Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh My Wordy!

I have a friend who frequently exclaims, "Oh my wordy!" when she's taken aback. Rough language, I know. (She's a Starbucks-swiggin', PT Cruiser-drivin', office-managin' street-tough.)

My grandma used to shout, "Lawsy!" or "Lawsy Day!" when she was amazed or dismayed. I had this friend in high school whose name was ... I'll say "Mike Day." I often called him "Lawsy," or "Lawsy Day," but I don't think he fully appreciated that nickname as an expression of my amazement of him. (Snicker-snort.)

Last night at Girls' Group, we got into a discussion about colloquialisms. A couple of my friends regularly say something on the order of, "I haven't eaten key lime pie in a coon's age." Which is why I generally sit away from them at Girls' Group. I don't know what it means, but that's just scary.

I don't have so many expressions like that. That's probably because in the denomination in which I was reared, we didn't go in for that smut talk. In fact, in honor of my past religious upbringing, I think I should re-phrase that last sentence to say, "We did not go in for that smut talk," as contractions were also frowned upon. Perhaps the word "contraction" was too close to childbirth, which was too close to, which was too close to ... DANCING.

Hoosiers have some strange speech patterns. One common feature is to pronounce many vowels as long E's. "Put the feesh on the deesh." We don't like long O's at the ends of words: "Open the winda, Linda." "Her kids were born in O-hi-ah."

Sometimes I say "dang" or "crap," but I'm not proud of that. If I'm in my car and another driver pulls a stupid stunt, I might blurt out "Dang, dude!" and then I think, "Ugh, you sounded just like Hurley. What if that stunt had resulted in an fatal accident, and your last words were 'Dang, dude!' and the last song you ever heard was the dumb 70s song 'Hooked on a Feeling' [ooga-chocka, ooga-chocka, ooga, ooga, ooga chocka!] because you listen to oldies radio like an old fart!?"

GASP! Did I just say f*art??? This blog is going downhill fast.

So, 'fess up. What are your verbal paroxysms of choice? What's your wordy?


Erica Herzog said...

I can't think of anything that I say that would be interesting, but probably because I don't say anything different than everyone else I know. :)

I just wanted to ask if the denomination you referred to in your post was the Church of the Nazarene? Even if it wasn't, your reference cracked me up. I can totally relate having grown up in the Nazarene church.

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

Yer makin' me laugh here at dark thirty.

This is a problem area of mine. I've been known to use highly inappropriate language when unexpectedly frightened. The one my children here most often around here is, "OH, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY, WILL YOU CUT IT OUT ALREADY!"

The "coons age" was one my grandparents used. I always wondered just where that came from. But was too chicken to ask.

R.L.Scovens said...

Dang it and Crap are 2 of my favorites too! I need to try to do better though...LOL

Teri said...

Terrible to admit...I have many. I grew up in the antethesis of your home. TOTALLY WICKED LANGUAGE, from every older sibling. My parents were known to drop F-bombs at times too. I am a redeemed version. Seems like my words of choice are usually, "STINK" and "Oh snap!" When I am astounded I say "Holy Schniekies" which means, heaven only knows what. Sometimes it is "Holy smokes" or "Holy Toledo!" I'll admit, STINK is actually a very contagious word. I started it and well, many, MANY people in my life now say it.

Still like me?

Big Mama said...

I have been known to throw out a "Mother Pearl!" when I am frustrated.

I also worked with a girl who described various things as "hot chicken deluxe" in "she thinks she's hot chicken deluxe in her new dress".

I never really understood.

PJ said...

In my classroom, I would say, "Oh popsicle sticks!" very explosively. My mostly street-wise kids would ask, "What does that mean?" "That's my naughty word" I'd tell them. They were dumbfounded at the beginning of the year because most could curse most fluently in two languages. They learned not to in my class, but I never heard any say, "Oh, popsicle sticks!"

SJ said...

Being from TX, we will say the ever-famous "fixin"...I'm fixin' to go to the store, need anything?

We also drop whole syllables. Oil becomes oal, foil becomes foal, tires becomes tyrs.

We also add whole syllabels. Quit becomes ka-wee-it (say it real fast...or at least as fast as a southerner).

And my husband will say, instead of "oh my goodness" he will say "oh my gooseneck" (as in a gooseneck trailer, in case you're wondering).

My granddad would say "Dang-it!" or "Dad-gum-it!" or even "Ding-dang-it!"

There ya go. There's more. Lots more, but I think I've scared you enough.

annie's eyes said...

I realized again as I "visited" with you, we have many in Texas. I have heard "coon's age" more than I care to admit, but my expletive of choice is "crap." And it is definitely generational, so look out, moms. I love that you can still be proper when talking about sin! You heathen, backslider, you. Love, Annette

Susanne said...

"Heavens to Murgatoid" finds it's way out of my lips regularly. "oh sugar" shows up once in a while, whereas "Shoot" does on a daily basis. Unfortunately, "Dang" also makes it's way out. I've really tried to avoid "crap" as I've been called on it by an unchurched friend who said it's just a Christian's way of thinking they've cleaned up the other expletive a bit, but it means the same thing.

Cyndy said...

Hey! I say "stink" too. I picked it up from my friend who is from Canada...I thought it was a Canadian thing.

My mother has this little phrase she says when she is totally and completely exasperated, "God bless America and Russia too!!!"
Let me tell you, during the Cold War, them was fightin' words. (You also knew you were in big trouble if Mom was brought to such profanity.)

Sharon said...

I catch myself repeating a phrase my dad used when we were little, when exasperated: "OH FOR CRYIN' IN A BUCKET"!

My upbringing was similar to yours -- conservative to say the least. Keeping that in mind, I was once fixed up with a blind date, who showed up at my door in a Metallica t-shirt and exclaimed "HOLY PRIEST!!!" repeatedly all night..... we didn't get married.

Anonymous said...

Crap-a-monkey. Loong story, but the short version is it stems from when my daughter was 2-ish and tried to say holy guacamole.

Mother-humper. One I am so not proud of, but someone at work says it all the time and I found it slipping out of my mouth the other day.

An expression I have never heard until I started work here is relick your calf! As in, He's gonna have to relick his calf. (Like do it all over again.) It still grosses me out.

Melanie said...

There isn't enough room here to get into my strange speech patterns. My husband finds it very entertaining.

Mocha with Linda said...

Well, RATS! I got an error when I submitted my comment! That's what I mostly say. We were raised that "gosh" was just as bad as taking God's name in vain, although I do occasionally say it.
Also "Good heavens" or "Heavenly days."

My favorite was my sweet Southern grandmother who would say "Well, I Swannee" or for short, "I Swan".

gcrow said...

Well I have been known to proclaim "Sweet Melvin", "Great Oogley-Googley", "Yama-hama" -- I'll usually start using a new Kramer expression after I see a Seinfeld episode.

My *sweet* sister has a whole panoply of phrases:
"Freak of nature"
"God help us"
"Lord have mercy"
She's much meaner than me.

Deven said...

Let's see...

Rats! and/or rat muffins! tend to be my frustration venters. Also a "great oogly-moogly" every now and then.

Something that I say that I think is weird is "a whole nother" instead of "another whole." Daddy mocks me for that one.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I've enjoyed reading the wordies of other people. I love fiddledeedee's OH, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY, WILL YOU CUT IT OUT ALREADY! That woman's got patiences to say all that as I would just say 'stop it!'.

My words that I can think of are:
good gravy
good grief
oh gracious

I do tend to say crap and I wish I'd not at least with another human hearing it. I have said 'pissed' that bad? I'm trying to convert to ticked. They say if you can't say it in church, it shouldn't be said. Maybe that is an overly guilt-driven conviction of my own. I tend to hold myself more harshly than maybe I need to.

I've used dang-it also...probably a twist on my previous cursing days.

I love a previous commenters "Dad-gum-it!" Sounds so country-fied.

Fiddle sticks is cute also.

I hope I'm still welcome since I've openly admitted to selectively using the "p" word.

Demara said...

"Oh my"
It use to be "Oh my Goodness" (never have I agreed with you know? the other Oh my...) but then I thought I was cussing the Holy Spirit because one of the fruits of the Spirit is goodness.

I say this one a lot and wonder if it's just another form of you know? the 's' word?? So I have thought about changing this habit too!

I just started using this one. It's my version of "oh boy". I guess I kind of got it from "Goofy" the cartoon. Who knows though?!?! It just came to me and splurted (is this even a word? splurted??) out of my mouth.

I'm not sure if God is alright with this one or not. But I figure I can say this one because it is humankind that is flawed already by sin. So for example if it is by our humankind that someone cuts me off and "oh man" splurts from my mouth, I think it's just stating the obvious and this reminds me where we all come from.

Can YOU relate to any of these?

Thanks for your visit over at Yokoso!!!

Jen said...

Official cussing at our house:

Stinking Puke!
Stinking Puke in the Bucket!
Stink and Puke in the Bucket!

Elizabeth said...

I think the worse I get is "Oh my goodness." My daughter picked this up and her version is "Oh my Gawness"
My brother's was "Rat's Nest"

Anonymous said...

I'm having Nazarene Church flashbacks!!!

Around here, we have very sophisticated words and phrases with clearly defined emotions and meanings.

Googly Moogly Maggie!--Well, that got my attention!

Farfignoogen--That didn't work the way it was supposed to.

Bummer--'Nough said.

Woof--I'm just going to bed and pulling the covers over my head. Not even chocolate can fix this.

Groovy--Cause most of the time, life just is.

Debbie said...

Like Jerri I still use "bummer", also "cool" and an occasional "groovy". Guess that narrows down my age.

I've also taken to saying "say what?" which is probably an upgrade from "Huh?"

My favorite is "mercy". Often used but very confusing when we had the dog by that name - at least for her.

crickl said...

Well I can't say things I yell at my kids for saying like 'dang' or 'crap' LOL So I've made up my own sayings. My mom used to do this (I think it was made up anyway)...they are bits of old sayings put together. And it cracks me up....and now I crack up my kids. But a while back, I heard one of my 18 yr old's friends saying one of MY sayings and so I know she is saying them too...ha!

Okay here are a few:

Gracious greet! (comes from the Gilligan's Island where they are putting on a Shakespeare play and Gilligan gets his line mixed up...his only line....the full saying is: Oh gracious greet, Queen thy happy is supposed to be "Gracious Queen, greet thy happy sailor")

For Pete's sake in a hand basket, Louise! I say this a lot. It's a few sayings put together and it came out one day and it stayed. It's long and makes you feel as if you are really complaining about the situation or giving someone whatfor!

And for everyday use I say "Oh MAN"....I don't think using humanity in vain is as bad as using God's name in it. So many ppl do nowadays, even Christians, that it's my little rebellion. =\

Okay I'll stop with 2 since I can't say anything without lots of explanation! ;)

Kelly @ Love Well said...



Or, my husband's ultimate faux-swear word, Suck A Duck.

Tanja said...

I'm fond of "good gravy, Pete" which I picked up from a friend when we lived in Texas. Have no idea what it means, but it works! I also say "Good Night!" or "Good Day" interchangeably. Got those from a guy in college. Oh, and I say "crud" constantly! Some of these comments are hilarious! I need to widen my vobabulary, I'm thinking.

Michelle said...

Well, just bless your little heart!

I don't have too many colloquialisms (that catholic boarding school education took them right out of my vocabuulary), but people think it's seriously funny that I call Taylor "Taters".

thouartloosed said...

I can thank my college years for a life long struggle against REALLY BAD words. I say dingdang it a lot now but "cr*p" gets said more often than I'd like.
I grew up in the south and one of the phrases my Iowa born husband comments on often is "might could". As in "I might could be ready by 7." Most of the time he just comments on my accent.

Darlene R. said...

Let see, I also say STINK...all the time. Usually it's "well, stink!"

I also say "oh my heart" ~ that one came from one of my best friends.

How about "Well, what in the world" and "dern"
and "der-dee-der." Yeah, that's an odd one.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Growing up, my mom always said My Foot, as in bull. Like, "She lost twenty pounds, my foot." I have never heard that anywhere but from the mouth of Frieda.

My North Carolina born, Texas raised dad had a TON. The ones that are fit to print are: been all over hell and tarnation - or - hell and God's green earth; to explain how dumb someone was: can't find his (rear) with both hands and a flashlight, doesn't know his (rear) from a hole in the ground. And, in response to little kids saying "I want" you either got 1) well, people in hell want ice water or 2) you can wish in one hand and (poop) in the other and see which gets full first.


My aunt told me once that my dad's dad used to say, when someone was constantly complaining about their aches and pains, "If it ain't her (arse) it's her elbow." which I think is kind of brilliant.

And when someone drives like a maniac, you are supposed to say, "Go ahead, hell ain't half full yet."

I say Jeez Louise a lot. I don't know where I learned this but my kids say it now too.

I must say Oh my goodness a lot too because Eva Rose says it all the time. And Shep says Oh My Gosh a lot so I must say that one too.

My favorites:
-Good knight, good grief
-Oh my word
-stinkin, eg it's so stinkin hot
-hotter than hades
-Schitza (sp?) - we had German exchange students live with us in high school and learned that from then - it has a long I, like white-za
-freaking, which I don't like, I just find it necessary sometimes

And, I guess I am the only sweet Christian blogger in America who does this, but I still reserve real live cuss words for when I am really, really mad. I don't ever do it in front of the kids. But sometimes dropping a bomb can just make you feel 100x better instantly.

Token Sinner

Brenda said...

"Crap in a bucket!" and "for the love of Pete!". I have no explanations.

Linda said...

"Oh,Mylanta!" and I was saying this before the movie came out with this saying in it. I think it was called the Ringer?
Others are:
"Are you kidding me?"
When I'm teasing some of the teens in my church I'll say "Chea" (sounds like yeah..I know it's stupid, but they think it's funny)
"Sweet deal!" (I picked it up from my teenage son and I can't stop. He adds "bro" at the end)
This is all that I can think of for now.

I just love your blog. I can have the worst day ever, pop on here and laugh my head off. Keep it up Lidna :)