Wednesday, May 07, 2008

AI Re-Cap and Bobby Brown on the Brain

I don't enjoy the phone-in question part of AI that much, but did I did enjoy this moment: 14 year old Sarah asked the contestants, "What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome in the competition?"

Syesha: "Stage Fright." David A.: What did he actually say? Whatever it was, he was communicating: "The world. I am afraid of the world. I am scared right now. I'm closing my eyes to block you out." But my favorite answer was Jason's: “Fighting my brain being dead.”

Jason, every mom in the world can relate to that. Especially ones over 40.

So Jason is gone, and the world is breathing a sigh of relief, Most of all, Jason is breathing a sigh of relief. He seems like a great kid, and he has own niche, a sort of "I shot the CATS song," ukulele thing. Just kidding. He has a great style all his own. God bless him!

Bobby Brown and the "New Editions"

It all started this morning on my way to work. I flipped through the radio stations and stopped on Bobby Brown's "Prerogative."

Now, the only thing I know about Bobby Brown is that a long time ago, Whitney Houston married him and promptly started acting like Paula Abdul.

I believe this New Edition stuff all happened in the 90's when my musical playlist included "Baby Beluga" and "Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Do Your Share" by really big stars who went by their first names only: "Raffi" and "Barney." And the only "New Edition" I cared about was a new edition published by Dr. T. Terry Brazelton, renowned pediatrician. So, just for clarification, Bobby Brown and T. Terry Brazelton are not the same person, but wouldn't "T. Bobby Brazelton" rock as a stage name? Check it out: "T-Bob Razzle Brazzleton."

So, I don't know much about Bad Boy Bobby, but this tune is "catchy," as cool people say.

If I were on American Bandstand, and Dick Clark asked me to rate this song, I would say, "It's got a great beat, and you can really dance to it" because no one ever said that on AB.

This song stuck in my head all day.

All. Day.

Even when I was fixing dinner at 6:00. Jorge and Kristin were in the kitchen keeping me company while I was happily, perkily making broccoli soup, when the following conversation ensued.

Remember this photo about my daughter having to paint her toenails black for a hip-hop dance competition? They're still black. I looked at them and said, "Have any of your friends asked you about your toes?" and she said, "Yes. They're like all .... yayyayayay." Which is like "Blah, blah, blah," for all of you who don't speak Teenglish.

"Really," I say, slightly offended for my girl. "And what did you say?"

I don't really know what she replied because finally, after about 10 hours, I found the perfect outlet for my fixation, the perfect place to bring it on. I interrupted, "Did you break out that Bobby Brown song, 'It's My Prerogative?!'"

Jorge and Kristin both looked "askance" at me.

"You know what I'm talking about! It's that old song called 'It's My Perogative.' Or Prerogative. Or Purg-something."

No comprende.

"You know! It's that old Bobby Brown song that goes ...."

And after 10 hours of a continuous loop of this song thumping in my head, all I could come up with was, "Everybody's talkin' all this stuff about me, na na na na na nah-nah. Somethin' somethin' somethin' na na na na nah-nah, It's my prerogative. It's my prerogative."

Still no comprende, but definite horrification on two faces outside my head directly across from me. Apparently, my family doesn't know their "New Editions."

My family wears me out, people. I mean,
Why don't they just let me live?
I don't need permission
I make my own decisions
That's my prerogative

Here's the song, in case you're not down with "The New Editions," either. But remember, Bobby--he's bad. He says the "d" word once in this song. But it's so catchy.


Melanie said...

I had this cassette- yes, cassette and played it in my Civic as we cruised the town on Friday night. (High school.)

Now it is in MY head!

MoodyBlue said...

Ok, I admit it, I like Britney Spears' version of the song.

There, I said it.


Gayle said...

LOL!! There is no way I would ever click that YouTube video because I would FOR SURE be singing that for the next week and a half. And that's not ok.
Tell your daughter that I really think her black toenails are awesome...or groovy...or whatever they say. ;)

Linda Vujnov said...

Black toes and fingernails are very hip in the OC. Tell your daughter that she is "in the know."

HisPrincess said...

Love your sense of humour!

I have similar conversations with my teens all the time. They are often shocked and amazed when I know all the words to one of "their" songs, and even more shocked and horrified when I play the original for them. You have to make your own fun!

Mocha with Linda said...

Love the word "Teenglish"!

I never got "into" this sort of music, so I didn't know this song. The only "It's my p__" that came to mind was "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" so now THAT one's stuck in my brain. Gee thanks!

Mommy, the Human Napkin said...

I can't wait until my kids are teenagers and I can bust out with a rendition of "Ice Ice Baby" in front of their friends. Not that I had the words memorized at age 13 and still remember every one of them to this day or anything. AHEM.

That might make up for the time my mother did a Roseanne Barr impression in front of MY friends. Maybe.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I'm sorry...but I didn't know that song either.

Still love ya.

Kathryn said...

"Hey" from humid New Yawk. Loved this post...the "somethin', somethin', somethin'" made me laugh so hard I think I hurt myself.
I can tell you that my 16-yo son would be horrified if he thought I knew the words to any song he considered one of "his"...and then his eyes would sparkle with vindication when I messed up the words.
I look forward to having many more smiles in my day, now that I've found your site. (No pressure.)

Darlene R. said...

Oh, the memories...:)

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I'm not familiar with that song...all I have on the loop of my brain is the Pizza Pie Amore song that was playing in my doc's office speakers...sigh....

40winkzzz said...

Am I hallucinating, or did you have this post up last night with a different title (and maybe minus the AI recap)? If I'm right, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who changes blog entries post-post (ha, that's kind of funny). And if I'm hallucinating, well, it wouldn't be the first time.

Actually, I wanted to comment on the Jason's-off-Idol portion of this post, but all your other commenters are focusing on the Bobby Brown thing, which would might my comment sort of an oddball. Which is OK, I guess. Although now that I think about it, I had better get off the puter and go get started on my chicken Archuletas --er, enchiladas, sorry, Idol On The Brain-- so I may have to come back later. (Don't hold your breath.)

Melissa said...

You are a hoot!! I love reading your blog!

Oh I used to jam to that song! (If my daughter read that, she'd disown me!)

Lynn said...

You crack me up! Thanks for telling me what I have to look forward too!

Lelia Chealey said...

My family wears me out, people. I mean,
Why don't they just let me live?
I don't need permission
I make my own decisions
That's my prerogative


Sing4joy said...

People just don't know how to recognize and enjoy good music when it smacks them right in the frontal lobe. You just be true to yourself.