Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

TGI Friday's Fave Five again. This is the 53rd week edition! Woo to the Hoo! Here's to another year of fun, Susanne.

1. My boss has decided that for at least the next few weeks, we'll be having our Monday morning staff meeting at Panera. Hey, if you've gotta have a staff meeting bright and early on a Monday morning, having it at Panera makes it a whole lot better. It's probably my favorite restaurant. Favorite breakfast sandwich: Egg and Cheese on Ciabatta. It has white cheddar cheese. Mmm. Calories? Oh please. When Queen Elizabeth wears her crown, do you think she wants to be reminded of how much it weighs? No, she doesn't.

2. At my weekly Girls' Group, the word "hoo-hoo" evoked much discussion. I'm happy to report to the group and to you that while some people have attributed rather embarrassing associations to the word, there is indeed a legitimate organization called The International Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo which is "dedicated to the ideals of a united and progressive forest-based industry, contributing to the welfare of the community."

In addition, the organization brochure states that "Hoo-Hoo forges friendships that will last a lifetime. The cooperation of many people working together for the betterment of the industry can move a mountain as easily as an individual moves a stone. You can be a part of a century of cooperation that is the Concatenated Order of the Hoo Hoo." Perhaps I should send this in-depth report to Oprah so that she will start using the term correctly.

So the next time someone tries to slander the good name of the "Hoo Hoo," you have the tools to clear up any misconceptions.

3. Boca Burgers! I think they have that "acquired taste" requirement, but I'm lovin' them. It's like a hamburger for me minus the meat, with tons of protein. Did I mention that when Kristin graduates, Jorge and I are probably going to go vegetarian? Yep, that's what we're planning. Looks like Jorge is gonna have to learn to love the Boca, too.

4. Ministry Assistants' Retreat. Each year, the church gives the ministry assistants a day away from the office so that we can catch up on personal stuff (because no one ever shares personal stuff during the work week, you know) and affirm each other and do team-building games and have lunch delivered by pastors and get our nails and toenails done.

Divided into two teams, we had to see who could make the tallest structure out of newspapers in 10 minutes. Please see exhibit A: The TeePee and Exhibit B) The Fancy House. Which do you think I contributed to?

Uh, yeah, my team won, of course.

Playing the new Catch Phrase, which, let me tell you, is way more challenging than the old version.

Here are the pastors who brought our catered food. Nice guys, all. The one on the right is the head pastor at the church I attend. I stole the "easy chair vs. dentist chair" question from him.

I went platinum because I was feeling ... platinum? I was embarrassed that my feet were so torn up from running. She made a couple of remarks about my feet:"Nails too short," "Rough heels," "What is THAT?"

5. I alluded to this yesterday, but today is a favorite day because it's my daughter's 23rd birthday. She's hanging out with friends tonight, so I'm not sure if we'll celebrate or not. Is there a time when your kids get too old for birthday cakes??

Happy Birthday, Katie! Twenty Three. 23!


H-Mama said...

Awe... Happy Birthday, Katie!

You can't go wrong with Panera! I'm doing my best at going vegan... We love the Black Bean burgers over the 'veggie' burgers.

Fun memories... Oh, and you and I stay up way past our bedtime! ;)

Quilldancer said...

It is impossible to get to old for birthday cake!

Happy Birthday, Katie! Sorry I was late.

Becky said...

Yay! I love the fab five. I like the old catch phrase better too.

Nice toes!

And I love the portabella mushroom boca burgers. They have so much flavor.

Mrs. E said...

Happy Birthday to your Katie! (And no...never too old for cake. They just get it a couple of days late!) Your retreat looked like great fun. Quite a fun week, I'd say!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Katie!
If she doesn't want her cake, I'll take it :-)
Mine would rather have sushi.
You work with some fun people!
We've met some vegetarians here but by and large, Argentines are serious carnivores. Give 'em a slab of meat and some bread and they're happy. This IS land of the beef after all.

Debbie said...

Kids never outgrow wanting a birthday cake. All of my girls demand a birthday cake.

And I am laughing at "the International Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo" because that is SO not what we associate with the word hoo-hoo around here.

The Bug said...

I always DEMAND a cake on my birthday LOL, so, no, never too late.

I was looking at your picture of the retreat & thinking that if it was my church, or our diocese, it would be about equal men/women on both sides - assistants & pastors. Wonder if Richard would have wanted a pedicure? LOL!

sara said...

happy birthday to your girl!!

and now I may have to head to panera for my breakfast date with my hubs!!!

great favs!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. Give her a cup of coffee with her cake and initiate her into the "Hoo-Hoo" club, then she will feel celebrated and all grown up. P.S. Paneras is one of my favorite places, too.

Susanne said...

Happy Birthday Katie! Hope you have the best birthday ever!

I've had lots of color toes, but never platinum! It sounds so "rich".

The retreat looks like lots of fun. And the Panera idea? Smart, smart, smart.

I'll link ya on.

Susanne said...

oops you're already linked. Now how'd you do that? ;v)

Greg C said...

Hoo-hoo, he he.

You need to try a mushroom burger. No not a mushroom hamburger, a burger made of mushrooms. If you put on enough ketchup it almost tastes like a real hamburger.

Don't you just love those team building exercises. Hoo-hooo, oops I mean whooo hooo. Sorry, one track mind, (snicker)

Jill Kemerer said...

I love this post! Happy b-day to your daughter. And yesterday, I went to Panera, and guess what? They had FREE SAMPLEs!! Yes!! Have a great weekend!

Jerralea said...

Happy Birthday, Katie. (My oldest turned 23 this summer, too.) Doesn't it feel weird to have a 23 yr. old when we just gave birth to them not too long ago ...

I like the idea of ministry assistants personal day. I'm the only ministry assistant at my church, but hey, I'll take a personal day even if I do have to spend it by myself!

Mocha with Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Katie!

And I'm thinking cake is always a hit. I have a friend who says "Celebrate at least a week" in regard to birthdays, so whenever she can fit her dear ol' parents into her schedule will work just fine.

The retreat sounds and looks like fun.

Vegetarian? Not this Texas gal. I'll be saying "Where's the beef?!"

Melli said...

LOL! My twins (my BABIES) will turn 20 tomorrow - and let me tell you - my kids ALWAYS come home for cake! They would be sO insulted if I didn't make them a cake!

Happy Birthday Katie!!!

Staff meetings at Panera! I want to work with you!

Isn't it AMAZING how far vegie burgers have come? I haven't tried the Boca brand - but we like the Garden Burger brand - portabella flavor! Only 90 calories and 2.5 fat! YUM!

You guys had toooooo much fun at that retreat! Whooo hoo! LOVE your teams tepee tower! LOL! And "nails did" is always good!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

HB, Katie! 23, wow!
At 23, I was working as an executive assistant at BellSouth on the 45th floor of their HQ building in Atlanta...a great time in my life...lots of energy and learning new things. May God grant you many blessings as He unfolds His plan for your life...always remember He never leaves you!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Great post. Love the intro with the phrase "woo to the hoo".

Great assistants day. Makes me want to get a group of gals together and play games...I love Catch Phrase but have not played the new version. I was a pro at the old version as I'm big on making my descriptions out of opposites. I'm rather known as the opposites queen.

I'll have to try those Bocca burgers not because by any means would i go vegetarian but I do need to go healthier, lower fat, lower carb for health.

I envy your running. I need to start such a habit. I think it't just neat to be able to say "I run or I'm a runner."

bensrib said...

They don't get too old for birthday cakes (heck, I'm 48 and I still love a good mound of chocolatey goodness on my plate), but you do have to learn to schedule them around their social lives.

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

My fav. Boca is the flame-grilled flavor. If you like mushrooms, sautee just a few of them and top the patty. YUM.

Sue said...

Aw... Happy Birthday Katie! 23 ... wow... can't even remember that I don't think - lol

Looks like you've had a good week with those sparkly new toes and all. Have a great weekend & enjoy celebrating (however you do) your precious daughter. Oh... and you're NEVER too old for a bday cake btw ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever been to Panera Bread -- we don't have one here, unfortunately. Sounds like a great place for a staff meeting!

That retreat sounds really fun.

Happy Birthday to Katie! I agree with Melli -- you're never too old for birthday cake!

bensrib said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I'm an editor for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, and feel free to use the "blood in my coffeestream" comment. That was one of those things that comes out wrong but was hilariously funny to us both. He said it, paused, and we both got the giggles.

I was going to do the Friday Five Faves too, but ran out of time. I'll shoot for next week.

Nice "meeting" you!


Brenda said...

Nice idea to have meetings at Panera. I love Boca Burgers too. I'm not vegetarian, but I have always enjoyed them. Sounds like a good week.

Dena said...

"When Queen Elizabeth wears her crown, do you think she wants to be reminded of how much it weighs? No, she doesn't." That actually made me laugh out loud!

Have you tried Morningstar Farms burgers? They have "flavored" ones like pizza burger, etc.

Happy birthday to your daughter!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I have not tried the Boca Burgers.....

But I love a cake.....

40winkzzz said...

i'd forgotten (bc i'm assuming i did know at some point) that we have daughters with a shared bday. my baby turned 11 on the 11th! she is now half as old as her biggest brother and 1/4 as old as her mom. (that would be me, in case you were wondering.)

i know it's been forever since i have commented on your blog, bc i have been a very bad blogger for months. often i read but don't comment; sometimes i don't even read. i rarely even write. :-( but see, i have made up for it in your case with my irl friend heidi, who is your blog friend. you can read her instead of me now, so it all works out. :-)

oh, and panera? breakfast is good, but lunch is better. mostly though, panera is great cheap office space for the free-lance nitpicking --i mean editing!-- job i am doing. $1.59 for coffee and sometimes another $1.99 for a delectable cookie, and i have a table to work at for hours & hours. can't beat that.

Mimi said...

Wow, 23 is such a great age!
The early 20's were the very best years of my life. Happy Birthday to Katie!
I've been a vegetarian for about 2 months now, and it really has been much easier that I expected it to be. The kids and hubs still eat meat, but they like the veggie burgers and Yves meatless ground too. I like the Boca, but Gardenburger is my favorite because thy are very low fat. You've got to try the Boca Hula Burgers-they are so good!

2Thinks said...

Happy B-day, though late (I'm behind on my blog reading) to Katie! So, she is a bit older than my oldest. I had him when I was 23, but we won't go there.

I like Boca Burgers and portabella mushroom burgers like Greg described above.

Good job on your house building project :)

I caught 40winkzzz comment above about how you can read my blog now instead of hers. Only thing is, her writing is more substantial than mine- the two don't compare. She's the writer. Like you.

Love reading your blog.