Thursday, June 05, 2008

Smoky Mountain English

No bears as yet, but the journal entries that guests write for this chalet usually say, "We didn't see a bear until the last day of vacation, and then we saw a mama and three cubs at the top of the hill. "Where is the top of the hill?" I asked. My housemates said, "We are the top of the hill." So glad I didn't bring Zoe, also known as "Bear Snack Kibble."

You would not believe the hairpin turns to get up here.

This morning we had pancakes at one of the 2500 pancake houses within a two-mile radius, served by a guy who must moonlight in one of the local dinner theatres because for someone just serving meals, he sure put on a show, complete with a point and wink at each customer. Bet that earns some big tips.

Speaking of theatre, my 21 year old daughter is completely enthralled with the cheesy shows advertised all over the place. Her favorite is the Jesus one, with a cast that looks completely Swedish and a neon billboard that shows the Lord in an ascending stance with the captions, "He's ready!"

After breakfast, went to Ripley's Aquarium, which was not lame. I liked watching sharks and other sea monsters swim over my head. I thought I got some great shark teeth pics, but I seem to have a plethora of shark buttocks shots. Those boogers are fast.

Later I sat down to write on my She Speaks project, but something happened (TV--The riveting "Nanny 911") and I didn't get to it. Ugh!

Then we drove a far piece *NOTE: That's Southern for "quite a ways"* to a river for the kids to swim in. Or was it a "crick." It was dirty and cold and rocky, and I sat in the car and did a cross word puzzle. Good thing I didn't stay behind and actually work on the She Speaks project because I thrive on regret. It's so satisfying.

So today's diet consisted of: multi-grain and nut pancakes for breakfast, a large fruit plate including a small cup of sorbet for lunch, pretzels and dip from "All Sauced Up," an ice cream cone from McDonald's, some trail mix, and dinner is yet to be wolfed down.

By the way, did you know there is actually a Dictionary of Smoky Mountain English?


Tanja said...

Linda, you're just a stone's throw away! My son saw the picture of the aquarium and knew it was Gatlinburg. If the pancake place you went wasn't Pancake Pantry... try again. PP is great! One last thing - you have to visit Aunt Mahalia's candy store. You'll be like a kid in a... ahem!

Queen B said...

So funny! Whenever anyone asks me about our vacation to the Smoky Mountains, I always tell them about the astounding number of pancake houses!!!

Have fun!

Darlene R. said...

You make me want to be on vacation right now!

I have a cousin that sings with Voices of Lee (University) and they sing at some big theater in Gatlinburg every Sunday night this summer.
I'm not sure why I told you that!?

Anyway, I hear if you hit two sticks together it will keep the bears and mountian lions away...really, I'm serious. Or maybe I saw that on a movie or a re-make of a movie...;)
Have a great Friday!

Big Mama said...

I think you and I are living parallel lives. I didn't manage to get any of my She Speaks projects done while I was on vacation either.

Except for me it was the Nintendo Wii that kept pulling me away.

annie's eyes said...

I usually don't watch much TV but was GLUED to the set watching "Nanny" on Wed. night. I just was so sad for those girls, but as usual, I missed the end. I must be ADD because I get up because the dog needs to go out or something and forget I was watching! Hope that mom and dad changed their ways. I hope you do NOT see a bear. You won't have any regrets I promise. Love, A

Susanne said...

I probably would have sat in the car while the kids were in the "crick" too. Very cold water and me just don't see eye to eye.

Is it not a strange thing to have a shark & aquatic aquarium in the middle of the mountains? Sounds like your having a fun time!

Melanie said...

Word of advice-

Do not get too close to a baby bear. His Mama is watching you and she loves tourists for dinner.

Kim said...

It's a "fur" piece Lidna. "Far" is much too yankee :-) Did you know older dictionaries (from the early part of the 20th century) listed a "hillbilly" as a "northern woodsman"? Yep, not sure when southerners got the dubious distinction of being called hillbillies, but that's definitely a 20th century invention. Just thought you'd wanna know that entrancing piece of information. And Smokey Mountain bears are much too lazy to go after the tourists.

Beverly Lewis said...

You're a "fur piece" from home. "It's not "far" - too correct. Enjoy!

By the way, you never fail to entertain me. Bear kibble and thriving on regret and all.

Marina said...

I am jealous I want a vaction too!!
but instead all I have is the pool.
have fun my fiend,love,marina

Mocha with Linda said...

No, no, no, it's a "fer piece" that you drove to the crick!

When you blog about what you're fixin' to do, I'll know you've assimilated.

Resistance is futile.

Roxanne said...

Oh, honey. That's "a FER piece." Not "a FAR piece." Bless your heart.

skoots1mom said...'re gettin' there with the "talkin' suthern thing"...
by the way, its "a fur piece" cause we cain't say "ar" words qwite rite.

I recommend Jeff Foxworthy's book on speaking "redneck"...when u follow his lead and read phonetically what he has written, u'll be soundin' like the rest of us down here.

It's fun when I go places up "nawth", people always smile and say, "Say something!". I wish I did sound more like Scarlett, but my family's more from the "kuntry" so I don't sound that refined.

Enjoy those mount'ins, can't beat the night air when the crickets are clicking and the moon's shinin'!

sarah said...

Sounds like you are having fun! Enjoy.

PJ said...

An' I bet yore jest hankerin' to get yore hands on that $226 version. Seems as tho' yer enjoyin' them vittles! (I grew up with Ozark Mountain English. It's a very close cousin!!) But what's with skippin' the crik wadin'?