Monday, November 24, 2008

Hello, Monday With Still No Computer

So how was your weekend?

I spent all of Sunday putting shingles on my house.

On my gingerbread house, that is. And can I just say that this little house is ending up costing me the same amount of money it would have cost me to build a life-sized sunroom on the back of our actual peoplehouse--complete with stained glass windows?

I mean, you just don't realize when you're getting started how many gumdrops and Christmas M & Ms and butterscotch and ribbon candy and peppermints and candy canes you're going to need. And those are just the snacks while you're waiting for the walls to bake.

I cannot tell you, well, I could, but I won't because I don't want you to know the actual number, how many pounds of powdered sugar I have used and how many batches of gingerbread I have baked.

Did I tell you why I've spent hundreds of hours, dollars and calories that I'll never get back on this project? It's going to be the centerpiece for my table at "The Gathering," a Christmas women's ministry event at church on December 5th, whose title Jorge says sounds like a Stephen King novel.

In other weekend news, in our 9:00 church service yesterday, someone's cell phone went off, playing ABBA's "Take a Chance on Me," which in the moment mortified me, even though it wasn't my phone, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was ironically kind of appropriate, since "Abba" is another name for "Father," and "Take a Chance on Me" could be construed as a message from God to lost people.

I said, "could be."

Also this weekend, I was listening to NPR's "Sound Medicine," as the host was being interviewed by her son in a tender moment. I'm not sure because I can't trust my hearing (remember, I thought "type two" and "type one" diabetes were "tattoo" and "Tai Kwan" diabetes recently), but I believe she said the son's father (probably ex-husband, then) was Neal Conan of "Talk of the Nation." I was so shocked to hear, or think that I heard, that Barbara Lewis of "Sound Medicine" used to be married to Neal Conan. Because do you know what this amounts to?

High brow "Entertainment Tonight!" tabloid scandal!

It's like finding out that Deborah Norville used to be married to Matt Lauer, only high brow-er.

Finally, I wanted to tell you about the National Day of Listening which you can read about, but basically, I think I'm going to participate in this on the day after Thanksgiving with my folks. You can get tips through the link about how to conduct your interview.

Truly finally, Jorge has ordered the new computer, so this desert of no-pic posts and borrowed computer time has an end in sight. Merry Christmas to me?

So how was your weekend?


Robin said...

You crack me up..Love the post..I am laughing and have not even had my coffee..Gotta go..!!!

Tammy said...

I am dying over the ABBA ringtone and how it can actually be related to spiritual things. Because I love them.

I just cannot be patient enough and wait to see your gingerbread mansion. It sounds like so much fun and something I might be interested in doing, when my kids are a bit older.

I am visiting my little sister all week for the holiday and so happy to be here with my 3 nephews too. This house is one big par-tay!

Happy THANKSgiving.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Well, I have started my day of with a nice laugh! The cell phone playing Abba "Take a Chance on Me" Is cracking me up! :)

Debbie said...

I loved reading about what you did this weekend, even though I'm just getting to know you through this blog. I love ABBA music!! But I always try to remember to turn my cell phone off during church. How embarassing that can be!

I spent the weekend attending the Women of Faith Conference! It was just what I needed to refresh and encourage me at this time. I even go to spend time with my best friend Helen and we were joined by her two daughters. I'm going to be blogging about it too.

I will check out the National Day of Listening. Thanks for sharing.

Robin Lambright said...

We had our family “Gathering” at my sister’s house. It was to say the least interesting. She and I are about as different as night and day. Her household is chaotic and loud, my sister the animal lover has possible every special represented in her home, dogs, cats, birds and hamsters etc….my sister “bless her little disorganized heart” pulled all the food out of the oven and then decided to slice the turkey and garnish the tray and then we had to put most of the side dishes back in the microwave because while making the trays look good all the other food got cold. After dinner we had a saxophone and violin concert by my niece and daughter, an interesting combination. We also took the opportunity to have a birthday celebration, mine and my mom's. So we had turkey, dressing and birthday apple pie and presents. It was all a bit chaotic and loud but a good time was had by all.
On the computer front, I feel you pain, I had to send my laptop off to the manufactures for repair several weeks ago and the waiting for it to return was not fun. Funny how we come to depend of the “things” we use.

Mel said...

First I am sorry for the demise of your computer, is there going to be a memorial service??

High-Brower that is going in my dictionary.

And I cannot, cannot wait to see your Gingerbread House!!!!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

The problem I would have with the gingerbread house construction is being sure the stuff actually made it onto the house. The cost factor would be extremely high because of the nibbling I would be doing along the way.

And speaking of high-browness, you do know that NBC's big-time reporter Andrea Mitchell is married to the former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan?

Hobbling off to get the car tuned up. . . .

Laurie Ann said...

OMDear! Abba - Take a Chance on Me! How funny/funny is that?! Enjoy your gingerbread house - eating and baking!

Melissa said...

Ok, you crack me up!!! Can't wait to see pics of the gingerbread house!

Debbie said...

I'm anxious to see how your little house of ginger turns out - gumdrops and M&Ms and candy canes, oh my! Very exciting.

Jorge is right about "The Gathering" sounding like a Stephen King novel.

Is God speaking through Abba an example of being relevant? Could be?!

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

Jorge is so right about the title!

I still buy those gingerbread house kits and decorate with cheap candy. You shame me.

Joanna said...

I wondered how your computer issues were going.

samurai said...

My weekend was busy! But at least I had my new laptop to keep me busy in the 30 minutes I had to spare. :)

Hopefully God will restore your connectivity soon! :)

I can't wait to see the pictures of your gingerbread house!

Dena @ Green Acres said...

Greaaaaat - now I have "take a chance, take a chance, take a chance, etc" in my head. Too funny.LOL

When my girls were little we made gingerbread houses every year. Well, we didn't make them...I bought the pre-baked pieces. We put them together and decorated them. We hadn't done them in a few years because teenagers are too cool for that, but the other day once of my girls suggested doing them again this year. We talked to the other one,and I'm so excited because they said they missed that tradition and we will do them while they are home for Christmas break.
We tend to eat more of the decorations than we actually decorate with, so I'm sure your house will be much more beautiful than ours. :)

Mrs Parks said...

Big laughs over the ABBA ringtone!!
Can't wait to see a picture of the gingercastle...
I think I'll construct a gingershack with grahm crackers, Betty Crocker tub frosting and free mints from the all you can eat Sunday buffet!
Then we can exchange holiday decor photos : )

My ADHD Me said...

Gingerbread houses = Money, time, stress, calories, stress, walls that fall down while sticking on gumdrops, stress, and in my case....something that looks like it was done by a second grader.

A bowl of pinecones = beautiful.
And if you're feeling REALLY ambitious you might even add a little bit of gold or silver spray paint to the edges.....on the other hand, they're fine without the spray paint. I'd never get it off of the furniture, driveway etc and it would be dribbleing down the sides. :)

Big Hair Envy said...

Too funny!! I guess if my daughter can sing a Styx song ("Show Me the Way") in church, then ABBA can be construed as appropriate!!!

Good luck with your gingerbread house. Can't wait to see the finished product....or the final price tag:)

Susanne said...

Too funny with the song. I'm absolutely paranoid about my cell going off in church. I always check it before the service starts.

I don't make gingerbread houses cause I could never resist eating all those treats that go on them.

Missy said...

So...are you going to show us this wonderland of a gingerbread house or what?!?
On other husband...who usually avoids the blogosphere at all costs read your Friday's fave five post and was amazed that there is someone stranger than I am (focusing mostly on your steroid entry!). Hope your week goes well!

Joanne said...

Abba's song Take a Chance on Me hold special memories. I used to think that the chorus , "honey, I'm still free" was really "Ollie Ollie oxen free"

When I read what you thought Type one and Type two diabetes was, I figured we may just be long lost relatives! Hee hee hee

Anonymous said...

My computer crashed on Saturday night :( And it was the hard drive so I lost everything :(

But I am thankful that they had a hard drive and now my computer is back together and I didn't have to buy a new one. Although it would have been the same thing since this one is now a blank canvas.

But I remembered your blog!

PJ said...

So glad the new computer is just around the corner. We're holding our breath waiting for pictures of THE house. Or the Money Pit whatever you want to call it.

And I love your rationalization about ABBA. Very good. Could Be a message from God. In the words of the old Spiritual proverb: "God speaks in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform."