Friday, May 16, 2008

Saturday Stupidness ~ I Love Christopher Guest Movies

Recently, I explained the origin of a well-worn phrase in my verbiage: "Dumped for Barbie." We have another saying around our house which applies to many situations, especially when something has gone wrong, and you're the one to blame, but you don't want to take the blame, so you just shrug your shoulders and say, "Wha' happen?"

Also, I'll be off to the library to write today because "I can't do my werrrk" here at home.

Here is the incredibly hilarious Fred Willard explaining the origin of "Wha' happen?"


SweetPea said...

This was funny but unfortunately, it came before my time. I'm totally illiterate to the werrrk and wha' happened sayings.

Hey, by any chance do you live in Madison? I noticed you work with youth ministry called oneighty. There's a church First Assembly that has that same youth ministry.


sara said...

hey, just got finished making your Ken Lee cake!!! My son is having a bunch of friends over and requested know it's my new fav. I think I am going to have to adopt "wha' happen"? too! Have a great weekend!

Mocha with Linda said...


But I've sure said "I don't think so plenty of times!

Hope you got your werrrk done!

Melanie said...


Hubs says this all the time, along with "I Don't THINK SOOO!"

Roxanne said...

Ah. . .there's a mighty wind a blowin', Linda.

If you watch this dvd with the commentary on, even the narrators are at a loss to commentate on this performance.