Tuesday, May 20, 2008

IMHO? It Was a K.O. & Season 7 Highlights

Not much to say ... In my opinion: Little David took the night. I know, I know, you ALL want Cook to win, and I think he will, but I still think David the Younger came out stronger.

High thought of the night:

Clive Davis is to music what Clive Staples Lewis is to theology.

Funniest moment of the night:

Andrew Lloyd Webber saying, "Don't Let Your Eyes Go Shut On Me."

Season 7 highlights:

Behold the post (February 27, 2008) where I predicted David Archuleta will win. (Side note: I also predict every year that big 80's hair is going to come back, so we'll see if I'm consistent.)

Contestant who scared me the most this season:

Surprising break-out contestant of the season:

Contestant most out of place and uncomfortable and had to, in his own words, overcome "the being brain dead:"

Contestant who most resembles/has future in playing Disney character (tie):
Cruella De Ville and Aladdin

Chattiest contestant:

Contestant most quickly forgotten, almost while she was on stage:

Favorite audition (tie):

Saddest goodbye:

Most articulate person who is ... just ... I can't sit down ... most articulate ... clap, clap, clap.:

Least favorite contestant of all time and eternity:

Contestant who got ripped off:

Contestant made of kryptonite who was almost invincible:

Contestant who made best use of props, including her body:

Strangest song choice ever in the history of musicdom:

Former contestant and crazed fan that I missed this season:

That is enough of this silliness. I must go vote ... 1.866.Ivotedlike50,000timesforDavid.

PS: This is for all of you "Cookies"


Kelley said...

Does anyone notice that David A. is quite limited in vocal styles (ballads or Disney productions)? On the other hand David C. has all kinds of talent (rockin, pop, ballads, playin guitar...). I am blown away that the judges claimed a victory for little David, I couldn't really tell one of his songs from another. Not that I am happy about it but I think little David will pull off the victory.

By the way, thanks for always being so faithful to post this forum so quickly each week, I needed to "get it out"! LOL

Roxanne said...

I am not an idol watcher. . .but I've caught some of the stuff on You Tube. I like both the Davids and think Michael Johns was also great. If American Idol is a teeny bopper sort of show, then Archuleta should win. But if it's to find the next hot artist, I think David Cook has more longevity.

David Archuleta has an amazing voice. David Cook has an amazing voice. Both are really talented.

MoodyBlue said...

Linda - You are HYSTERICAL!! I love your list! Too funny! You are right about all of it!!! I will say that David A did fabulous tonight..but I also loved my David's performances. I think Simon used reverse psychology because us "word nerds" are going crazy voting right now & Archie is behind Cookie by 10 points on dialidol. Simon got us mad. LOL! Seriously though people are going to vote with who they have been voting for all along. I wouldn't stray...I am faithful...LOL!

We shall see. Thanks again for the laugh and the video...I LOVE IT!

MoodyBlue said...

Ok, one thing ... Carly didn't scare me, I liked her...but I can tell you the musical guest that scared me the most - Fantasia.

40winkzzz said...

But you gotta love a guy who, rather than play it safe by repeating a song from one of his best performances, does something new and unexpected and a bit different from his "forte". And then explains his choice by saying, "To me, the whole show has been a progression. Why sing something I've already done?" That's cool.

Obviously he's OK with not winning, which is good, because I don't think he will. But he SHOULD. As my hubby put it, "When David and David cut their first CDs, whose could you listen to all the way through without wanting to scream by the time it was done?" I rest my case.

Linda Vujnov said...

I REALLY miss the crying girl. She will never live that down...ever!

Anonymous said...

"Contestant most quickly forgotten, almost while she was on stage:" Very witty! Great AI post.

I've been saying that Archie was going to win all along, too. He does have the best voice. Has he ever hit a sour note? Sure, he forgot a few lyrics, but we won't hold it against him.

But, the true test is will I put his songs on my iPod? I don't think so. I already have David Cook's version of Music of the Night on my iPod. 'Nuff said!!!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I could not agree more about Danny Noriega...wow.

Queen B said...

What a great post! You totally nailed it. I agree with every single observation!!!

Go David Cook!!

Amy Wyatt said...

i completely agree with your assessment! I think David A has the better voice but David C is the better performer. And I agree with Marmee. I've already downloaded Hello to Ipod. He might now win, but did that matter for Chris Doughtry? I think it actually worked to his advantage. Can't wait to watch tonight.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Even being reminded of Danny Noriega gave me hives. UGH. I'm praying he is not on tonight, rolling his eyes and thrusting his hip out. YUCK.

Saddest goodbye is right. I'm so surprised they didn't take him for the sheer entertainment factor.

I love Chekezie. I have one of his songs downloaded. He makes me smile. I've loved all of your recaps, my friend!

Susanne said...

This post should go down as a classic in AI posting history! You are too funny.

Did you catch Simon on Ellen yesterday? He was actually really nice and funny. Anyway, he predicted Cook to win. Personally, while little David sang better, all his songs were ballads and I admired David C. for not singing a repeat performance. I can't believe they didn't give him credit for that. Toss up for me. Hard to say who'll win.

Anonymous said...

I tagged you on my blog.

Tammy said...

I just loved your review. Thanks for posting the AI 2008 memories and even digging up Sanjaya for us.

As a "cookie", thanks for the video clip!

Lorrie said...

Oh my gosh. I LOVED this post! I couldn't agree with you more on the saddest goodbye, and whatever category it was that you selected Daniel Noriega for.

I, too, predicted early in the season that Archuleta would win, although I think DC was the better performer. But hey, no one is fooled here. Both are going to get record deals and both will do well.

Jennifer said...

Loved all the fun superlatives! Actually Jason Castro was my favorite - his is the CD that I would buy out of all of the contestants this season. And lil David Archuletta? My future children will love watching him star in High School musical 7, 8, and 9. He is quite adorable. (o:

Melzie said...

LOVED and totally agreed with your whole season recap. :) xoxo melzie

Melzie said...

LOVED your whole season recap :) that was fun. Also did you get a blog redo? Its beautiful either its new or I've never visited yet LOL. xoxo melzie

Melanie said...

I guess I'm a Cookie. Or Kooky...

I think David C. is the most creative musically, but David A. has the best voice. Either way, I am glad these two are at the top.

Mocha with Linda said...

You mean it's almost OVER?!?!?

Faith said...

I LOVE this list! Am gonna show my 14 yr old...she will love it too.
We think David A is gonna win although I think David C SHOULD win. Actually I thought Carly should win (I know, you don't like her but...I LOVED her voice and personality). And I agree that Michael got totally ripped off.

Lois E. Lane said...

Last night was a split decision at best for Mr. Archuleta. It may not have been Cook's best night ever, but I certainly don't think it was Archie's. His "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" was wonderful, I grant, but his re-do of "Imagine" didn't outshine the first time he sang it, PLUS his voice wavered (which the judges NEVER point out with him). I also think the song Cook chose for the originals was far superior and more memorable to Archie's (anyone else think it's strange that Simon usually hates sappy songs but had a love fest over Archie's cooke-cutter original choice?).

crickl said...

Great rewind there! Love the Paula remarks! Hilarious!