Thursday, March 27, 2008

Double Espresso: Two American Idols for the Price of One

There is a price to pay for reading my re-caps: Time that you have squandered and can never redeem, that is the price. But at least you're only paying once this week. *By the way, always, ALWAYS expect spoilers when you read re-caps.*

The theme Tuesday night was “Choose a song from the year of your birth,” or as I came to think of it, “Choose a song that will make viewers over 40 feel completely decrepit.”


Ramiele: No subtlety, trying to compensate for illness. Felt bad for her, but it wasn't AI worthy.

Jason: Just OK, but I have faith that this slump was temporary, like the pesky monthly zit that's threatening to ruin the prom but doesn't after all.

Syesha: She never has blown me away like she has some people. She's pretty, so if she gets voted off, she could model. (I know; that's probably not her dream. But don't you just feel sorry for talented AND beautiful people?!)

Chikezie: I didn’t know this song, and I agreed that it was back to the cruise ship revue for Chikezie this week. He is at his best when he pounds out a powerful song which unleashes his inner Chikezie. And that is a phrase I never thought I'd say: "unleash the inner Chikezie."

Brooke: “Blip.” Oops. Do-overs! My heart sunk when she re-started because the judges are notoriously unkind about any mistake of that nature. However, you could have knocked me over with a feather when they praised her for being so professional, as if she started over for perfection’s sake. Anyway, I liked her rendition of “Every Breath You Take,” although it pained me to realize during this performance that I was in college when this song was popular and that full-grown Brooke was just beginning to sleep through the nights when this song was popular. Ugh.

Michael: Great job, but I wondered if people didn’t just also love the song itself and therefore went wild when he finished. Again, when I was cheerleader in high school, we used this song as a chant. (I’m sure Queen would have thought that was way cool.)

Carly: “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” I always have the strange feeling that while Carly is really good, she’s oblivious to the audience. There’s a disconnect. Therefore, I would re-title this performance, “Total Eclipse of the Audience.” And I loved her baby pictures the best and the story of how her mother chose her name. So sweet. But I looked at those pics and then cringed when I thought of all those permanent tattoos all over her arms. Do not be offended if you sport one; that is your decision. I’m just saying sometimes when she comes out on stage, for me, there’s a total eclipse of Carly by her tattoos: “Man, is that ever going to look bad when she’s my age.”

David A.: Did you recognize his song? I did not. And Simon’s remark about it being like a Disney parade performance cracked me up. As soon as he said that, I got the exact picture. As much as I love little David, I think Simon was on the mark here. In fact, because of his age, I could see David being the King of Disney productions for a while—musicals, special appearances, concerts, etc. Anyway, it was a great performance, proving once again that David A is no Sanjaya. But then again, there will never be another Sanjaya. (Sniff.)

Kristy Lee: For me, it was the same old Kristy; I was not blown away like the judges were. And I thought for sure Simon would roast her because of song choice. Remember when Mandisa sang “Shackles,” and he derided her because he found it “indulgent?” I believe he meant she was playing the "religion card” (just guessing here). So I thought he would also say that Kristy Lee was pandering to patriotism with “God Bless the USA.” Nope. Everyone loved it. ‘Cept me.

David Cook: The baby picture explains the current hairdo-hairdon’t. This performance should be in the official AI Guide to Viewers listed under, “What they mean when they say, ‘interesting song choice.’” Did you enjoy this? Sometimes I did; sometimes I didn’t, but I’ll say one thing, it wasn’t boring. It kept my attention on him throughout the entire song. Some people’s performances free my mind to wander—not a good sign. And my girlfriends all said they loved this interpretation. I wonder what Michael Jackson thought of it?

I'm predicting Ramiele will go.


Amurica, I can't believe you kept Kristy Lee and Ramiele and dismissed The Big Ezie. Looks like I'm going to have to do my patriotic duty next week and actually vote. But not because of Kristy Lee's song.


Cayce's crazy life said...

I may be slow, and my husband says I need a few blonde streaks, but help me out here.....
I live in sunny so cal and it is Wed., March 26th at 8:18 PM. The top of your blog says THURSDAY, MARCH 27th and as I wait patiently for AI to come on and hopefully boot off Kristy Lee, I just read that Chikeze is gone...... and that you posted at 12:00 AM. So it is midnight where ever you are. But..... New York is 3 hours ahead which would make it 11:20 now, not 12:00 AM. Are you "lost" in the Atlantic with a high powered wireless laptop and satelite TV?
I don't get it.

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

Too funny, I just finished commenting on your Wed. post and here you are with Thursday already. My clock still says Wed. night but hey, maybe it is Thursday.

I am so partial to David Cook. Maybe it's because he is from Missouri (about 30 min. away from me). Yeah, his hair is a little weird but WOW! he has talent!!

I was sad to see Chikeze go, How in the world is Ramiele still there?? Oh and was Kimberly Locke just amazing? What I wouldn't give to be able to sing like that.....


Becca said...

LOVED your review! You are a fun read, Linda!
Thanks for visiting my blog. :)
Take Care!

Darlene R. said...

I agree with you on the Kristy Lee song. I thought for sure that the judges would have given her a hard time. I didn't care for it.

BTW, I am in my 30's and even I felt ancient after Tuesday night!

I am on here late tonight and I saw this post go up and almost by-passed it because I like to have my 2nd cup in the morning with breakfast, but I couldn't resist and so now I am bummed that I won't have a new post in the morning!

It's so sad, don't you think? Or maybe I'm just sad. Hmmm...

dcrmom said...

Great recap! I loved David Cook's song. LOVED. But I'm a suppressed rocker at heart. ;-)

Ruthie said...

You are right on about almost everything, but please tell me you're kidding with the Sanjaya comment!

I, too, was sad to see Chikezie leave. I think he's a sweetie.

Susanne said...

I didn't recognize David A's song but I liked it. So I'm strange. Oh well. I'm trying really hard to like Carly but it's not happening for me with her. David C is definitely growing on me and I really hope Jason C does something amazing next week.

gail said...

i was really suprised that jason or ramielle didn't get cut. i was so sad that chickezie was cut. i liked his song and his soul sound. little david is still my fav tho.

and you are to blame for getting me hooked on idol. i have resisted for years! but have finally succumbed to its magic spell.

Faith said...

I figured Chikeze would go based on P, R, and S's comments. However, Ramille should have been in bottom 3.
I loved reading this!
I agree about carly's tattoos. I just love her voice but....the not my thing.
Chikeze would have sounded great with a good gospel song.
I think Kristi is staying because of her cuteness.
and are sooo right when you say there will never be another Sanjaya...thank the Lord for that! LOL

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

My husband (who also posted about AI this week) has been saying for weeks that David A. is the perfect Disney soundtrack boy.

I was bummed to see the Big Ezie leave instead of Ramiele or Syesha. I might join ya and vote next week!

Susan said...

You are NOT the only one that didn't "love" the choice of God Bless the USA. I was certain that Simon (at least) would call it a bad song choice. Once again, I realize that I absolutely don't get "song choice"....

I thought Ramielle was going too. I am not sure she'll last much longer.


Fran said...

I so love Brooke....and I'm with ya on the age thing and realizing how old you are when they were born...that kind of creeped me out a little.

And...a college girl house sit for us during Spring break and she was born in 1990!!!! Seriously??? I about died. She's 18. Its still crazy.

Thanks for the recap!

MoodyBlue said...

Well you know who my favorite was...David Cook. Just love his voice!! I thought it was hysterical when he talked about when he was a baby that his skull was big. Too cute! Kristy's song was OK...much better than Eight Days A Week, I still get nightmares about that one. LOL!

SO sad to see Chikezie go. He was sweet & a believer too! Love it!
If Ramiele or Kristy don't go next week I will just flip out.
PS...Loved "Billie Jean"..but you already knew that. hehehe