have something physically wrong with him, and maybe Jack couldn't handle that. Those writers are messing with our minds, people.

However, I just posted last week at Lisa's site that I think Aaron has a bigger part in the storyline than we previously may have thought. So pin a rose on my nose.

So, this begs the question: Is Claire in the coffin? [Cue strange harmonic music.]

I'm a little scared, because I'm finding myself agreeing with Simon this season. I'm watching my Tivo'd girls comp right now, and so far, I am thoroughly underwhelmed. That Spinning Wheel song? I didn't like that at all, and Randy and Paula loved it.

I enjoyed Randy's alliterative "s" exclamations like "You slayed that song! You smashed it! You scooped those notes!"

And remember how Simon laughed at Paula's reference to contestants' colors (as in auras)? What was up with his reference to Brooke being all sunshiny and "yellow?"

I've got to stop watching now and get ready for work, so I can't read anything today that tells who was cut. (Hint: don't tell me.)

I have a post I'm sitting on because it's a little controversial and confrontational. What do you think?


Carol said...

Hi Linda! As far as your red condiment concern goes, I have called it ketchup my whole life. I was raised in New England and live in the northeast and most people I know call it ketchup.

Now for the controversial post, the nosy part of me says, bring it on! But that's just me being curious now that you've teased us with it! I promise, though, I won't dump you for Bambi. She doesn't have a blog, does she?
Have a good one! ~Carol (i throw like a girl)

Jodie said...

In South La we say it right - it's called ketchup. :) We don't even spell it catsup. Because it's just wrong. Just like "crayfish"... there is not, nor has there ever been, a y in craWfish. :) Ok, now that we've settled that World Crisis, let's move on. :)

About your last inquiry, post it. Whatever it is. Bring on da heat! :)

(PS - I'm posting again. I posted about all the details leading up to this point. So yay!)

Teri said...

Ketchup all the way. (Region is Michigan, some people say it is mid-west...I just say it is cold.)

The question to post something controversial...hmmmm. I am intrigued.

Merrie said...

In south Georgia (and now in south Oklahoma) we (I) say "Catch-up".
and back a few... I've been told by someone it is mee mee b/c it is all about ME!
Thanks for the laughs and smiles and just pleasure!

Fran said...

It is KETCHUP! And, we will love you regardless of how hot it gets in the kitchen!! Bring on the heat! :)

BeverlyDru said...

North Florida checks in at kethcup.
Like Merrie's "Catch-Up". And we can stand the controversial and confrontational. Bring it on!

Laura said...

I grew up in SC, and since have lived in TX, MT, and currently in VA. I don't believe I have ever met anyone who actually pronounces it "catsup", unless they were actually making fun of the word. Most say either "Catch-up" or "Ketchup"....

So, bring on the controversy...we're up for it!

samurai said...

I have lived in the Washington DC area most of my life (with about a 5 year time in the NYC area)... and I pronounce the red stuff as "ketchup".

Like Keh-ch-up. :-)

Melanie said...

We won't drop you. Go with your gut, lady! :>)


Susan said...

It's ketchup to me. Yeah the girls were a little underwhelming at first, but keep watching.

And you post away, we LOVE YOU no matter what!

:-) Susan

The Preacher's Wife said...

Girl, just gave you kudos for mentioning Aaron last week! And I thought the same thing about him appearing to have a birth defect before Kate turned him completely over and he talked. I don't think there is anything wrong with him?

I also thought the same thing about Jack not wanting to see him because he may be Sawyer's, but then Kate assured Sawyer she wasn't pregnant?

Bottom line - why is Kate raising Claire's baby as her own? And does Jack know that is his nephew yet?? And is their dad still alive?

Oh, I don't think it's Claire in the coffin. I saw a screenshot of the newspaper clipping announcing the funeral and I'm pretty certain it said a man was found dead downtown - not a woman. You just can't make out a name.

Until next week! lol


Big Mama said...

Here in Texas we say Ketchup.

Mocha with Linda said...

I think it depends on what you buy. Hunt's, I believe, spelled it Catsup when I was a kid.

OH, look what I just found on the 'net:

Ketchup or Catsup?
When Heinz introduced commercial ketchup to American kitchens it became so popular that other manufacturers rushed to catch-up to the ketchup craze. Soon there were Ketchup, Catsup, Catchup, Katsup, Catsip, Cotsup, Kotchup, Kitsip, Catsoup, Katshoup, Katsock, Cackchop, Cornchop, Cotpock, Kotpock, Kutpuck, Kutchpuck and Cutchpuck. All were tomato based and bottled and vied to become a household word. Only 3 major brands remained to steal the spotlight...Heinz Ketchup, Del Monte Catsup, and Hunts, who could not decide on a spelling and bottled under the names Hunts Catsup (east of the Mississippi), Hunts Ketchup (west of the Mississippi), and Hunts Tomato Cornchops (in Iowa only). In the 1980's ketchup was declared a vegetable by the government for school lunch menus. Suddenly Del Monte's Catsup, because of its spelling, was not on the approved list. Shortly afterward Del Monte changed the product's name to Del Monte Ketchup. So ketchup it is.
The site is www dot globalgourmet dot com / food / sleuth 0799 /

Yep, I'd say I haven't seen it as Catsup in 20 years or so. (And I'm west of the Mississippi and I KNOW we had Catsup.) Prefer the Ketchup spelling anyway. Don't want to think there's any feline parts in there...

And you think you have something more controversial than this? Bring it on!

Marsha said...

I'm living in the south for over thirty years now but I'm originally from right there in Muncie (born, raised, had my chillun's there before moving away). We pledged allegience to Guide and country and moved south. I say ketchup. Everyone I know here in northeast Louisiana says ketchup. Some honor it as a life giving force as they smother everything they eat with it.

Oh, btw, Jodie is right... it is now craWfish season here... not craYfish or crawDADS but craWfish... yum yum! Y'all grab a cold drink and c'mon down!

Linda, I firmly believe that honesty is the best policy and I tend to be a fairly direct person so I don't think whatever is on your mind would upset me enough to make me leave.

Ann said...

Oh man, I thought last night's Lost was so lame until Kate uttered those last words calling the baby Aaron. I looked at Eric and said, "Kate abducted Claire's baby!" But now I think maybe Claire didn't make it off the island and must have died, so Kate claimed Aaron as her own. So would Aaron be considered one of the Oceanic Six? He is a survivor since Claire was pregnant with him before the crash. It seemed to me that something was different about Aaron's appearance, too.

For awhile I thought it was Locke in the coffin. He had no family or loved ones. No one would attend his funeral. But then again, he didn't want to leave the island ever. Ooooh such a mystery!! Seriously though, I was really really disappointed in last nite's ep. until the very very end.

Susanne said...

Oh you don't know how hard it is to not let it slip who got tossed. All because you said don't tell me. I find Simon past mean to uncalled for vicious this round. I'm having a hard time listening to him.

From Alberta, Canada we say Ketchup. And we say "pop", too. I don't think I've ever heard anyone call it "soda" in real life.

And I say if a post is in your heart, put it up. It's your blog, post what you want. There's a lot to be said for being real and honest.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Linda, I'll never leave you for Bambi.

You and my husband have hooked me to Lost! We are currently watching Season 1 and Season 4 simultaneously. (Crazy Southerners, I know.) Can't wait to find out what's going on!

Jen said...

You know....the last episode on Lost last season showed Kate telling Jack she needed to get back to "him" it must have been makes since now. And then....Jack seeing an obituary whose name started with the letter husband thinks its Juliet. Just a guess. The show makes me very crazy.
I agree alot with Simon this year too...we must be finally

Debbie said...

Ketchup, of course!

Didn't read the Lost part because you have me convinced I now have to rent all the seasons and see what I've been missing. :)

I have faith that your readership, like me, will not drop you for Bambi (who probably couldn't come up with a controversial thought if she tried).

Life In Progress said...

OK, three things.
1. We say ketchup & we live in the Midwest.

2. I'm not brave enough to post anything controversial on my blog, but I love reading it on others so I say go for it. I promise I'll still read.

3. I wasn't home last night so I DVR'd LOST. I knew I should have stopped reading as soon as you started writing about it, but I couldn't help myself. And now I know that Kate has Aaron!!! And now I'm wondering what I can do with my kids for an hour so I can go watch it. Oh, my. The suspense may kill me.

Darlene R. said...

Of course you already know this because we live in the same state, but we say ketchup. We have three bottles of it in the cabinet right now. I think it was my first born's first word. No, that was hot dog. My bad. Oh, do people say "my bad" anymore?

And hey, say what you want to say. I'll still love ya. We apples have to stick together! But if you do it while I'm on vacation next week, I won't be commenting, so don't fret! I'll catch it when I get back.
Thank you, BTW, for the sweet comment on my blog. He did have a perfectly round head!

Heth said...

Bring on the controversy.

Lost was great.

It's Ketchup.

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

I think I may have actually thrown something at the tv last night at the end of "Lost". How can anyone "back home" think it's Kate's baby, because she wasn't pregnant when the plane crashed.

I think Ben is in the coffin. Since he's one of the 6. And he's using someone else's name that begins with "J" since he was not on the plane.....

Controversial, huh? I'll hang with you no matter what. Even though I'm a big fat weinie when it comes to controversy. On my own blog, that is.


BethAnne said...

Controversial? Confrontational? I love it! Please post.

KarenW said...

Ketchup and I've lived all over. It might sound a bit like catchup sometimes but never catsup.

Waiting for LOST on Thursdays is the only good thing about time going by so fast. We are serious addicts here. I was completely surprised to find out Kate had Aaron. I figured that she lied to Sawyer because he didn't want her to be pregnant and so she didn't want him to know.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Up here it's Ketchup, but I like the way Arthur on King of Queens said it "Please pass the Cats-up". I never thought of it being Claire in the coffin, but I had an incling about Aaron.

annie's eyes said...

Sounds like there's a consensus. Texas says "ketchup" too, with a little twang added for flavor.

A funny side: My daughter who is off to graduate school next fall was having me edit an article for her college magazine. She is a science major, first let me clarify. She wrote "our" for "are". In Texas, they are homonyms, and she gets them mixed up. I told her dad, "well at least she's not from east Texas where she would confuse "our" with "ire" and Spellcheck wouldn't catch that either. Hope your Saturday is going well. Love, annie
By the way, how to you say catch? Does it rhyme sort of with ketchup? :)

Beck said...

It is spelled and pronounced ketchup. And that fizzy stuff I drink with my fries is pop.
I actually screamed "IT'S AARON!" as soon as Kate's son was mentioned, although I don't know why I guessed that. Maybe the amount of time that was supposed to have passed?