Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Season 7 Finale: Cook is King!

People, is this the best show or what?! I am sappy for the big finale. It was great! And it had funny highlights!

However, my prognostication skilz have fizzled again. Looks like 80s hair will not be coming back soon, either. I'm sorry. Actually, as the weeks passed and I saw the tremendous loyalty of the Cook fans, I was pretty sure he would win in spite of my February prediction.

I have mixed feelings about how it all came down. One last time, I will say that I think both are talented, both sounded alike week after week, and both had a great fan base. I think Simon's comments Tuesday night raised the ire of the Cook fans, and they voted millions of times. Literally.

Proof? One of my friends texted for Cook 40 times. FORTY TIMES. But then again, this is a woman who really enjoys the whole idea and actual physical act of voting. She hearts voting, and employs it whenever she can, like making her family vote on which condiment they want on their burgers. She's also a political junkie. So, being an agitated "Cookie," she lost her mind and just kept voting. I think she played a large part in Cook's victory, or at least that's what she kept yelling over and over while she was jumping around celebrating her David Cook's triumph.

Highlights: The Risky Business spoof. That was a scream. I was watching the finale with my group of girlfriends that meet each Wednesday night in the texter's basement, and when I say "scream," that's what I mean. It was such a surprise when he turned around that everyone screamed and laughed. The texter's husband came downstairs to deliver popcorn, and he shamed us. We voted him out of the basement.

Gladys Knight - You won't believe this. I had a post planned for May 28 (Glady's birthday) to talk about the Pips, specifically. I am bedazzled by the Pips. I have loved memorizing their part in "Midnight Train to Georgia." The thing is, they were so smooth and suave. Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. were hilarious, anything BUT suave. It was a great send-up.

Bringing back Renaldo Lapuz and Alexis Cohen.

Carried Underwood. It should be illegal to be that pretty. I vote her to be illegal and to be put away behind closed doors until she's 60. Then let her come out in that blouse-dress. That girl can sing, though.


George Michael - That song, the sonorous lullabye that was dropped like a giant rain-soaked quilt on us in the middle of a party, lasted That big red sun behind him? I kept thinking it meant he was going to do "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" because he did that duet with Elton John. But alas, he just kept droning on and on so long that I could've sworn we watched that sun behind him rise and set and rise and set and burn all of its fuel out until it became a White Midget. I mean White Dwarf. I thought the term for a burned out star was White Giant, but Daughter's boyfriend says the term is "White Dwarf." And no, we're not referring to George Michael himself--but to the sun behind him. Nevermind.

Mike Meyers - Not very funny. And a little too sardonic and derisive with David A. for my taste.

What makes the show THE show:

Paula giving her final piece of advice to the Davids, which actually made sense for about a quarter of the way through until her brain pulled a Jason Castro and she battled "the brain dead." When she finished, no one in the room knew what she just said.

Big David being nice to Little David.

Ticker Tape.


Brothers. Mothers.


Oh, how I love American Idol. I vote to block out that little blue square with the stars on our flag and replace it with the American Idol logo, leaving the red and white stripes because they're "molten hot." And they should put the logo on those tacky British royal souvenirs to pay homage to Simon. Anyway, I pledge allegiance to American Idol--I'll be back for season 8.


Pam said...

I was @ a youth group meeting for the finale (I know...we had a low turnout...imagine that!!) My 2 best friends were each voting for different Davids and I kept getting text updates throughout....I finally told them to text EACH OTHER. I think 13 year olds are easier than Cougars (yes, according to Kelly Ripa, ladies 35+ are officially Cougars).

annie's eyes said...

Just want you to know, I was thinking about you this evening, all through AI. Great post/recap. Keep the focus! Love, Annette

MoodyBlue said...

Linda!!!!!!!!!! you can't imagine how thrilled I am right now. I've been flying for 2 and a half hours. My heart is happy...I know it is nerdy...but hey, I'm a WordNerd!!! LOL! Great synopsis! I loved George's song though because it is my fav song by him...I haven't seen him sing it live in years. I was SCREAMING when David sang with ZZ Top. LOVED IT! The Guitar Hero commercial I nearly flipped. It all was a great show. I almost peed my pants when Ryan almost wheeled himself off the stage with that moving rug/pillow.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe it?? Our Cookie won!! And I was so sure that Archie would win.

What a relief.

And I have to say, David Cook seems like SUCH a nice person. You could tell by the look on his face when he saw his mom up on stage.

My highlight of the night was the dude dressed in white singing "You are my Brother" with the USC Marching Band (That was USC, wasn't it?) I bet he'll be talking about that for the rest of his life!!

Susanne said...

My youngest felt a little sorry for David A. thinking Simon had really made him think he was going to win. I felt bad for little David but extremely happy for elder David especially when he was so emotional and in tears.

And wow, did Syesha come out blazing or what? Totally showing she had deserved the top 3 finish. I agree with you about Michael George. Snooze fest.

You voting friend is a riot. I can totally relate though. Been there, done that on a certain season of Canadian Idol. And then my kids suckered me into doing their voting for them because it was a school night and they had to go to bed. Nuts, I tell ya.

Now I just have to relax for a couple weeks and Canadian Idol starts on June 3rd. Yay. And if you think 3 judges gets crazy, we have 4.

Linda Vujnov said...

Loved Carrie, hated her song about getting drunk, getting together with some guy, getting married, but, being too drunk to remember his, or her "new" last name..ewe! BAD song choice for a show that is watched by millions of teens.

Kelley said...

YES! I do love American Idol and the only reason I turned it on this year was to keep up with your fascinating posts each week! Who knew the winner would come from my very area? I will keep you posted on all the David Cook "homecoming celebrations". Meanwhile we are going to endure some AI withdrawl over the next few weeks...

Darlene R. said...

sardonic and derisive - Yep, had to look those up!

I looked at my husband last night after Paula gave her little whatever and said, "What did she just say?"

Poor Paula!

It was a good season, what I saw of it anyway!

Darlene R. said...

sardonic and derisive - Yep, had to look those up!

I looked at my husband last night after Paula gave her little whatever and said, "What did she just say?"

Poor Paula!

It was a good season, what I saw of it anyway!

Vicki said...

We're AI junkies around here too and had a living room full of people yelling during the finale. My kids are crazy for Jonas Brothers, so that had to be their highlight! I agree that Carrie is gorgeous and can that girl ever sing!! Loved seeing all the past winners and contestants in the audience. And ... of course ... the greatest thrill was when David Cook won!!

We have tickets to see the live tour in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre on July 26th! Woohoo! Did you want me to tell anyone that you say 'hello'????

Grace said...

We were quite tense at our house. I kept asking, "Where are the balloons? Where's the confetti? Is the reward going to be having his mom come up and hug him??" The whoop-la was a bit delayed. But these things happen. I'd probably go hug my son too and embarrass him horribly if he were the new AI. But that won't happen. Drummers don't do that. :)

Brenda said...

I'm not a big American Idol fan, so I'm going to be a no vote on changing the flag. ;) I did watch the season with Chris Daughtry (until he was gone, and then I stopped torturing myself for an hour just to watch him sing a song). See, I don't really like pop music, so usually American Idol bores me. What was my point here? I watched the finale last night, and do feel a little bad that I missed another season with a good rocker.

40winkzzz said...

I am very happily eating my previous comment predicting that DA would win even though DC should. Other highlights of the evening: David with ZZ Top. David with his mom. David without pants playing Guitar Hero. And Brooke with Graham Nash.

Lowlights: Kerry Underwood without pants singing some song I wasn't paying attention to. George Michael singing "This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends...", or something like that. (I attempted to relieve my family's boredom during this segment by mimicking GM's posture and voice and hand motions, but no one was amused.) Yup, I'm with you there.

Jen said...

Ditto, diddo, dotto, and all manner of I agree with you spelling and typing errors ad nauseum. I'm SO glad Cook won. Talent aside, he's a little older and probably more able to handle the pressure than baby David A.