Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Moment of Enlightenment

Isn't this little guy cute?

This pic makes me think of that age-old question, "If you were an animal, which would you be?"

I think I would be a hummingbird. Because they just "belly-up to the bar" and eat like 500 times their weight in SUGAR! all the live-long day. And that's basically what I did the entire weekend!

Only I would be a hummingbird with fat rolls. Perhaps I would be the Chilean Patagona Gigas [Giant Hummingbird] variety, whose massiveness is an anomaly in hummingbirdom. Here you can see its relative bigness:

Yes, I would say that that's apropos: "Big as a house."


PJ said...

Sure hopes that giant hummingbird doesn't drop anything on that house. That would be a big dump!!!

Heth said...

Ooh,ooh, ooh! Can I be a hummingbird too! I love sugar. Great observations!

skoots1mom said...

I'd be one of those chubby, long-eared bunnies...ever since my colon cancer, I've craved "colored veggies"...asparagus, any kind of sweet peppers, squash, and those wonderfully good fruits, kiwi, honeydew melon and blueberries! You'd think I'd be back in my size 8s...maybe one day.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Preach it, sister.

I don't know about you, but our Memorial Day consisted of clouds, wind and a high of 58. (Ummm. Hello? Summer? Are you there?)

So to compensate, I spent the day in the kitchen baking. I now have homemade donuts, a peach pie and cupcakes sitting on my counter.

Please, Lord! Send the sun before I'm so big I can block it out!

Darlene R. said...

That is so funny! I totally ate way too much sweet stuff this weekend. I'm sure the oreo cookies at 11:30 last night were the best possible choice for a late night card game snack!