Saturday, April 25, 2009

30 x 5 Update and Weekend Workout Video

Wow, the cherries post from yesterday sure struck a chord with you all. And bless your hearts, not a one of you mentioned the calories involved!

After all, I'm still trying to cut 100 per day. I mentioned before that if you want to make a rough estimate of 100 calories, cut out eating something about the size of your thumb. To that I say to myself, "Is that so?" Because there are days when I've got such a sugar craving I'd consider cutting off my thumb just so that I could "legally" eat a cookie or two.

Like Subway white chocolate chip-macadamia nut cookies. Oh.My.

Not that I know how good they are from recent experience. But the memory of them is deeply embedded in my brain like the sound of my mother's voice from inside her womb. They are the building blocks of my dietary DNA.

So how's the 30 x 5 going?

I'm hanging in there. At the beginning of week two in this phase, I was dragging hiney. One day I remember I got on the elliptical for 30 minutes, but it was probably worthless because it was like I had a separation of mind and body. I was not into it mentally. I just made my legs go up and down, without any iota of energy or intention. I probably could've had as good a workout by loading the dishwasher.

But I didn't quit; that's the important part, right?

So for the last couple of days, I've been really going at it with everything I've got.

For instance, I've been switching up the resistance and speed of my effort every 5 minutes of the 30 minutes. I think this is more challenging than simply extending my time to 45 minutes or longer, really.

So for the first 5, I'm on a slow, hard climb. Then, I dial it down and speed up to a bicycling pace. And so on.

And I have added another component which I posted pictures of on Wednesday, the exercise ball and weights.

It's true that there is no food or pill that speeds up metabolism, but building muscle speeds it up because muscle burns more calories than fat, and after you lift weights, you continue to burn calories at a higher rate for a while afterward. You don't do that with aerobic exercise so much.

Did I tell you I'm a PhD in Exercise Science? JK!

But my son is majoring in Exercise Sci. Frankly, I can't believe he's old enough to major in anything but Ninja Turtles, so isn't that cute?!

Anyway, that's what I'm up to as far as moving around.

We wind this up on the 28th, and I will have a Mr. Linky up for you to post about it, if you so wish. But go ahead and leave a comment today about how Phase two is going. Or not going. See: Lazy cat on the treadmill video.

And now I leave you with your weekend workout video. I think the point is to laugh until your sides hurt, which I do on a regular basis with my friends. Is this how I sound??


Becky said...

Oh woman... I did no 30s this week. I. Am. So. Ashamed. but not really :-/ I haven't been motivated to much but the daily grind. Lame excuse but true. Proud of you though... cherries and all.

H-Mama said...

You go girl! I believe YOU are the force to be reckoned with on this challenge. However, you are the leader, right? No pressure.

As far as the video... I'm speechless. Really. Wow.

sara said...

That video was just weird!!! :)

After not having a great week last week, I have exercised every night this week!!! and my muscles are sore to prove it!

Now the cutting back 100 calories, hasn't gone as good...oh well, one of these weeks I will get them both together!

Susanne said...

The cutting the calories, I did. The exercising this week? Not so much. Sigh. Somehow I've got to get the two together.

There's a full DVD of the video you showed us? I'll have to add it to my collection beside the breathing lady one. LOL.

Merrie said...

Thank you.... ROFL .... still laughing.... I needed that jog on the inside! Have a great weekend! I'm off to the Land of Oz!

Beverlydru said...

I can't thank you enough for the research you do to bring us videos like this one. LOL. I'm doing well with 30 x 5. I can't believe I can actually admit I miss it the day that I don't exercise. Does this mean I'm addicted?? At least my OCD tendencies are getting healthier.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, I feel so discouraged right now - I started off strong, and then a few days into it I got a horrific migraine that lasted several days, and there was no way I could do any exercise.

And then of course it's always hard to get in gear after something like that. I did exercise some more towards the end, but not like I wanted. There's always next week, right??

ann said...

I got a kick out of how the instructor was cackling and the other were just kind of huh-huh-huhhing. It was weird but funny. And good job on not giving up!! WOOHOO!

Mocha with Linda said...

I couldn't even make it to 8 watching her cackle. I'm sure you are much better than that!

skoots1mom said...

got in four days on the elliptical and bike this week...then today, got in a different kind of workout walking the University of Alabama campus on college tour!!! yikes! can't believe this is happening...I had too many calories today when we ate at one of the campus dining rooms, and I had dessert b/c it was there and i didn't have to make it!

Jenny said...

That ladies laugh was scary. This time around it has been a challenge to squeeze my 30 minutes in each day, but I am trying:)

Amanda said...

Your blog is a delight!

You ahve been nominatd for an Awesome Blog 2009 Award! Stop by adn see what catergory someone thought you rocked!

God bless-

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

My exercise today was mowing the lawn because Hubs is working the weekend. I also found that listening to Hippy Chick while pushing a mower is very, very weird.

Brenda Leyland said...

Well, I didn't do so bad on the 100 calories less per day, but the 30 minute every day -- I did okay for a several days, but I only got 10 minutes in so far today. So I think -- if just thinking about it would county, I'd have aced this challenge -- at least, I'm more aware of that 100 calorie thing and it's further than I was two weeks ago.

So, could I have some cherries please?