Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Inspiration Week--Caution: Falling Spoilers

*I hope I'm not too mean or snarky tonight. I'm rushing to get in on BooMama's link, so there's no time to edit, unless I link tomorrow, and that's a little anticlimactic. If I offend, mea culpa. I don't know what that means exactly, but Dear Abby always said that when she made a mistake or an apology.

And who knew that Dear Abby spoke Latin? Wow, emotional IQ plus intelligence IQ [yeah, I know that's redundant], and a rockin' beehive hairdo to boot. She was the whole package. But now on to Idol:

Well, it was inspiration night. The big question is: Were you inspired to vote for anyone?

Michael Johns opened the night with Aerosmith's "Dream On." I'm still not as crazy about this guy as most of you are. It was ... good. I don't think that's enough at this point in the game. But I'm sure he'll be back next week.

Paula, on the other hand, did not disappoint with her chihuahua comment. Why, oh why, did she have to say "chihuahuas" when she had her "boosts" all boosti-ayed up, just begging smart alecs everywhere to make a middle school joke about her chihuahuas? And yet Ryan snatched it up and sic'ed the joke on Simon, who looked confused. Ah, the high points of American Idol.

Did Simon's hair look squarer to you tonight, by the way?

Inexplicably, Syesha took on yet another icon this week. I do not get why she does not get it, do you? Who would not think, "If I sing her signature song, they're going to compare me to [the diva], and if I'm compared to said diva, I will probably not be the favorite?"

Oh, little John Travolta, Jason Castro, Simon has blessed you tonight, which shocked me. When he announced this song, I thought, "Oh no, everyone's going to remember Katharine McPhee singing this." But no one brought that up.

Did you all notice how many contestants hit falsetto notes tonight?

Country Lee Cook rocked the audience. Insert eye roll. (Still not a fan.)

So you all who love David Cook, what did you think about his performance tonight? It didn't do a thing for me, personally. And I did not like the hand message, either. I thought it was gratuitous.

Carly Smithson, I'm so glad you wore a sleeveless outfit tonight because we can't get enough of the second face. I agreed with Simon's evaluation of the song--overdone to annoyance.

David Archuleta. Teen heartthrob. Balladeer extraordinaire. Still, I thought it was pitchy, but I'm admittedly not musical, so I could be wrong.

Brooke White: The perfect song for her. I would've liked to hear a little more variance, vocally speaking. Like I said, I'm not musical, and typically, I do not like ostentatious runs, but I kind of wanted to hear her do a soulish, low something, for interest.

Best performance of the night? Archuleta? Not sure.
Worst? Smithson or Cook for me.
Who would I like to see go? Well, I don't enjoy seeing anyone go, except Danny Noriega. I think Syesha might go. I would say Kristy, but what's the point? She has Sanjaya staying power.

Highlight of the evening: The Meatloaf commercial.

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Jodi said...

Linda!!! I humbly write to you & ask you to read my blog & you will see what I thought regarding my boyfriend David Cook. I WAS SO truthful. It hurt me to be that truthful. I thought the hand thing was good only cause it sent a "message". Other than that, it has been my least favorite perfomance of his. And you know how I'm a David fan.

The Meat Loaf commercial was AWESOME & a big surprise for me..I'm a huge Meat Loaf fan so it was nice to see him.

I have to say though...Paula must not have been on her meds or something because she really critiqued much better than normal & wasn't slurring and made complete sentences. Hooray for Paula. I thought it was hysterical when she told Randy enough with the pitchy comments. LOL!

Susanne said...

It's annoying to me this year how all the contestants are taking liberties with arguing with the judges. Enough's enough. And I think that is starting to affect how I think of their singing. Loved Jason's performance with David A. coming in right behind.

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

I have to agree with all you have said here. I am a huge David Cook fan but last night was not up to his usual standard. And after Kristy waved her little sign (I'm a loser) last week I have a hard time taking her seriously.

Also, I love the outfit you have chosen for She Speaks (even if you won't be wearing it). My mind is thinking about conference attire as well!

Have a good day, see ya soon!


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I triple heart the Meatloaf commercial! Did you see his performance with Katherine McPhee on the finale? And she had no idea who he was; I saw an interview with her and she had no clue who he was and sounded like she thought he was beneath her.

Can you imagine if we were still watching Danny Noriega every week? Eek.

Teri said...

I couldn't agree with you more.
Last night was just blah.

And Carly, she really needs to cover up the Mini-Me on her arm...it is distracting.

Hope next week is better...I thought the kids would be bringing it by now...it was just ho-hum.

Amy said...

Ditto! These are my thoughts exactly Linda. I was so disappointed with David Cook last night. And while Kristy did well I can't wait to say adios.

I loved Jason's version, but my family did not. I think I heard that version from the movie Meet Joe Black. I think. But who cares? He's got beautiful eyes!

Now I'm off to visit Boomama!

Headless Mom said...

I agree with so much here... mostly the Meatloaf commercial! HA!

So much for a night of inspiration!?!

Carol said...

For some reason I still just can't get into AI this year. I try, but no. Anyway, I also wanted to thank you for the sweet words you left for my friend Pam on my blog! ~ Carol (i throw like a girl)

oh amanda said...

I have to admit I watch AI in fastforward--I can't stand to hear a word from paula's mouth and how many times can I hear ryan give us the phone numbers?

Anyway, my big thing was Carly's outfit. She looked like wonderwoman: high waisted pants, sleevless tight shirt thingie, gold belt and gold cuffs. She was freaking me out!

DidiLyn said...

I'm from Oregon, so apparently I'm not supposed to say how much I dislike Kristy's singing. Why haven't they sent her home.
And I HATE (strong word-all caps!) the ascot! Please send it home,too. (Yes, I'm hormonal today...and it is making me a little manic.)

Tammy said...

Non-AI watcher humbly ducking in here to say hello...I know not of what you speak...but the post below? Oh, I can relate!
I was looking at some of the pictures from our California-Disneyland trip yesterday wondering who that middle aged woman was my family...she didn't look like the cute little teen who was there last! And even though she dieted and worked out the month before leaving, she still didn't have the right shape!
Anyway, I could have so worn that outfit on your post at age 24...which I still am in my mind, I guess! ;)

We just got back from the road trip Mon. night, come on over when you can and read Part 1!

SJ said...

Oh my gosh! I'm having a Clinton-Kelly-emailed-me moment, Linda!

Sorry...this has nothing to do with Idol. I just saw your comment on my blog and about fell over. That you. Visited me. AND left a comment!

I found your blog just a day or two ago and fell in love with you (I mean...with it). I had to pick myself up off the floor, wipe the tears from my eyes, and nurse a stomach ache from all the laughing I did (and explain to my kids "what's so funny?"). I needed that.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by...and letting me know you did. Looking forward to catching up more on your blog. The adult "conversation" does this momma good.

Linda said...

SJ: Woman, Thou Art Loosed. :)

marina said...

OK, I am the only one that doesn't watch these show is there something worng with me? HMMM
and I am watcing it right now and Yes Linda, Simon's head looks squard what did he so to his hair I think its the hair thing he has going on, marina

Faith said...

You make me laugh...we think alike!
I did not like this week's show. ICK..in fact, I am not even watching the Idol Give Back right now...after Miley sang I put my 9 yr old to bed and am reading blogs!!
I am hoping Syesha leaves tomorrow but I won't get to see it due to my small group Bible study! (should I skip it to watch AI??!)
No one really impressed me except David A again...but...he had some off key moments.
I still like Carly but last nite....well...she has done way better!

marina said...

PS. I meant square there oops.
its the hair thing alright!

Susan said...

Hmmmmm I agree with you on many of these accounts. Syesha is our hometown girl. I thought she did a good job, but I agree that she's digging into songs that she might be better off leaving alone.

I loved Jason Castro's Somewhere over the Rainbow.

I think David Archuleta is a little overrated.


julie said...

I really liked Jason's performance. Not so much David Cook. I was happy to see that Carly had on a nice white suit that covered up her tatoo last night for Idol gives back. She looked like a different girl!