Friday, October 09, 2009

"We Are Gonna Whack The Moon"

Yes, you read that title correctly. And no, a middle school boy with hormones coursing through his body did not write it.

This morning at about 7:30 am (Earth time?) NASA is going to slam two spacecraft into the moon in the hope of finding water.

Because we need to know if the moon is hiding water. (Moons are just so greedy like that.)

I have to say, even though we know that a percentage of NASA is female (remember the Fatal Attraction diaper astronautess?) this is such a guy thing to do.

I mean, if blogger moms wanted to know about water on the moon, we would just send a message to the moon complimenting its unique design and politely ask if it has water, and then we would become "followers" of the moon. The moon would then answer us right away because it would have the warm fuzzies since we took the time to comment on its lovely template and become a follower. That's how it works with us.

Not so with men. They believe that we must show the moon who's boss. We have to find out about the water with this kind of energy:

Thus we have these guys below explaining the whole process with extreme enthusiasm. The news story begins, "It's part rocket science ... and part demolition derby!" Notice how animated the guy is who then says, "We're gonna WHACK the moon!"

You have to wonder what God thinks of this. Are we like ants shooting each other out of cannons into the Epcot Wonders of Life Dome? Don't we have regular ant stuff to do?

Next thing you know, we'll be trying to build a tower to heaven or something.


H-Mama said...

Seriously? We were there yesterday... wonder why we didn't hear anything about that? Crazy.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Just came by to say thank you for stopping by today. I had a blast doing your Meme's and look forward to the next weeks.

I sometimes wonder why governments spend what they do in the "name of reason" and having to know things. I am sure the monies used to send the rocket to the moon in search of water could be spent better in more needed places.

Please visit the blog when you can.

Quilldancer said...

Today on his blog, my Amoeba was ranting about folks who would rather spend money on reality TV shows than the cure for cancer. You two seem to be on the same wave length.

Debra said...

Oh my goodness, you are so entertaining! I love the part about moms complimenting the moon and becoming've got us pegged for sure! Oh and you really have the men pegged with that video too! Thanks for the chuckle. :)

Betty said...

Great post! I always wonder about this topic. WHY do we need to know if there was water on the moon or Mars?? What good will it do us or the millions that starve on hunger because there is no money left to help them??
The millions and millions of dollars that could be used otherwise.........that´s what I think of!

Debbie said...

I just shake my head at the expense, the TAX PAYER expense of something like this. Grrrrrr.

Merrie said...

Ohhhhhh, that was good and DEEP... as well as entertaining. How do you come up with these things? You are good!

Mocha with Linda said...

Of course there's water on the moon. Where do they think the song Moon River came from?!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I completely agree with your ant analogy. Maybe we should concentrate on world hunger, stabilizing the economy, and choosing viable nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize rather than knocking a hole in God's stuff.

That last sentence...yeah. I think that's already begun.

TheRixonFive said...

YES! I agree! At which point do we sort of "step outside" our human-ness?

You are so hysterical. =)

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

If I hadn't known better, I would have thought "Erma Bombeck" was written in the byline. ;>)
Good stuff.

Melli said...

Ummmm yea! That was my FIRST thought? We're going to WHACK the moon? What DOES God think about this??? And honestly... WHY do we really need to KNOW if there is water on the moon? Are we going to steal it? If we FIND it, are there going to be World WARS over who has the rights to it??? Are we going to send farmers to the Moon to cultivate the land and grow Moon Crops? What is the point here? I think I'm a bit stymied! *scratches head*

Kim said...

You're too funny. I love how your mind works, skipping from one thing to the next.

Internet is too slow at the moment to watch the videos so I'll hop back over later to do that.

Amy said...

Why do I have this funny feeling that this is going to go terribly wrong??

Thanks for the info


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Where do you come up with this stuff, Lid. You are just too funny. I love the correlation of how women would handle the moon via 'blog talk'.

Greg C said...

Well you being a woman doesn't see the real need for this mission. You see we have polluted all the water on the earth so we need to find out if there is more out there that needs fixing. A man just can't go up and ask the man in the moon to tell him that wouldn't be manly enough. However a woman could bat her eyes and get the correct response.

skoots1mom said...'s not gonna produce water ya''s gonna be can't make cheese with water...duh!!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

I couldn't believe this when I heard it - I'm still a little shocked.
Wonder how many times we can "whack" the mooon before it starts effecting things like the tides??? Good grief!

2Thinks said...

I just noticed, Lid, that you have 320some followers now! Goodness. And do you have a drink of water?

Your mind is a wonderful thing. Consistantly fabulous posts.

Ballerina Girl said...

I saw this in the news too and thought...are you serious? why is it so important, and I bet costing way more than we can imagine, to find water on the moon?
I know there are those that think it is disappearing here, but what...are they going to build a waterline from the moon to Earth?
Give me a break!


Mrs. E said...

All I could think today is-- haven't we done enough to mess up the earth? Do we have to start in on the moon now? *sigh*