Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Last Update From London And Note on the Crown Jewels

As you know, our College Daughter has been in London for the last 10 days. As I write this, she's en route to Detroit, and then she'll go on to Indianapolis, where her dad and I will pick her up and take her back to school. She has class bright and early tomorrow morning, but she's young, so jetlag shouldn't wreak undue havoc on her.

If you like to travel or have the slightest interest in London, you'll enjoy this last email about visiting London through the eyes of a 21 year-old American.

Free Day: We went to the British Library first: they had the original manuscripts of Jane Eyre, first editions of some of Shakespeare’s plays, one of Jane Austen’s journals, and a copy of the Magna Carta dated from 1215!! They also had handwritten originals of Handel’s Messiah, Mozart, and some handwritten lyrics from the Beatles.

[OK, this is killing me with happiness for her because for the rest of her life, when she hears Magna Carta or Handel's Messiah, or any of these documents, she wil remember this moment.]

For lunch we ate a trendy little restaurant called Leon’s. The food was really good—the wrap I got was really big, too. It was pretty cheap, and it was the first place I’ve eaten where they had real lemonade, not a glass of Sprite with a slice of lemon in it. At the end of the meal, I heard the Schoolhouse Rock “Multiplying by 3” song being played over the speakers.

[This would be the 21 year-old part, which is cute to me. Sorry, it just is. We LOVE Schoolhouse Rock in our household, by the way.]

About The Globe: Our guide was really funny, too. Before he took our questions, he told us the true, dumb questions that people have asked, like, “What’s Shakespeare’s last name?” and “Who painted the sky above the theatre?”and “Does Shakespeare ever come see his plays being performed?” I took some really good pictures of the inside of the theatre, and at the gift shop I purchased some magnets that have Shakespearian insults on them.They are pretty awesome—my favorite ones are “The tartness of his face sours grapes” and “Thou crusty batch of nature.”

[Note to self: Catchy phrases applicable when someone cuts me off in traffic again.]

Yesterday we went to Windsor Castle—it was incredible. We got to see the State Apartments, the grand hall, and Queen Mary’s doll’s house. The doll house was so intricately detailed, right down to the fruits on the trees in the garden. The best part was that the exterior rises up to reveal the interior. The State Apartments were mostly decorated by King George VI, I think, and almost EVERYTHING was covered in gold gilt. I found out that part of the State Apartments were destroyed by a fire in 1992, so they had to be restored. It was really interesting.

She also described seeing the crown jewels as the most sparkly things she'd ever seen, and although they could not take pictures, even if she had, it would not have translated the sparkliness. We are picking her up tonight about 8:30. I can't wait to see her sweet face.

Finally, in light of my daughter's description of the crown jewels and gold gilt, if you have not read Missy's devotional today which juxtaposes man's version of majesty to Christ's, please go to the Internet Cafe and do so. It is great writing and a thought-provoking message.


Mocha with Linda said...

As soon as I saw your title about the crown jewels, it made me think of Missy's cafe devotion. (Love that word juxtaposition!)

What fun for your daughter to get to see history come alive. I know it will be a fun reunion tonight.

Me thinks we might see some of those Shakespearean comments in some upcoming posts?!

Teresa said...

Sounds like she had a fantastic time! Thanks for sharing her trip with us.

Ruthie said...

Here's to happy homecomings! You're right -- that was a wonderful devotion about majesty.

Merrie said...

What a real adventure in life... to be so young and so wise and to desire to see the world in a mature way. I'm sure she will cringe at the mention of "mature", but you can be proud!

Susan said...

I have loved reading her trip here. I have to say when I read that Galinda's "bubble broke" in Wicked, I totally understood stopping the show and fixing it. One of the best lines of the whole show is "Well, we can't all come and go by bubble." You cannot say that line with the same impact if the bubble is broken!!

Hope you have a fantastic week!!

:-) Susan

Mississippi Songbird said...

what a neat trip and a neat blog. Thanks for sharing.

annie's eyes said...

What a wonderful opportunity and trip of a lifetime for her. She will never see some of history the same. I love hearing she's almost home and know you will rest easier this night. Love, Annette

samurai said...

I loved those questions!

I also would like to tell you that I really like your new look!

take care

MoodyBlue said...

SO glad your daughter made it home safe. What a wonderful blessing for her to be able to go & see so much & to have these memories. Thank you for sharing her journey with us. I never have been to Europe so it was a joy to read.

Ann said...

I'm so glad she had such a wonderful, unforgettable experience :)