Friday, November 13, 2009

The REAL Friday's Fave Five

The reason I said, "The REAL Friday's Fave Five" is because I accidentally published half a post yesterday. Aye carumba. I've only been at this blogging thing four years, and this week I managed to both mess up my Mr. Linky for Random Dozen AND accidentally publish a post too early.

I don't catches on too fastly?

Here we are at Friday again already! Here's my list of faves this week. Go see Susanne at Living to Tell the Story to link up and read. Happy weekend to ya.

1. New Camera
It's not fancy, but compared to the one I was using which probably manufactured when Kennedy and Krischev duked it out, it's a real thrill. And it's pink, which is kinda cute. It's the first colored techie thing I've owned since toy radios and record players when I was a kid.

2. My kid who turned 17 last Saturday. At lunch that day, she announced, "I can go to R rated movies now." And then she saw my face and remembered that the Law of Home often trumps the law of the land.

Then she said, "Next year I will be 18, a legal adult." And I said, "Yes, and that also means that the bad things you do today might get you a slap on the wrist, but next year, they will send you to jail."

I'm such an inspiration to my children.

3. Spending time with the boy and his new girlfriend. This is new territory for him and for us. We're muddling through it OK, I think. She's still hanging in there, anyway! Here they are looking at the scrapbooks I made for him when he graduated high school.

4. My favorite veteran, my dad. Here are my parents in 1942. Next month they will be married 67 years.

5. Christmas music. Yes, I allowed myself the privilege of beginning this week. When it 32* here yesterday, I demanded the right, in spite of protesters everywhere on FB and blogs. BTW, Hall and Oates have a Christmas album. :)


Viki said...

Wow, 67 years. Congrats to them.

Merrie said...

I also was listening to Christmas music yesterday. It made me smile and dance and jingle. There are even some houses around here that are already decorating. I suggested that we get the decorations down from the attic this week while it is mild and begin the LONG process of decorating. (our attic is outside over our patio) My suggestion was not heeded kindly.

Susanne said...

Your mom and dad are such a gorgeous couple!

Yeah for the camera! It's lurvley. Maybe now next season you can catch them chute shots.

Love the pics of the kids. Seventeen gets you into R shows there does it? Here it's 18 but our ratings are looser than yours. An R rated show for you guys might make 14A here.

KD said...

67 years! You are so blessed.
I don't have sons, but I can still relate to the muddling through, our DD both have significant others in their lives now and we are learning about the 'holiday divide.'

Mocha with Linda said...

Loved your faves, both the partial wones I read yesterday :-) and the complete version today!

Carrie B said...

LOL. I imparted the same inspiration to my two oldest as they hit the 18 mark and got more graphic when #1 hit 21! Ugh
Mr. 17 says he's "older" than his siblings. Hmmm

Anonymous said...

67 years -- what a blessing.

Our middle son had his first girlfriend the past couple of years, and we had our first wedding in August. It's a little awkward -- there's no manual for this kind of thing -- but overall things went well and I think we didn't embarrass them...much.

I haven't started Christmas music yet...not til Thanksgiving. But if it makes other people happy, that's fine.

Gaia said...

ooh I like the conversation you had with daughter!!! and your parents are a handsome couple Bless you

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved your Five ....this has been a week filled with Christmas music

Heth said...

Your parents are a beautiful couple. LOVE old photos. Your mom was stylin'.

Out Back said...

That is a beautiful photo of your parents. 67 years WOW!

My parents have been married 52years.

Take care,