Monday, July 20, 2009

2nd Cup of Coffee Adventures at Lake Tippecanoe

First of all, isn't that a great name for a lake? Most people pronounce it "Tippy Canoe," and there is both "Big Lake Tippy" and "Little Tippy." And then there is my group: "Tippy Mamas."

Below are some pics, beginning with "Road Trip" and ending with "Goodbye Lake Tippy."

These are the women with whom I meet every Wednesday night to share our academic research, culinary discoveries, heartwarming family tales and eschatological theories. And why in the world Rupert Everett did that to his face and why Jason did that to Melissa. (When we figure stuff out, we'll let you know.)

We left Friday afternoon for a 2.5 hour drive to Tippe. Upon entering the little town, I was quite humor-fied to see a "gentlemens' club" named, "Stimmelators." Klassy.

I rode up front to make sure I would not get car sick. But little did I know that the driver had baked a zucchini pie which rode on the dash in front of my face all the way there. I knew my plan for controlled eating was going to be tough this weekend, but to have a homemade pie right in your face for 2.5 hours and not be able to eat it? Have mercy.

Our generous hostess anticipated our every need before we arrived and worked her hinder off all weekend to make sure we were comfy. I just about had a heart attack, though when upon my first trip to the bathroom there, a rubber bass fish mounted at ear level began wiggling and singing "Take Me to the River," and "Don't Worry; Be Happy." Nothing like the old "Motion-sensor Toilet Fish Prank" to scare the bleep! out of your guests.

We arrived in the early evening, ate, walked around a little, and visited a place whose name you can't resist: Pie-Eyed Petey's. We began one of our philosophical discussions about the meaning of "pie-eyed" which I thought for sure means that a person's eyes do not move in sync.

When we reached the establishment, we guessed it had to do with the ring around the canine mascot's eye, but being the intrepid blogger that I am, I just Googled it and discovered it's slang for "drunk." I believe this is the first bar I've ever been in in my entire life. That would be "First time in 46 years. Ever." Even the Tippy Mamas had trouble believing that.

But it's true. Because this is the family I grew up in, and we didn't go to bars. That's me in the coral sweater.

I was pretty sure I was in (mainly) a bar when the bikers in black leather came in and a server spilled an entire pitcher of something all over the floor and backs of some bikers near us. That just doesn't happen in bistros.

Please note, however, that I did not drink, nor did I eat, which I'm sort of glad about now because I just read an online review of Pie-Eyed Petey's which says, "The food served has been judged by locals as very good." Well, that's quite underwhelming.

Then we went back to the trailer and watched "Ghost Town," one of my new favorite movies. (Saturday night, we watched "Signs," my all-time favorite contemporary movie.)

Then we went to bed, which I shared with a dear, dear friend, whom I'll call "Leslie," who snored like a roaring waterfall being amplified at a rock concert the entire night.

The next night, I slept on the living room floor.

In the morning, we ate, then we suited up and headed out on the lake. The clouds were ominous, but we headed back before the rain. We played Farkle and talked and ate some more, and then we ate some more. And more.

After we ate some more after that, we headed back out on the water, where we reverted to our 12 year old selves and sang and danced to 70s music. Oh, the hooting when The Hues Corporation's 1974 "Rock the Boat" came up. It was magical.

In the pics you will see "Madwoman" singing and striking a disco pose. She is not drunk; I promise.

The Hat that Almost Drowned is a visor that blew off in the wind and sent my friend Cindy whom I've written about many times here over the back of the boat to save that hat. This impromptu stunt of hers caused me to grab her swimsuit bottom with one hand and ankle with the other and pull with all my might, which did not do her suit any favors.

At another time, my visor blew off the back, too, but our hostess spun that little boat around and Cindy performed her Baywatch stunt again. Cindy is a saver of visors AND a gourmet chocolatier. This time instead of stretching the elastic out on her suit, I took her picture, which is for her eyes only. You're welcome, Cindy.

The last really pulse-quickening action packed moment happened when we were cruising along looking cool and young and slim, when all of a sudden, the boat sputtered and died.

"Uh-oh," said the hostess.

It is not good when the only person who knows a boat from a goat says, "Uh-oh" when you're by yourselves on a windy, choppy lake.

Out of gas.
Out of gas?
Out of gas.

Then we started drifting. Into a field of water lilies or something green and slimy.

How do you say "May Day" in lake lingo? Like this:

"Hey, you guys in the pontoon, can you help us?"

To which they replied by waving and leaving us.

They did turn around, though, when they realized there were six moms seriously stuck, bless their hearts. And then one of them hit on our hostess. She can't help it; she's a fox.

They towed us back to Pie-Eyed Petey's, where we were not the first persons to get gas. Ba-dum-pum.

Anyway, we were still out on that lake as late as we could be Sunday and get home before our husbands realized they are actually better off without us.

And that's how I spent the weekend. How about you?


Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

My weekend wasn't nearly as fun. Love the boat pics. Should be on a Hallmark card!

Susan D said...

Great story and photos. I went to Memphis for the weekend but got back about supper time and had too much to do to post anything. I'll have my story and pics up soon. Blessings, SusanD

Kelly said...

Aren't girls' trips the best? Looks like you had a good one!

Susanne said...

You gottal know your in an interesting place when they have a signpost directly you to hell. LOL.

You girls look like your a little shy. YOu really need to come out of your shells a bit when you take a weened away. :v)

I want the house under construction, please.

Mrs. E said...

We all need a girls weekend once in awhile! Looks like you had a great time. Family survived??

H-Mama said...

looks like a blast!!

Mel said...

How fun!!!!!!! I have to figure you are so much fun to be around after reading what you write.

Kaye Butler said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun!

Melissa said...

Oh how I love a good girls' weekend. The memories and laughing! And laughing, and laughing. Glad you got to get away!

Mocha with Linda said...

We used to have one of those "big mouth billy bass" things. The kids loved tormenting me with it. I finally took it to a White Elephant party.

You didn't mention "Tyler too".

Petey's and Stimmelators - I didn't know they had Bubba's way up there!

Looks like a fun, fun weekend!

Debbie said...

You funny girl! It sounds like a blast.
Haven't I seen your family of origin somewhere before? Gosh, you just look so familiar.

Keetha Broyles said...

Fisherhubby fishes Tippy - - - he puts his boat in at the landing at Pie-Eye Pete's.

Small world - - - -

Oh, and I too am a nonalcohol imbiber, so I'm with ya on THAT one!!!

But I DO go to restaurants like "Outback" where the bar is kinda blended right in.

Merrie said...

What a fun weekend! Love all the pictures... it felt like I was there with you! I could even hear the snoring - or was it me?
We had our normal weekend in the Land of Oz...

Carmen said...

Sounds like you all had a blast! Laughed out loud when you were surprised by the singing bass. Wonderful pictures too!

Michelle said...

Sounds like y'all had a great time! I'm glad I wasn't there, because I too snore like a freight train. So does my Big Daddy! hee hee
It's always nice to have a girls' weekend. I just had one myself as well!
Take care and have a fabulous week!

Greg C said...

I am not getting any pictures here. What am I doing wrong? I liked the not the first person to get gas comment. You have never been in a bar? Really?

Kim said...

Sitting with a luscious pie in your lap for 2.5 hours without even tasting it? That's considered cruel and unusual punishment in most countries.

Some seriously gorgeous homes along the lake -- I think your fave is my fave too. Loved the house and landscaping!

Too much fun to have a weekend with the girls. I want one! LOL

Glad you got away AND that you took lots of pics to share with us :-)

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Susan said...

My gosh, it looks like you had a blast! Those houses are just amazing. I so wish I did this sort of thing more often with my girlfriends. I think it's just plain old healthy.



Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Anita and I found your blog a few years ago and I've been reading a bunch, but never commmented, I don't think I have anyway, ummm, I can't remember. Wow
Anyway just thought I'd say love it! and looks like you had a great time on your vacat. I'm needing one of those...

2Thinks said...

We have Billy Bob Bass in the closet over here- seriously. I can send it to you, if you'd like one of your own.

Glad you had fun and didn't tip a canoe.

Tammy said...

What a blast!!! Love the photos and holy moly at the mansions!

I spent my last week on a cruise ship, and thankfully we didn't need to be towed. My kids loved it.

Jenners said...

This sounds like so much fun!!! Love the photo of the pie ... but I'd need some fruit pie -- not veggie pie! I wish I had a group of girls like this ... and I would be the one snoring I suspect. What a fun trip!!!

Anonymous said...

You crazy girls! Were your hubbies waiting at home with the bail money? I feel a little smarter for knowing what pie-eyed means! LOL

Beverlydru said...

Thanks for taking us along via camera and blog diary. That was fun. I'm overdue for a girl's weekend but just planned one. Nothing quite like 'em!

Roxanne said...

So did the toilet fish seranade you while you used the facilities?