Saturday, May 02, 2009

Can't Believe I'm in the Land of Tara

Georgia doesn't look anything like Gone With the Wind.


So it's Friday, 4:45pm, and I'm in the lobby again, using the potentially Swine Flu-laden computer. I have lost my hand sanitizer, which really ticks me off.

Yesterday I corrected myself to say I'm not in Atlanta; I'm in Duluth. Today I correct myself to say I've been living in Lawrenceville. And eating at a place called Moe's, where they have a menu item called the "Triple Lindy," which I think they named in honor of Mocha Lid, L-Vuj, and A Merry Heart Lid, but I'm not sure.

But I didn't order the Triple Lindy for lunch. Instead, I had the "Please Undo Everything Positive I've Accomplished in the 30 x 5" special. And add some Georgia pecans for kicks.

Today was the last day of the conference, and it was my favorite day. In the early morning general session, the host, Reggie Joiner, moderated a laid-back interview with Perry Noble, whose name I recognized but knew nothing else about, and Andy Stanley. I guess Perry Noble's humongous church, NewSpring, started in Anderson, SC.

Oh. I was just scared out of my wits because "The Long and Winding Road" started chiming really loudly, and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. There's a clock high up in the lobby that just chimed 5:00pm with that song. Interesting. I wish it had chimed the theme from Gone with the Wind for ambiance. I guess I can't have everything my way all the time, can I. But a girl can dream.

Anyway, YEAH, Perry Noble and Andy Stanley.

Andy Stanley, I know.

It was a great session. The best take home point of that interview was that both men see child and student ministries not as the church of tomorrow, but of today and went on to extrapolate why. Good stuff.

My break-out sessions have all been good, but as usual with conferences, they could have been even better had they included more specific details.

I'm a detail, steps person. So when I went to one break-out and the speaker began with, "We're not going to offer you steps and details about how to do this; we're going to be painting with broad strokes," I said, "Harumph."

Because "Harumph" is how you cuss at a Christian conference.

I don't mind broad strokes as long as the speaker uses lots of real-life examples, illustrations, successful vs. unsuccessful strategies, etc. because I can get generalized guidelines for just about anything anywhere. I want to hear specifics from them because they're the "pros" at this. I'm here to learn. What worked for them? What didn't? Spill it!

Is this too much to ask?

So now we are done with all of our good work here and are ready to head out and par-tay like a bunch of crazy church staff! Woo! Perhaps we'll buy big ol' ice cream cones and then walk to the local fabric store and admire the clever calico print. Or maybe we'll have a rousing game of miniature golf and then take a 1 mile radius walk around the hotel with no pool.

Actually, I think we're going to a place called Jillian's for some "competitive bowling sport." That phrase reminds me of Monk, the uber-repressed, OCD ex-detective who cannot bring himself to use the sanitized phrase "marital affair" and so says things like, "Mr. Smith, when was the last time you spoke with your fornication partner?" Cracks. me. up.

So I'm going back up to my room now to work a crossword puzzle or snooze for a few before our big night out in a town near, but not actually being, Hotlanta.

Peace out. (Sorry. I've been listening to a bunch of cool pastors for three days.)


Shawna said...

We LOVE Monk! And when I heard that phrase, I tried so hard to work it into my vocabulary. Alas, there have not been very many opportunities for me to use "fornication partner" (thank goodness). It did crack me up too, though.

I didn't realize you were on staff at a church. Or perhaps it has just slipped my mind. My mind gets slippy pretty easily. My hubby is a student minister, FYI.

annie's eyes said...

"I'm a detail person"--you certainly are. I'm with you. Generalized info is internet junkie stuff. You had some real presence there with Andy Stanley. I never have heard him in person, but sure would like to. And of course you're a Monk fan. Me, too. Glad the South is treating you well. You have to have some grits before you go! Safe travels. Love, Annette

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

You have to go into some of the smaller towns a bit further out to get the real souther flavor of the south, but it is there you just have to travel a bit to see it! Sorry you did not have time to really explore some of the more historic and beautiful areas, but at least you got to see some of the beautiful azaleas. Callaway Gardens is amazing this time of year but that is a long drive and takes all day to see.

skoots1mom said...

Hope you enjoyed Jillian''s a fun place.
Hope you enjoyed your time here.

Heidi said...

Oh boy. Reading this one- you know being in Tara and all- is putting my brain in overdrive again. Did I do the right thing to change my blogsite name from 'After all, Tomorrow is Another Day' and signing as Scarlett to my new 'Think for Yourself' and revealing who I actually am- Heidi??? (URL is the same-, visit to read how this came about) Help. Blog-mania is taking over my life! Need blog therapy. Also- Peace Out is my son's favorite way to say "see ya". That made me smile.

Chatty Kelly said...

Sounds like you're having fun. As for undoing the 30 x 5...I have brownies baking in the oven, and I went out for my anniversary dinner last night...steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, potstickers,YUMMY!

I'll start again on Monday...cause you know I'm not a Thrusday starting kind of girl.

Mocha with Linda said...

Well you should have been at our Preschool & Children's Teachers Appreciation Party last night to see some of the church staff do American Idol. You would have Loved.It.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, be careful or they'll have to wash your mouth out with soap! Hee, hee! Sounds like you've such a nice trip. Hope you wild night out on the town was not too rowdy.

Kim said...

Hey Lid, Lawrenceville is where our mission's home office is located :-)

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Wow - it was a 30x5 crash and burn week then! Kids took me for a progressive dinner in Indy for the big b-day and the dessert stop was The Melting Pot! Sorry, I know, just reading those words can cause weight gain ala chocolate.

Susanne said...

I'm with ya on details. Give me details, man.

Hope you had fun at Hotlanta's Hot Bowling Night Life.

Jenny said...

I came across your site while surfing mommy sites and I like it. I'm bookmarking you for visiting again. I also invite you to drop by my site for visit as well. :) Hope to see you there.

Sandy said...

Interesting reading and hope you show pics of where you are at! Find your mask!

Missy said...

You could just say you are in Gwinnett...that's what the local would probably say...easier just to say the county...everything there just runs together! :) and I LOVE moe's!

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

To other Georgians, Atlanta isn't part of GA. ;>) But The Varsity is tradition, if you can go.

Merrie said...

I do hope that you did get to see Atlanta and experience some of that real southern charm and hospitality. It is quite refreshing. Makes you feel good when they say, "ya'll come back and set a spell"....and they mean it... or, "kin I getcha some (sweet) tea honey?" (the sweet part is added because ALL tea is sweet in the south IF made by southerners - some is so sweet it's more like syrup!)
It is a rare and special treat to be experienced and enjoyed.