Monday, May 05, 2008

Oprah Enlightenment Moment Alert!: He's Having a Baby!

You've seen lists like this; you know, humorous ones denoting the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between men and women:

Why It's Good to Be a Man

Your last name stays put.
Wedding plans take care of themselves.
Your underwear is $9.95 for a three-pack.
You never have strap problems in public.
You can never be pregnant.

Uh, screeeeech to a head-against-the-dashboard halt on that one, mes amies.

Historically, that last assertion has always been unequivocally true. And maybe, in a technical sense, it still is, but recently Oprah featured the first pregnant male. His name, formerly Tracy, is now Thomas Beattie, and although he has switched to other team, so to speak, he retained his internal female network, thus allowing him to technically claim to be male and also "with child."

Think about that, girlfriends. That means he has been living as a guy but ... continuing to have periods. Now I ask you, if you're gonna switch to maledom, why retain what has been known for centuries as "the curse?"

To have a baby, of course.

Let me digress long enough to say that in moments like these, I feel like Britney Spears in that famous video clip where she keeps saying, "Huh?" "Is it really possible for people to time-travel-speed?" "Huh?" "Is that possible? To time travel...?" "Yes it is, Kevin. I think other people are ahead of us." I know how you feel, Britney.

Anyway, it was not a pretty sight, people.

I confess I stopped long enough to watch most of this train wreck. Here's a snippet, not verbatim, of a conversation between Oprah and Thomas:

He said something like, "I don't want to be defined by this. This (pregnancy) is a process."

Oprah replied: "I get that. I've read A New Earth."


By the way, I noticed on one commercial break that Nature Made Liquid Soft Gels is sponsoring Oprah's web class with Eckhart Tolle. Their tagline: "Fuel Your Greatness."

Oh, people. It was not my greatness that was fueled, but it was my "rant tank" which was filled to the rim. You may think I went off here, but I actually reined myself in.

And so to readjust the acidic levels in my physiognomous "mean face" and re-adjust my psyche after this enlightening moment, I now present for your and my viewing pleasure, Dunkin' Donuts' commercial entitled, "He'll Make a Great Father."


Phyllis said...

Oh my goodness, just what is this world coming to?

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus ~ because I don't want to have to explain this to my kids!

In other news, I may be your new stalker commenter. I just love your blog. Your blog design is just terrific (makes me want coffee, bad) and your writing is so good I keep coming back for more...I have read through the better part of your archives. You should be thankful I restrained myself from leaving you notes on every one!

Hope you have a super night.


PJ said...

Yah!!! I get to be first! I had not seen the commercial (I am expert at channel surfing during commercials!) Love the commercial...the she/he having a baby???? sigh! I once had the privilege of being the therapist for a teenage girl whose father was becoming her second mother. I won't say more.

MoodyBlue said...

Just wanted you to know I voted for your picture!! Yay!!!! Good luck Linda!

Kelley said...

I have no idea where to even begin. I must be even worse than Britney Spears. I am totally speechless.....

HisPrincess said...

Being down here in Australia I won't see that episode of Oprah for a few months, so thanks for the warning!

Whatever will happen next?

I love your blog, love the way you write, you've made me laugh over my morning coffee so thanks a heap!

transplanting me said...

this story makes me so mad because all the hype of a man having a baby and guess what - he's not a man. the great state of oregon (i think it's oregon) seems to be confused about boy parts and girl parts because she kept her girl parts (mostly) and i do not understand how that makes one a man. and i hope it's not because she can grow a mustache/beard. because heaven help me, as i get older i find more very dainty whiskers to tweeze.

and i have to agree with phyllis, i love your blog design!!

annie's eyes said...

When I am speechless, and yet feel the need to comment, I know what I say must be tempered. But good grief. I will say thanks, Linda, for watching it and giving the recount, as I saw the preview and was grossly intrigued. So, I'll second the comment about your beautiful blog and wanting a cup of coffee, but I really want the expresso maker that fills the cup that perfectly every time. You say what the rest of us wished we had words to express.

sara said...

Oh my word, I have to say that I don't know WHAT to say. However, how can he/she be called a man if he/she kept her female parts? Wouldn't it just be a she dressing up as a he?

As far as the commercial.......I knew I loved me my dunkin donuts coffee!!! I have to admit that as I read your blog and you ended with the DD commercial, for a split second, I thought "oh no! am I going to have to give up my coffee?" Because you know it is the Ken Lee of coffee!!

Susanne said...

I'm glad you added the DD commercial 'cause otherwise my head would have exploded from trying to think of a nice way to write what I really want to about a she insisting she's a he and yet remaining a she so that he can have a baby? Confusing? I think she/he is a tad confused. And trust Oprah to promote it. And that is the DD toned down version of what I wanted to say.

Seized by Hope said...


That's all I can say.

The dunkin donuts video was perfect for closing this post!

Melanie said...

There are few things that make me physically ill. This was one of them. I told my husband that it is an abomination. I don't use that word- I don't think I ever have. I know that God has allowed this little life to form, but I don't understand why. One day He will hopefully help me understand.

Feels like the days of Noah and I keep waiting for it to rain. (actually a post I'm working on)

Cyndy said...

I'm completely grossed out and exceptionally concerned about the child SHE dressed as a HE is about to have.

Jen said...

Ya know, Lid, it just gets weirder and weirder, doesn't it? I was unnverved the other day at my kids' casual laughter at the idea that someone was gay. As if it's entertaining instead of (hello!) wrong.

Anyway, that commercial made me laugh! Where do you find this stuff?

Susanne said...

Tagged you for a meme I think you'll be great at by the way.

Grace said...

I agree with Seized by Hope...GREAT video. The rest of the information makes my stomach churn. Oh, my!
Love your ability to share this weirdness with humor!
Thanks, I think....

Robin said...

In my humble opinion - this person is still a woman who is having a baby. She is a woman who cut off her breasts and started taking hormone pills and is pregnant. I'm not seeing any "medical miracle" here as Oprah does. I just feel so incredibly sorry for the baby - what chance in the world does it have?

Lois E. Lane said...

Ya, I saw this episode awhile back when it aired. Surreal. Though I don't know how so many people are getting away with calling this person a "male."

samurai said...

Ok, first, I don't care what Oprah says... "he" is really a "she" no matter how you slice it.

Second... the guy who paid $9.95 for that three pack of boxer briefs overpaid!

kittyhox said...

I'm just not sure how a woman who still has a uterus, etc. can even call herself male? To me this is a case of a woman, masquerading as a man. And the proof? Her desire to carry a child and give birth. Take a survey of 100 men and how many do you suppose would say they have the desire to be pregnant and to experience childbirth? I'm thinking zero. That is a MATERNAL instinct.

The whole thing is so distasteful and icky... I really feel sorry for her future baby. For heaven's sake, is nothing in this world sacred anymore?

Cindy Swanson said...

Eeeeuw. Eeeuw. Eeeuw. Eeeeuw...

We live in a very messed up world.

Mocha with Linda said...

I had read about this and refuse to watch anything at all about it. Absolutely sick. And "his" wife? Ewwww. What kind of a person would "marry" someone like that? No, don't answer that!

And I'm not sure this person has been dealing with monthlys because of the hormones. "He" had been taking testosterone and they stopped that for the pregnancy.

How it must grieve God's heart. Sodom and Gomorrah are beginning to sound almost pure!

Beverly Lewis said...

I came over for a cup of coffee because I was falling asleep at my desk working and needed a brain break. I'm awake now! First, I gasped in horror at the pregnant man and then I laughed out loud at the video. Thanks for the wake up call!

Sing4joy said...

Oh no! I am a woman who had her uterus surgically removed! Does this mean I am a man?? And what if I get pregnant? Will that make me a woman again, or a miracle man? Thanks for saving my brain from complete implosion by posting the donut commercial at the end!

BethAnne said...

It's official, just as my grandmother said we would - this world has gone to hell in a handbasket.....(what is a handbasket anyway?)

Amy said...

Like Kelley, I'm speechless!
I loved the commercial by the way; I had not seen that one before.:)

Thanks for stopping by my blog...Yes, in answer to your question, it is overwhelming...I'll tell a little more about how God spoke to me concerning this trip over the next couple of days.....I'm very excited.

Thanks for the sweet comments.
God Bless,

Melanie said...

Have you read Stuff Christians Like? The link is in my blogroll. His post today will make you laugh. (He has a similar sense of humor. I think you'll like it.)

SweetPea said...

I've heard all about this but I had never "seen" him, not even a photo. It's just sad. It is something I will never understand for the person having the sex change nor the person married to the person. I do feel sorry for those who are born with both organs/genitles of male and female, called "hermaphodites". (spelling?) THAT would be a very sad situation. The desire to be another gender outside of that is just crazy.

Great ending with funny clip.

marina said...

these really makes me sick and mad that he/she did these the poor child won't have a mom or give his mom a mothers day card think about it how will these effect the child??the kids will make fun of him in school these she/he will someday answere to God ,Lord come soon", marina

Widney Woman said...

I saw that episode. It came on again, and I watched it again. I thought I must have missed something. That isn't a MAN having a baby, Oprah, it's a WOMAN with a womb and excessive facial hair having a baby. Just because she changed her name and had her breast tissue removed, doesn't mean she is no longer a woman. Now, if she had undergone the full process, and amazingly got pregnant, okay. Then we can talk about the anti-Christ being born or something more interesting.