Friday, May 16, 2008

Read About My Friend "The Pepsi Lady" at Internet Cafe Today

One of my best friends, Leslie, is known at a local yogurt drive-through as “The Pepsi Lady.”

Years ago, Leslie took advantage of the store’s offer that if customers bought one of their large tumblers, they could bring that cup in for a very cheap refill for a limited time. To a fountain Pepsi lover like Leslie, this was a sweet deal! So every day, Leslie pulled up to the window to get her giant refill.

Because of her huge smile and sociability, Leslie became a popular customer who was greeted with not one but several employee “hello's” whenever she appeared. To say that Leslie found favor at this place is an understatement. In fact, when the time limit ran out on the refill offer, Leslie was given special dispensation and was able to continue her daily fountain Pepsi quests at the discounted rate!

Follow the link to read the riveting conclusion to the Pepsi Lady story!

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Marsha said...

Nice story Linda and well written. It's a great reminder that we are all ministers and we need to understand that even the smallest of our actions and habits and words can have a huge impact on others.

God bless the Pepsi Lady and you!

samurai said...

That is a cool story! :-) Thanks for sharing it... and sorry to hear about "Bambi" as well.

SweetPea said...

That is very good food for thought. Something to take seriously and ponder on. I will remember the Pepsi Lady the next time I'm at a register. Of course, I always do the self-check at Walmart but will still reflect on how I interact with all folks I encounter.
Thanks, Linda.

Vicki said...

There's a man in our small town, he isn't homeless, but for years he has walked everywhere with a bottle of Pepsi in his hand ... he is therefore nicknamed "Pepsi-cola Pete". My hubby had a friend write a song about Pepsi-cola Pete and we had the privilege of sharing that song with him when we picked him up one day when he was hitchhiking.

I am a firm believer in the thought that we are all ministers. So many people get all wound up about "finding their destiny", but if we just live our lives and let our light shine for Jesus in everything we do, He will make a way for us to share!

annie's eyes said...

I had a friend, Kandye, who knew where every good iced tea place was in town. When Grandy's closed, her new favorite became Starbucks. She would go there every day and everyone knew her due to her smile and outgoing never-miss-a-chance to comment on life. One day, I was alone and the lady at the register said "How's your old friend?" I acted confused, and she said, "The feisty thin haired, older lady who always gets iced tea." I hadn't thought about how the chemo and sickness had ravaged her body. I corrected her, Oh she was indeed fiesty but not old. Despites sickness, she threw everyone a smile and few kind words. She was only 50, and what a story she had. Her light shined. Thanks for this reminder that we have a story to share! Good luck on your werrrk! You're in my prayers. Love, Annette

Susan said...

Oh I'd love to be the "Diet Coke Lady"!! That's a neat story.

I've missed being here to read your blog!